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Elizabeth Swann


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<b>Elizabeth Swann</b> -- 32 -- Captain and Pirate Lord and Pirate King by the fourth Brethren Court<br>
Elisabeth was born on April 12, 1720, in London she was raised in Port Royal Jamaica by her father Governor Charles Weatherby Swann his wife Mary had died some years before and he raised Elisabeth by himself and she had governesses and a maid to help her with daily routines and Governor Swann was very proud of his daughter she was well educated young woman and she was fascinated with pirates and piracy she wanted to learn everything about them and her governess taught her everything she knew about them.

When Lizzie was ten years old she and her father where sailing off the shore of England when she first spotted a pirate ship she was singing a song Its A Pirates Life For Me without knowing its meaning the lieutenant at the time James Norrington heard her sing and her father wasn't much approved of it she then saw a young boy her own age on a plank in the ocean and called for aid to help him and she found out this boy was a pirate's son William Turner was his name he had told her his name when she was looking at his medallion.

William and Elisabeth formed a friendship and he became a blacksmith of the town of Port Royal in Jamaica. At her 17th birthday her father told her about James Norrington becoming a Commodore and he gave her a dress for the event she was helped by her maid to get dressed but the corset was very tight and she had trouble with breathing as the event further Elisabeth felt breathless and while asking her hand she fell off the cliff into the ocean and someone who witnessed her fall jumped into the waters and rescued her from drowning it was her first meeting with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow.

Jack got into a lot of trouble during her rescue having the royal navy wanting him prisoned but he was fascinated by Elisabeth gumption. During that same night, Elisabeth had the medallion she had kept hidden in her drawer the pirate Aztec medallion Jack had asked about when rescuing her an invasion was done to Port Royal by a ghostly pirate ship the Black Pearl then captained by a villainous Captain Hector Barbossa. Sailing to the island Isle De Muerta off the charts saw Elisabeth might lose her life there but her friends Jack and Will came to her aid and she herself became a pirate.

Captain Barbossa and his miscreant crew kidnapped Elisabeth because she was the governor's daughter and Jack Sparrow and William Turner the young blacksmith went on to rescue her. Elisabeth became part of the Black Pearl's crew when Jack Sparrow had taken his ship back from Barbossa after he had shot him at the Isle de muerta.

Elisabeth went back home to England after being rescued by her father Governor Weatherby Swann and she missed the adventure. As time went on she went onto another adventure with Captain Jack Sparrow finding him in Tortuga she dressed like a boy the life in England bored her to boot as Jack had escaped barely the Cannibals island with his loyal mates Joshamee Gibbs and Pintel his uncle Ragetti and Will Turner Elisabeth saw herself again as the pirate woman she had always been.

Elisabeth went on a voyage finding the chest of Davy Jones and it was a journey she would regret because she granted Captain Jack Sparrow the kiss of death, Jones was after Jack and the Black Pearl, not his friends and she did what she thought best at the time and regretted her choice.

To Bring back Jack Sparrow after he had been taken by the Kraken beast that followed orders from Davy Jones ship the Flying Dutchman was something they all agreed upon and with the help of sea goddess Calypso they sailed as far as Singapore to form an ally to a pirate lord Sao Feng to have his navigation map to the farthest end of the world to the land of death to Davy Jones Locker.

Elisabeth with the help of a man who had returned from the dead Captain Hector Barbossa sailed to bring Jack Sparrow back and when they found him Elisabeth felt guilty of sending Jack there. Together they returned and while waiting in the doldrums Lizzie noticed her father in one of the boats she called onto him and wanting him to join them onboard she thought they were back to the land of the living but Jack told her they weren't back and she got frantic calling out to her father and he told how proud he was of his daughter, Lizzie knew then he was dead.

After they returned they battled the armada of Lord Cutler Beckett and Davy Jones and won. Jack Sparrow had made her a pirate king of the fourth brethern court after Sao Feng had made her a Captain when he was hit by the Flying Dutchman. Elisabeth was now not only a pirate but a pirate lord and a Captain even a pirate king of Singapore and China.

