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 waves break above my head, tag: Jack <3
 Posted: May 17 2018, 06:48 AM

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Land Without Color

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i'm holding up a light ,
chasing out the darkness inside

Okay, he needed to gather ideas to decide what to do next. His day hadn't really begun with anything special, in fact, his day had just begun. Yeah, it was like... I don't know, after 5:00 in the afternoon? but he'd just got up. In his defense, he would say he had been busy the night before, playing a video game he had found lying around. It had caught his attention (a warrior who has to fight heroically against monsters to take control of the whole kingdom) and it would have been a waste to go to bed at a decent hour when he could spend an entire night playing video games until his eyes popped out of his sockets. Seriously, now they were itching and stinging, and they looked a disturbing reddish color. It looked as if he had been smoking, something that would not be unusual for him, even when for once that had not been the case.

So after waking up with head and eye pain, a makeshift breakfast had been prepared. A little beer here, a little toothpaste that he accidentally swallowed while brushing his teeth (yes, he brushed his teeth, he wasn't that disgusting. even though he had washed them with beer... okay yeah, he was that disgusting), and coffee. What did he need to complete that nutritious and healthy breakfast? food. Food he couldn't find. Well, he had found a shiny red apple, but please, he'd rather starve than even take a bite out of it. No doughnuts, no lollipops, no candy, no cereal... nothing. Ugh, he should go shopping, but he was too malnourished to even bother to go shopping. He didn't have the strength. So he had to do the logical thing. Ask for food.

Leaving the building, Barrel thought about asking for food from Lock, who he assumed she would be working with John and Willow in that cheap tricks store (he had visited it millions of times and still didn't understand what exactly they were selling there. Potions? Curses? A venereal disease?) but he had already visited him the day before, and you see, he wouldn't mind coming back to visit and bother him, but he needed a little change in his life. So his second and last choice was Shock, who would be working in that clock shop (seriously, who keeps buying watches when you have one on your mobile phone? old-fashioned people, that's who), with Jack. Fantastic, he would go and ask her for food and if he felt like it, he would stay, if only to make fun of her. Not too much, of course, Shock was still able to make his blood run cold.

So Barrel marched to the clock store, slipping in with a smile on his face, a smile that faded when he saw no one around. "Oh, come on," he mumbled, releasing an exasperated sigh. He was about to ask if anyone was around, at the moment his eyes spotted a piece of cake (or cupcake, or whatever, he was so hungry he couldn't even tell them apart) sitting on the counter, a piece of paper underneath so as not to stain the table. It seemed to be intact, the icing tempting him, calling him. Barrel fist bumped the air, heading for the counter, and grabbing the delicacy with both hands, swearing that it was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. And just then, the blonde man he'd known for a long time came along. Jack. "Hey Jackels, how's your corporeal body treating you?" he asked, smiling sarcastically, before turning his eyes to the candy. Wait, that could be Jack's, he had to act fast. So Barrel licked the base of the cake, and gods, it was delicious. "I licked it, so now it's mine" obviously.

tag: Jack Skellington | notes: okay so, the forum for the shop wasn't created so i posted it here, all goody doody. now i assume they know each other from hallowsend, so barrel would have known he was kind of an skeleton back there, hence the corporeal thingie. look at me trying to make sense of things. anywho, tell me if i need to change something!! | ♥

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