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Jul 14 2018, 02:46 AM
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Rapunzel was still getting used to the freedom from the tower, but, there was one tradition that she was never going to probably get tired of. That was the tradition of playing hide and seek with Pascal.
He may be kind of suspicious of most people in this town, but, he did still have a soft spot for her. And, that was something she was ok with, because he was her best friend, and, the only family she had truly had for a long time.
Rapunzel decided to do it out in the open, since she had been locked up for her whole life. She found herself ending up in the salon, and, Rapunzel decided to just keep it outside, while she still got used to most areas of this town.
They hadn't been playing long, when Rapunzel noticed that Pascal had decided to take off. Dammit, now she had to lock up the store and go to find him, where-ever the heck he had ended up.
Grabbing her coat, Rapunzel just started walking as she called out his name. She didn't know how long she had been walking, but, she soon found herself at the park. Dammit, still no sign of him. "Pascal. Pascal" Rapunzel was calling out in a louder then average whisper, and, she soon felt herself bumping into someone coming in the other direction.

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Jun 5 2018, 12:01 PM
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Rapunzel knew that it had taken a bit of pushing to get Flynn to actually want to save one of the only friends he had in his life. And, she had agreed if it had meant that he would finally do something not for himself for the first time that she can remember.<br>
She didn't know where she had ended up, but, she had Flynn, and, some woman she had meant named Poppy, who seemed to be a friend of Puss as well. It was ok with her, as long as Flynn was proving that he did care about people.<br>
Rapunzel looked around, not sure where they ended up, but, it seemed to be alot cooler then she expected it to. Yes, she still didn't wear shoes, but, that didn't matter to her. Her hair was long enough to keep her warm if she had to.<Br>
Freaking out a little bit, Rapunzel clung to her grip on Flynn's hand, as the three of them just stood there. "So, where do we start exactly?" Rapunzel said, just smiling at Flynn and Poppy.
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Apr 15 2018, 04:36 PM

Rapunzel couldn't believe what was happening, she was the lost princess every always talked about. So, that woman she had... Rapunzel didn't even what to think about that. She had always thought that her 'mother' was keeping her there to protect her. But, it turns out the woman wasn't even her mother, and, she was there because she didn't want her to be found.

A part of her had thought that this whole thing was a dream, and, she would wake up still in that tower, longing to be free. But, when she woke up the next day and she was still in the castle she knew that the whole thing had really happened after all.

Now she had to figure out what her life was supposed to have been. A princess of the village she had been watching from up above for her whole life. Rapunzel also now had two new parents, something that she didn't know what to do with.

Rapunzel had woken up, but, didn't know what to do at this point. So, instead she just decided to take a walk, and, just found herself standing by the edge of the courtyard of the castle, just looking out from the balcony.

"What do you think Pascal? We can handle this right?" Rapunzel said, letting out a soft sigh as she leant against the wall and just stared out.

Karol Basile
Dec 3 2017, 01:51 AM
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<h1>You were my new dream</h1>
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Rapunzel didn't know much about this whole ball thing, which is saying something considering she was supposed to have been a bloody princess, but, she had missed out. Which meant that she wasn't really this type of person. But, it was Christmas. It meant that these things were everywhere.
But, it was for charity of course, which meant that Rapunzel was happy to go to the ball anyway.
It wasn't just the ball that was making her nervous, it was the fact that this was so soon after she re-opened her heart to Flynn, no Eugene.
Her Eugene.
The man who had helped her learn the truth about who she really was. The man who she had fallen in love with. At a time when she hadn't even been looking for it. But, this was also the man who had caused her so much heart break.
Looking in the mirror in her bathroom, Rapunzel just sat there for a moment, letting out a soft sigh. She didn't know whether she could do this whole thing. It wasn't because she didn't like parties, which she did, but, it was the whole she didn't think she belonged in those places.
Rapunzel had just been a girl locked in a tower with magical hair, nothing really special. She ran her hands through her hair, as she sat there in her robe for a moment. This whole freedom thing was new to her, and, she still wasn't completely used to the idea of it.
Rapunzel stood up, and, made her way over towards her bed where she had laid her dress and mask. It was now or never right? Once she had gotten herself dressed, she just sat on a chair, finalising her hair into the design she had done a couple of times in the salon.
Glancing at Pascal as he climbed onto her shoulder, Rapunzel glanced at him. “You know that if you want to come with me, you need to be a bit more dressed up then that?” Rapunzel then chuckled as he grabbed a bow-tie from the basket and put it around his neck. “Much better”
Rapunzel just leant back against the chair, and, awkwardly adjusted her bracelet that sat around her wrist as she waited for Eugene to arrive.
<h2>Flynn Rider</h2>
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Nov 15 2017, 05:25 PM
<div style="width: 500px; text-align: justify; line-height: 110%;">That whole ordeal with the Horned King had put things into a whole new perspective for Rapunzel. She had been surprised by the feelings that had come when she had gotten the news that Flynn was trapped in that place.
She had no idea what it was, but, it was similar to the same feeling she had felt inside of herself when she had been shown that Flynn had left her in the Forest. But, at the same time it was different. Not a hurt and betrayed kind of pain, but, more of a worried and sad kind of pain.
Rapunzel didn't know what was happening, but, one thing she knew was that she didn't want to lose Flynn for real. She had put a jacket on top of her purple t-shirt as she left her house that was above the salon.
Keeping her hands in her pockets, Rapunzel looked up at the sky, before she started to walk along the path of main street, it was starting to get dark, but, that didn't matter.
A part of her would need something to lessen up her nerves before she went to find Flynn, she was sure he would be ok with it all, but, it was more to help her relax when she told him. Rapunzel continued to walk, and, before she knew it she ended up at the Rabbit Hole.
The last bar she had been in had been on her adventure with Flynn, but, that had been in an attempt to scare her back into the tower. It hadn't worked, but, she did know it had helped her.
Pushing the door open, Rapunzel made her way inside before looking around and, soon she spotted Flynn sitting by the counter of the bar.
Rapunzel let out a soft sigh, before beginning to turn around, and, head out, but, she stopped herself, and, instead walked over to the bar, and, ordered herself a drink from the bar-tender before sitting down next to Flynn.
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