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Penelope Scarlet

Enchanted Forest

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May 25 2017, 10:12 PM
One, two, three. Count sheep if you can’t sleep. Penelope rubbed at her eyes, yearning for the days when that really worked. In the Underworld, no one could really sleep. Why would the dead sleep, or dream? There was only one dream–to one day fulfill unfinished business and move on to whatever came after this. The endless waiting was enough to drive her insane, though she supposed if she really was numb as she felt, it didn’t really matter if she could be insane or not. As she lay on the cold ground, she stared up at the red sky. One sheep, two sheep, three sheep, and four sheep. All of them were laughing at her. If she wanted to, she could stand and find her mother, begging for a story. Something normal in this never ending hell, this place between death and peace. They could play pretend if they wanted to, exactly like how it was when Victoria was alive and she was a queen with her daughter. But there was still no real sun, only a cold pretender. There were no flowers to crown themselves with, any laughter that would escape her lips would fall flat or sound forced.

Penelope sat up, frustration the only thing she felt at the moment. If only she could have felt something more, a spark in the heart that no longer beat. Her fingers dug into the ground, the shivering that was a part of her life quickly stifled when she removed her fingers to pull her jacket tightly around herself. The teenager pushed herself up to stand, hands brushing her clothes off. She had no idea where she wanted to go, so she wandered aimlessly. There was the town off in the distance, but she didn’t feel like going there. Too many people, lost souls she didn’t want to look at. They were all like her, doomed to stay.

Instead, she found herself going to where she had first appeared in the Underworld. A dried up lake, meant to represent the one she had drawn her last breath in. It was more of a ditch, almost sad looking. Her coming here was much too morbid, but feeling numb prevented her from feeling much of anything as she stared at it. Unbidden, the memories came biting at her mind, how confused she was when she awakened. The icicles hanging from her hair, reminding her that she had perished. How long had it been? It didn’t feel as if time ever passed, it could have been years. Penelope yearned for the sun on her skin, for days when she ran wild and loved dipping her toes in the lake by the cabin. It hadn’t been a castle or a nice home, but she had loved it anyway–no matter how much she dreamed of leaving there one day. Now, it didn’t matter what she dreamed of or wanted to do. She half wanted to scream, stomp her foot–but nothing would change. But maybe, just maybe, she would feel only a little better.

Penelope took a deep breath, or rather imagined doing so, cupping her arms around her mouth. She let a yell out, the loudest one she could manage. If anyone heard her, it wouldn’t have mattered. She dropped onto her knees, finally feeling emotions well up inside of her. It wouldn’t last, though. No matter what she felt, she always ended up empty again. Now all she wanted to do was sleep or return to her mother, pretending that this was all a bad dream. Soon she would be warm, this town and its people forgotten. Lost in thought, she didn’t think that anyone could be nearby.

Peter Pan
Mar 26 2017, 04:07 PM
As she stared at this wishing well, Penelope wondered if it really had the power to make wishes come true. After all, didn't magic exist in this town? She dug a penny that she found abandoned on the street of her pocket, running a finger over it. Either way, she didn't know if she believed that a wish would change her life. For six years, not including her time in the Underworld, she had thought that if she wanted something she had to get it herself. Happily ever after was something she had to chase. There would be no fairy godmother for her, even though she knew winged ladies ran a convent in Storybrooke. Frowning, Penelope tried to wipe some of the dirt off of the penny, as if it had to be pristine and perfect. Wasn't that how wishing wells worked? Laughing, you had to close your eyes and make a wish before tossing a coin in, watching it sink to the bottom. She had to suppress a shudder when she peeked inside at the water, going so far down--but you had to be careful to not fall in, the stones would make climbing up pretty much impossible. Despite herself, a shiver ran down her spine.

Her thoughts often turned dark like this, a shadow that lingered on her heart and wouldn't leave. Every time she smiled she felt broken, like a part of her would never return. Staring down at the penny in her hand, she knew that she would wish to be fixed. She would wish to not hate the cold so much, even though she always preferred the outdoors to staying inside. "I wish...." she murmured, not entirely sure what words she wanted to use. What would other people wish for? Happiness? That seemed so simple compared to permanently fix the oh-so-carefully placed pieces of her heart, making sure they never fell out of place. Riches? It would be nice to be wealthy, she supposed. The days of worrying about money and food would be long over, but everyone whispered that magic came with a price. Penny also knew that she wouldn't be too keen on paying it, whether it would be her or her family. Childishly, she clutched the penny for awhile longer. What wish would be harmless, so insignificant to the universe that she wouldn't have to pay a price? What would be good for her if fixing herself was too much to ask?

