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Apr 1 2018, 10:32 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>April 2018</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">The AC is now complete! But... since last month was a very busy/sick month for a lot of people, I decided not to remove any accounts beyond those that were asked to be dropped! If you have an old account that you're no longer using but I've forgotten to delete it, please let me know and I'll remove it for you!
AC will be normal this month. While I know everyone is busy, activity is what keeps this place moving along! XD I'll do my best to accommodate everyone who needs it, and we'll chug through the slow times so everyone can continue to have fun here when their work loads ease up. <3
It's not too late to get involved in Hyperion Heights! Had to the <a href="">information thread</a> and see if you'd like to join up for all the fun! It's been a grand time so far and as the curse settles, there's still things for the people in Storybrooke to do, too! After all, they need to find some kind of way to get to Hyperion Heights AND break the curse there, right? Not to mention- the Horned King is still around, taking advantage of the chaos his curse has caused!
On a more sappy note, I just want to thank everyone from how eager you've all been to play in this new area and I'm really looking forward to seeing what plots come about! I don't think it's said enough how amazing you all are!
There's still the Swanfire wedding! Looks like things are finally coming together, and now we have an event board for it! <a href=''> Check out the festivities here!</a>
Sector 2814 has been re-opened on a case-by-case basis! You may app superhero characters again, but I'll be looking carefully at characters moving forward and making sure they really fit the Storybrooke world! This includes both DC and Marvel characters, but extends to other super hero characters from other universes, too!
You may have noticed there are now caps on some of the more popular jobs in town. This is too prevent flooding and ensure things remind realistic. Granny's Diner doesn't need forty waitresses, and there are other places that DO need them you could have your character go to instead! Other jobs also capped for the moment include: Cops at the police station, bar tenders at the Rabbit Hole and nurses at the hospital! Don't worry, I'm sure you can come up with other jobs that will be just as rewarding!
In generic, always here news: please make sure you head over to the claims board and get any claims you haven't submitted taken care of! This includes <a href="">job claims</a>, <a href="">face claims</a>, and the <a href="">member directory</a>! Also- if you don't have an icon on your account, please get one up! It helps keep the site looking nice and fancy. If you need help, please PM me and I'll get that up for you! We also have some optional claims: <a href="">Pet</a>, <a href="">Housing</a> and <a href="">IC birthday</a>!
If you're dying to have a certain character on board, make sure your <b>Wanted Ads</b> are up to date! I go through and add characters people are looking for to my resource site/tumblr ads, so it's good to keep up on them if there's someone you're super interested in seeing! With the activity check now over, it seems like a good time to update!
Lastly- Season 7 is upon us! Since it's basically AU and not remotely connected to the board, I don't really FEEL like spoilers should matter much, but I will still ask that people be respectful if someone tells them not to talk about it. <3
Have a happy Easter!


Apr 1 2018, 10:21 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Activity Check!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">

To pass the check, you need TWO posts per main canon, and ONE post for any other characters, including OCs, non show canons and minor show canons! If you don’t know who the main canons are for this site, they’re listed on the canon list with descriptions!
If you have an away, please link it instead. Note that two months without posts will result in a lost character, even with an away. (Unless you speak to me in advance!)
If you made a character the month of the AC, they do not need to be posted until the next month!
Regardless of meeting the check or not, you MUST post in this thread so I know you’re still here!
Please post for every character you own!
This thread is open all month. Post when you have the time/get the check done! You may post multiple times, as you meet the check with each character, or you may post them all at once!

Form: <pre>[/dohtml]

[b]Post:[/b] [url=Link to post(s)]Link[/url]
[b]Any notes:[/b]

<h2>Exempt: (OoC accounts)</h2>
- Terra<p>
- Bones<p>
- Izzi </div>

Mar 2 2018, 09:26 AM
So I thought I should have a little plotter set up for Hyperion Heights plots, since it might be confusing to try and add them to my main plotter. XD Here's a run down of my guys:

Garnet/Shay Allison - A high fashion model who is very lonely and feels incompletely all the time. She is out-going and fun but probably tries too hard to get people to like her, desperate for connections.

Hamish/Lachlan McLean - A cranky, homeless war vet who's confined to a wheelchair. He hates the world and generally keeps to himself when he can. But he would be fun to force into situations where he meets others!

Roger/Walter Barnes - A hard-working business type who doesn't know how to have fun. He has a meaningless job and shuffles through life without any kind of grand expectations for himself.

Rumple/Detective Weaver - An asshole of a detective who isn't afraid of doing shady things to get what he wants. He's a good cop with bad habits, and he's not very good at making friends, either. He's sick and if he doesn't take his medication, he can fall into a coma.

Sinestro/Stephen Green - An assistant district attorney who fights hard to put criminals behind bars. He has a noble worth ethic and will take risks to ensure the bad guys go to jail and the good guys go free. He's stoic but knows how to lighten up when the time calls for it. Generally a good person.

Severus/Evan Potts - Evan is a kind man who loves teaching. He's out-going and friendly and always ready to help you with whatever it is you might need! He works as a teacher at the local high school, with a particular focus on troubled youths.

They're all open for some Hyperion Heights plotting!
Mar 1 2018, 01:20 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>A new board is here!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
Hyperion Heights is now officially a part of the Our Heroes and Villians canon! Sit back because we've got a lot of new information to show you, and this thread is basically going to be an index of what's where, how to find, and what's different!
Our first and most important update is, of course, the new site plot! You can see what's going down with the Horned King's magic right over here in the <a href=''>plot thread.</a> The plot thread was also updated to cover past events, so anyone looking to join the board will have a full history available to them to read! There was also a small update to the <a href=''>Changes From the Show</a> thread to reflect the addition of an AU Hyperion Heights.
Next up we've added new information regarding Hyperion Heights to the <a href=''>Realms</a> information thread, along with some long-awaited information regarding the current state of the Land of Untold Stories. And additional AU realms from the show will be added there as well going forward!
Naturally, our biggest addition is the new <a href=''>Hyperion Heights Category</a> with all new areas to play within the large Seattle city! If you'd like to request business/homes/whatever kind of board you'd like to see there, please head over to the <a href=''>Board Request</a> thread as always and I'll get those approved and added for you when I can! Please keep in mind that cursed characters must be approved before you can make a request!
Within the Hyperion Heights category you'll find the <a href=''>Information and Sign Ups</a> Sub-board, which is your first stop before playing in the new area! Within this board you'll find an <a href=''>informational thread</a> covering the items discussed in the plot and the realms boards, as well as the <a href=''>Application</a> for making a cursed life for your character! Approved applications will be listed on the <a href=''>cursed character list</a> for ease of access when RPers are looking for people to play with! <p>
If you have any questions, you can post them in <a href=''>this thread</a> and I'll answer them as best I can!
I hope you enjoy your time in Hyperion Heights! Keep in mind this is fully optional and you do not need to send characters over to Hyperion Heights to be cursed!


Mar 1 2018, 12:36 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Ask your questions!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
This is just a general thread for any questions you might have concerning the information and plot for Hyperion Heights. Questions that are particularly useful may alter/add to the information, so please don't feel afraid to ask if something in confusing! Since this is new, there will be things to add!


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