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 here comes the calm & chaos, Tagged: Em/Alex
Silas Edel
 Posted: Oct 12 2017, 10:30 AM


Mysterious Islands

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come wayward souls

The day had started with weary clouds. As the clouds hung in the sky with the promise of rain, Silas had become at ease with peace and quiet the rain promised among the woods. There would be no one to avoid, or track, no lost wanderers. This would be the kind of day, in which Silas would do something rather out of character. He would relax. He spent most of the day, beneath a tree with little to do but think. For once, he let his mind wander from his duties, from his lantern, any stress that had tugged at his sleeve since his arrival. He simply let it wash away.

When the rain began to fall, it brought with it the sweet smell Silas was so fond of. The damp decomposition of the leaves, to mend themselves into the ground. It was a more peaceful cycle of nature, one that Silas was always happy to witness. Rain brought with it the decay of the old and the fuel for the new. Beneath the tree, he was unsure which applied to him. Was he simply waiting for rot, his lantern to go out at any time, or regathering himself to spread new roots?

He didn't have an answer for himself.

And seeing as how at peace he was, Silas did not worry too much about the question. Instead, he let his eyes drift in and out of a tiresome state. Sleep was all too new for him, and he hadn't yet learned to keep to a schedule. More often than not, sleep came for him in moments like this. The rest of his time was spent fighting consciousness until he could no longer. Reluctantly he let his head lean back again the tree and drifted off into a peaceful daze.

Quiet at last.

Alex Russo

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