A friend? Could a friend look past the fact that she had died, that she didn't truly belong in this world? Yes, they would. She had to believe in something, if not magic. "I wish...I wish that I had a friend." Penelope's voice was a soft whisper, though anything could have been heard when her surroundings seemed to be so still. Deciding to have a little faith, the teenager tossed the coin into the wishing well, rushing to watch it drop down despite her fears. Feeling a little silly and like she might break the side and fall in, she took a step back. Penny let out a breath she didn't know she was holding, looking around and feeling even more foolish when no one didn't approach her immediately, conjured up by the magic of the well. To be fair, she supposed, she shouldn't have expected it to work immediately. Did magic need time to work? A little disappointed, she settled onto the ground. If her wish didn't come true, she would have wasted time and a coin on silly hopes. Penelope hugged her knees to her chest, waiting and shivering a little.

Mar 21 2017, 09:27 PM
At some point, Penelope admitted that the only way to actually get used to Storybrooke was to walk around and explore. It was really odd, seeing living and breathing people that weren't the trapped souls of the Underworld. Penelope kept her arms wrapped around herself as she walked, her slightly shaking body a reminder that this was real. She hated the cold with a passion, every time she closed her eyes she felt icy water dragging her down. Soon she would be back to herself, she swore silently. The young woman knew that she couldn't hide herself in the woods forever, though she had to admit she liked the idea. The sense of adventure that came with her pretending to be a wood sprite felt foreign for a moment, and she let a slight smile tug on the corners of her lips. Would her mother approve? Victoria was one of the few people that had an opinion she cared about, though she was sure that her mother didn't care if Penelope never turned into a lady. Anyone that wanted a young lady who would sit and smile, merely looking pretty, would get quite an earful. That thought cheered her up, and slowly she began to feel like her old self.

As she wandered past the shops, she let her arms drop around her sides. No one could hurt her here, she assured herself. Never being the best person to listen, even to herself, she was constantly keeping her eyes moving. If anyone looked at her for too long, she'd quicken her pace a little. How ridiculous she must look, she thought. Her first chance at life was full of good energy, laughter and dancing. Now it was nervous energy, something she'd need to run away if someone tried to touch her. Paranoia probably didn't look great on her, but she didn't care. A lack of caution cost Penelope her life, it wouldn't now. If she died again, though, would she be able to return once more? Did the rules of death not apply anymore? Penny reached up to twirl a strand of hair around her finger, lost in thought. However, she ended up deciding that she wouldn't want to find out. Life would lose its meaning if she could simply come back again and again, until the gates of the Underworld closed again. Defiance directed towards no one flashed across her features and an old wilderness flared-- she would not obediently go back. Not when the sun shone here, where there were new adventures to be had.

Eventually, Penelope's quick pace settled into an almost leisurely stroll. Who should I be today, she wondered. A lost princess who was looking for a way home, or a young enchantress tasked with disposing of a wicked prince? Penelope chose the enchantress, who carried a breathtakingly beautiful hand mirror. The mirror, when used by its owner, would show its victim their true self. She traveled a long way, masquerading as a visiting princess and using her magic to take the form of a plain girl. Penelope started to dance a little down the street, pretending to carry the mirror with her. Penny happened upon a stray cat, crouching down before she spoke to the feline gently. "Dear prince, I'm so happy to see you. Will your servants show me to my room?" While she tried to coax the cat closer, she pretended that its black coat was the black hair of the prince. She held still, making believe that the prince was kind to her in public but as soon as they were alone he was harsh and cold. Penelope looked around to make sure no one was watching her too closely before looking back to the cat, a real smile on her face-- her guard was down, but only for now. She felt eyes on her and looked around again, eyebrow raised.
Mar 17 2017, 09:37 PM
Once, Penelope had dreamed of travelling the Enchanted Forest, finding her own destiny along the way. That was however, of course, long before her life was cut short. Now she was trapped like a bird in a cage, doomed. Penelope had wanted to live to a decent age after many adventures, maybe even find love despite the lack of faith she had in it. Some days she felt lost, like she'd fade away--which was impossible, and she even knew that. The same surroundings for what would seem like an eternity until Will came and she could move on would drive her mad if she was even capable of feeling crazy anymore. She wanted a purpose, something to pass the time. Not this emptiness, and even feeling empty made her upset. As she wandered around, she found herself wondering if the dried up lake she was found in still remained here, a dark reminder of how she was brought to the Underworld. No matter how much time passed, she felt shivers run through her body all over again. She was sure that even in the next life she'd hate the cold, avoiding frozen lakes where the ice could crack all over again.

