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<h3>565.Shimmer . Shimmer and Shine . Demi Lovato . Other Realm</h3>
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Shimmer is an optimistic genie who likes to look at the glass half full. As looking at the positive side of things really helps. When she was a genie in training, she would mess up. But at least she didn't have to go through it alone. As she had her twin sister, Shine to help her along the way. She wasn't just telling herself that she could get through it. But she was also giving Shine encouragement. Being a genie in training wasn't easy. As they were always making mistakes, but they were also learning from them. Glitter is something that she can't get enough of. It is something that makes her happy. But also she loves to clean. She wouldn’t go are far to say that she was a neat freak. But she liked everything to be nice and clean.
Genie bottles are something that she likes to collect. Even though she is living inside of one. She can't help it because they are so pretty. She has a pet Gibbon monkey named Tala. Even though she was a genie, she was always thinking about her sister. And was hoping that she was doing alright. Being a genie was something that she loved. And nothing was going to change or take that away from her. As she loved granting wishes. As long as they didn't break the three rules.

Even though Shimmer is a genie she is bound by three rules. You can not kill or can't grant a wish that would kill someone. That is something that isn't in her nature. Number two is you can't make someone fall in love. That is something that is impossible. But you can help the person fall in love naturally. Number three is that you can't bring anybody back the dead.
Shimmer can only grant three wishes. A person can't not use a wish to have more wishes. That is not how it works even though many have tried. A person cannot just say that they want as their wish. They must say I wish for it to actually be counted as a wish. Shimmer reminds those who finds her lamp, that wishes come with dire consequences Also once all three wishes have been used, she returns back to her lamp. Silver will injure a genie as it burns the skin. So Shimmer does her best to avoid silver at all cost. Her magic is unlimited, but she also must follow the rules of the lamp. And every wish has a reaction. Even though she is still a young genie makes she knows the wishes comes with a price.

Shimmer was born in Zahramy Falls. As she had a twin sister name Shine. They were genies in training. Since the twins didn't want to separate from each other. They had one human girl named Leah. That is where they would learn about how to become genies. And Leah was patience with both Shimmer and Shine. As there were lots of mistakes that was made. But they were still in training. Both of the girls were doing good in their training. And soon they were ready to become a full fledged genie. At this time Shimmer decided that she wanted to go out on her own. That is when she went into her own genie bottle. Knowing that she would have her own master or mistress.
It seemed like someone was wandering and found her magic genie lamp. The person who found it was Tiana. When the lamp was rubbed, she then was released. That is when she smiled as she looked at the women in front of her. And gave her the three rules that had to be followed. As Shimmer as bound to the laws of the lamp. It seemed like Tiana was try to break a spell. Which she explained that she could not overturn the magic that was already done. Sadly Shimmer wanted to help her out as she felt sorry for her. Because she could tell that Tiana was doing this because of love. Their was a dangerous man,Facilier that was coming and Shimmer didn't want to leave her. But Tiana just wishes her as far away from danger as possible.
That is when she ended up in what was the enchanted forest. But like a genie she had to return back to a new lamp. This is something that she would have to get used to. Little did she know that there was a curse that was happening. As she was safe and sound in her bottle. Little did she know that she was brought to Storybrooke because of the curse. But she was safe from it as she was still in her bottle. Tiana had stumbled on Shimmer bottle in Storybrooke. As she still has two wishes left.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
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<h2>OoC Account Katie Kay</h2>
<h3>Eastern Time Zon . last character: Rosetta</h3>




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