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 Elektra Natchios, Ready!
 Posted: Sep 12 2017, 05:35 PM


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Elektra Natchios is online

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Elektra Natchios

32 . Elektra . Daredevil/Marvel . Elodie Yung. Sector 2814


Elektra is spontaneous, willful, and relies on her emotional reactions to guide her through most of her life. She uses her rational, however flawed it may be, to help curb her spontaneity. A fan of wanton violence, Elektra will begin fights just to feel the surge of battle and killing once she’s been without one for a while. She has a tendency to fall into a deep depression, and even as much as to stop taking care of herself if the time between fights drags out over the weeks. Every death she causes, however, leaves her with an overwhelming sense of guilt, furthering her depression even further. But while she may be depressed, Elektra is also very passionate about everything she does, be it dancing, learning a new weapon or musical instrument, or a lover. She can be extremely focused and direct when dealing with others, especially when in a professional environment. She does not tolerate others wasting her time, as she tried not to waste anyone else’s in the process. While she may enjoy killing, she does have a moral code and refuses to kill women, unless absolutely necessary, or children. She believes herself irredeemable, and thus, throws herself into her life of killing with reckless abandon, time and time again.

Storybrooke Elektra has lost all memories of her previous life and as such has a completely different personality, even if some of her character traits tend to bleed through at times. She is har more patient, and kind, not as easily angered in the heat of the moment, but still feels an overwhelming sense of guilt and depression. She reasons that she must have been depressed before she arrived, and thus is why she carries that depression and guilt with her now. She is drawn towards religion, but does not know why, but remains extremely passionate about what she does. Her love of dancing and music carries through to “Erin” but she has no recollection of when she learned either skill. She still feels the most alive when the adrenaline is pumping through her veins, causing her to be a little more reckless and carefree than in her previous life. Her drive and focus remain unchanged, although she works now to channel that intensity into helping others


Elektra has no super powers, but from years of training she is in peak performance level when it comes to gymnastics and martial arts. Her agility, speed, and reflexes are nearly super-human, and she is a master of several martial arts and weapons. Even with her training, however, Elektra is very much human and can be killed as easily as any human.


Elektra Natchios was trained as an assassin from an early age by a man named Stick, part of the Chaste, in the ways of several martial arts and weapons in the fight against the Hand. As she grew older and more confident in her skills, Elektra also grew more dangerous and cruel in her manner of being. She would think nothing of beating someone into a pulp just for her own enjoyment. At that time, her mentor Stick sent her to live with the Greek ambassador, and she was eventually adopted by the ambassador. This lead her to being able to attend school in New York where she met Matthew Murdock as he studied to be a lawyer. She was placed strategically into Murdock’s life to try and tempt him into joining Stick and Elektra in the fight against the Hand. After a miscalculation, Elektra fell in love with Murdock, and eventually pushed him away when he realized just how dangerous she could be.

After this, Elektra left for parts unknown but is eventually tracked down by Murdock, even coming as far as believing him that she could decide her own fate when he tried to convince her that destiny is what you make of it, not something predetermined. This is short lived however, as she is killed in battle, and ends up dying in Murdock’s arms. But even Death would be denied, as the Hand resurrected Elektra to become The Black Sky – prophesied to lead the shadowy Hand. They exhume her from the grave, and use the last of the Substance to resurrect her, using her confusion to manipulate and trick her into fighting against those who looked to save New York from the Hand. This too eventually leads to a showdown with the Defenders of New York, after which a building is detonated, trapping her in a cavern filled with the bones of Dragons, the key ingredient in the Hand’s resurrection technique. No one knows what happened to Elektra after the explosion, or if she even lived.

Post Storybrooke:
Elektra does not remember the Portal that took both her and Murdock to Storybrooke – in fact, she remembers nothing from before, just that she woke in the hospital, and was being asked where she was from. She’s not even certain of her real name, she struggles to find a balance between learning who she is, and the frightening abilities she possesses, such as throwing daggers with astonishing accuracy. She seems to take what Storybrooke offers with relative ease, quickly falling into a semi-well-adjusted life. She took on the name of Erin, just so she wouldn’t have to give her name as Jane Doe…

RP Sample

See any of Sed’s others for examples.


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 Posted: Sep 18 2017, 06:19 PM



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