Penelope shook her head, getting off of that track of mind. She tried to think about her mother instead, the beautiful woman she reunited with here. A tiny smile lit up her features, and her fears eased up. They both had long hair now, though hers wasn't nearly as long as Victoria's. She felt just like a child again, and a brief thought about them pretending to be queens of this shadowy kingdom crossed her mind, but she wasn't so sure if the true ruler of the Underworld would appreciate that. The still living Penelope wouldn't have cared, she would have laughed and done it anyway. The thought amused her, but only for a moment. Penelope twirled a strand of hair around her finger, getting lost in thought. It was a little funny, she didn't used to think so much in the world of the living, but here? She thought all the time, regrets swirling in her head and guilt making her heart feel heavy. Tears filled her eyes and she blinked them away, as it wouldn't do any good to cry now. Crying wouldn't reverse her death, it wouldn't bring her back to Will or make time go faster.

Still, she ended up sinking to the ground. Penelope looked around, wondering if her mother was nearby and if she would come if she called out to her. Crying wouldn't change anything, but it would help to get everything out. The young girl reached up to wipe at her eyes, shaking with silent sobs and feeling like shivering, a feeling that was becoming much too familiar to her. Out of the corner of her eye she could see someone else, but she had to take a moment to compose herself. In the world of the living, tough and unyielding Penelope would have snapped at whoever it was to go away. This Penelope, however, took a deep breath and turned her head. It was a lady, who seemed nice enough. "H..hello? "

Mar 15 2017, 06:59 PM
As Penelope took a deep breath of the fresh forest air, she felt truly alive for the first time. The cars and technology frightened her, everything in Storybrooke was painfully unfamiliar. Her goal today was to find the perfect and tallest tree to climb, something to get her heart beating with anticipation. She reached out to touch every tree, she would climb any that were decently tall in due time. They would be her new friends, whispering to her in her imagination about all the seasons that passed in this new world. It was clear to her that this place had been around for quite some time, but she didn't care enough yet. All she cared about was potentially finding her older brother, Will. How old would he be now? Had he grown taller, while she looked the same? All she needed was to hug him again, to feel his arms around her with the promise that he would not let anything else happen to her. Fallen leaves crunched under her boots as she walked, her eyes scanning her surroundings. Of course Will would be happy to see her, she wouldn't ever question that. However, she did wonder how he would react once he learned that she wasn't exactly the same.

Penny drew in another deep breath, realizing how much she missed feeling the sun on her skin, the feeling of wind in her hair. There had been no such things in the Underworld, and recently its ruler made it look just like this town. How cruel of him, she observed. It was a way of bringing its residents closer to any loved ones that might have lived in the cursed town but it was a gloomy version. Almost a mockery. Penelope tried twirling for a moment, feeling light on her feet. Sometimes she liked to pretend that she was a queen of the forest, a fairy queen. The then young child had to pretend to have magic, making believe that plain dirt was fairy dust. When she was still small, she had even tried climbing up a tree and flying, ending up falling. While she had been relatively unhurt, it still upset her to learn that she was "just Penelope." Not anyone special, just her. Then she had grown up, accepting that if she was going to be anyone she had to make her own destiny. No white knight would meet her and instantly fall in love with her, nor was she born as a great princess.

Dirt was just dirt, and she didn't know if she believed in true love. Her father hadn't been the true love of her mother, and he didn't end up staying. Would anyone stay with her? Would anyone be able to get past the fact that she had died, and took a portal into the land of the living. It certainly didn't sound like something one would bring up in a normal conversation. "Yes, hello, nice to meet you. I'm Penelope Scarlet-- oh, did I mention that I died and came back to life? Dreadful experience, but how has the weather been lately?" The thought made her want to laugh, but she didn't let the sound out. Not that she cared if anyone heard her, but it would be just a little awkward to explain what had been so funny to a stranger that happened to be hanging around in these woods as well. Penelope paused in her exploring, wondering which direction to turn next. The possibility of getting lost didn't affect her that much, it only sparked some excitement in her spirit that she missed.

Her thoughts were interrupted when she nearly ran into someone after she began walking again, their sudden appearance startling her. Penelope looked up, intent on giving them a piece of her mind when she thought she recognized the man in front of her. "W-Will ?"

Will Scarlet
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