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Mar 5 2018, 05:10 PM
Imma just throw this together. Lol

Dr. Luna Lockwood // Sally Finkelstein

Family oriented woman, hard worker, and tends to gravitate towards to wrong type of people. Single and open minded -- hetero

Georgia Walsh // Virgina "Pepper" Potts

A hard working CEO with a no nonsense policy on the job. Sassy meets sophisticated, and fun outside of work. Single and preoccupied -- hetero

Tabitha "Tabby" Piper // Katerina DeScord

The fun-loving college student working a billion jobs to stay afloat and pay for school. She's currently attending a school for Fine Arts and is a very gifted performer, particularly with a love for her guitar and singing. She the protective big sister of, Jack Piper (Peter Pan). Single with her eyes on a certain Bucky Barnes room mate. -- hetero

Annabelle "Redback" Lodbrok // Sigyn

A woman who uses sex appeal to lure in men just enough to offer evidance to outraged wives, blackmailing politicians.. you name it. This PI is pretty easily bought, so long as no one disrespects her or expects anything beyond a show of guilt. Single and good luck.
Lol -- hetero

Detective Mira Benson

A compassionate woman who takes her job in the Special Victims Unit very seriously. While she feels deeply for the victims this is often her achilles heel. She often becomes quick to judge, while her partner Stabler is all about the facts. Single and closed off -- pansexual, but she's always leaned towards women.

Minerva 'Minnie' Chase

A quiet librarian with a lot of love in her heart, especially for her mother. Her father left the family in her teens, creating difficult trust issues, but she still has a bit of a soft spot with a love for books-- even a bit of a secret hopeless romantic.
Feb 24 2018, 10:22 AM
Okay, so Chesh wants a big get together with all her lovely Wonderlanders because, let's face it.. 90% of them were bffs. I was thinking the Enchanted lounge and Karaoke 1, because Kit manages it, and 2 because karaoke among drunk Wonderlanders, yes. I'm also thinking they bring their close friends, significant others, family and whatnot to enjoy in their festivities!

Avril - Ik her and cheesh wanted to have a get together, so here we goooo

Geo (When she gets back with jeffy boy), Will Scarlet Obvs Will!, Alice Liddell <3333, Katie I'm assuming orange!, Megan Grace and/or Bucky, if Chesh can convince him to do more social things xD, Bach KIT!! he may include Poppy if he wants

Penelope Scarlet of course! AM I MISSING PEOPLE?! I FEEL LIKE I AM!!!
Feb 9 2018, 12:10 PM
The list of Ridiculous:
- Rick Sanchez
- Bender
- Fry
- Dale Dobach
- Stewie Griffin
- Glenn Quagmire
- Roger (American Dad)
- Ron Burgandy
- Brick
- Eric Cartman
- Fez
- Baby Sinclair

Possible Characters, but ill probably never make:
- Dr. Frank N. Furter
- Patrick Star
- Karen from Mean Girls
Jan 29 2018, 06:55 PM
Might be fun to do contests and schtuff ♡ *drops in the imaginary suggestion box*
Dec 9 2017, 09:50 AM
- Athena (KAT !) BUYS FOR Killian Jones (Katie)
*wrapped in a white and gold box*
Gift of orthopedic pillow
"A better place to lay your head."

Pepper Potts (KAT !) BUYS FOR Puss in Boots (em 'n' em's)
*wrapped in metallic red*
Nice new boots
"I assumed from the name that this was a safe bet."

- Caroline Forbes (KAT !) BUYS FOR Elizabeth Swann (Maria Pearl)
*wrapped in a white and silver paper, perfect handmade bow*
Ferrero Rocher chocolates
"Soo good."

- Delphini Riddle-Lestrange (KAT !) BUYS FOR John Constantine (Bach)
*in a box she bought from the store*
Scotch and cigars
"You're welcome."

Sigyn (KAT !) BUYS FOR Taffyta Muttonfudge (Krissu)
*nice green and gold wrapping*
Books on mechanical and auto this or that
"Books are always a wonderful gift!"

Jane Foster (KAT !) BUYS FOR Atana Kraezerdottir (Laufey)
*gives away live*
Pet Iguana
"You said a weird pet."

Sally Finkelstein (KAT !) BUYS FOR [The] Baker (Twin)
*a blue bow on a gift basket*
Gift Basket with candles
"The cinnamon stick smells amazing!"

- Harleen Quinzel (KAT !) BUYS FOR Temperance Brennan (Lithiasaur).

Katerina DeScord (KAT !) BUYS FOR Thomas O'Hare (Bach).

- Lapis Lazuli (KAT !) BUYS FOR Jillian Holtzmann (Lithia).
*wrapped in blue*
An old diamond communicator
"Study it, but for the love of all that is holy, do't activate it."

- Starfire (KAT !) BUYS FOR Gerard Lacroix (Geo).

- Susan Pevensie (KAT !) BUYS FOR Adella (Krissu).
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