She had been living in London for ten years living alone after the battle she had earned some fortune from her father and owned a library and ran it by herself and a friend but the sea called onto her and she didn't know how her friends fared on sea, Captain Jack Sparrow, Will Turner and the others. One day she got an offer to take passage to America to study philosophy and the travels of pilgrims and she could not deny such journey as the ship sailed through a storm she somehow ended in a town called Story Brook.

Elisabeth loves to read books and sail the seven sea's could she find something to do in Storybrook that involved what she had been once a pirate, a sailor and a librarian perhaps as a daytime job.
Elizabeth is in a relationship with Captain Hector Barbossa.

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Angelica Teach


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<b>Angelica Teach</b> -- 28 -- Pirate woman and woman of faith<br>
Angelica was born to Captain Edward Teach Blackbeard and one of his mistresses Isabella Elena, in the Spring of March 18, 1724. Isabella Elena took Blackbeard's name even if they weren't married she was a witch she had put a hex on her lover that he lost his life and was beheaded by the British Navy that was when Angelica was just three years old. Isabella took Angelica to a convent that she was raised til adult years she never saw her mother again the witch maybe she had just died or left the country Angelica never got to know what happened to the woman who gave birth to her only that she was Spanish and a gypsy. Blackbeard never died it was all a fabrication a facade for his escape.

Angelica was 18 years old when she first met with a young pirate man named Jack Sparrow he was around 30 years old slight older than her and he got smitten by her and stole her innocence ever since Angelica held a grudge against Captain Jack Sparrow their love-hate relationship grew over the years and each time they met a fight occurred and then makeup underneath a candlelight and music with fine red wine Jack romanced Angelica even if they were supposed to hate one another then she never really hated him.

Angelica shanghaied Captain Jack Sparrow into the service of her father Blackbeard to find the Fountain Of Youth and with his help they found it but to Angelica's agony she lost her father his years were taken from him and Jack stole them for Angelica's life. After leaving her on Sola Fide Beach Angelica swore she would return and avenge her father's death one way or the other. After her father's sudden death Angelica's gift was born and it was Magic.
Angelica is in a relationship with Captain Jack Sparrow.

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Sarah Anne Read


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<b>Sarah Anne Read</b> -- 30 -- Pirate lady<br>
Born in Enchanted Forest in the medieval times. Sarah Anne was the daughter of a servant girl Mary Brennan-Read and her employer William Cormac who was married to Mary's sister and they had a secret affair. Anne was born in shame to the family and turned to be the black sheep of the Read's originated from France her red hair and blue eyes gave her beauty that was very hard to resist so she pretended to be a boy all her teen years.

After the humiliation of her family, she left the home she had been raised in. Anne's aunt insulted her birthing and said she was the shame of the family and Anne had her revenge on her by hurting her to the core that the aunt ended in an asylum and locked away. Anne had told her aunt Mathilda that her father never loved her but had only used her for her fortune and taking her sister as a mistress when Mathilda could not be good in the marriage bed, Anne's tongue was a snake and the aunt now locked in Asylum was soon to be out of there.

The Pirate

Sarah Anne left for the sea's and bought her own ship and named it Red Dragon, the girl was 18 and now a Captain of the huge merchant vessel she colored it crimson and a dragon is on the front of her ship crowning the mast with its huge head, Anne calls him red. Anne raided the lands of Enchanted Forest and the realms of magic until she reached the shores of Story Brooke but before that Anne was a fierce Captain known of her raidings and plundering she was a thief and could get away with that as a child she picked pocked people and they had no idea who had stolen their money and during that time she had met some nice girls that she offered a job as crewmates on her ship the Red Dragon.
Sarah is currently single.</div></td></tr></table>

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Marina Aquila


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<b>Marina Aquila</b> -- 300 -- Mermaid<br>
Marina was born at Isle Sirena but her residence was at Whitecap Bay the isle of mermaids she and her sisters ruled the waters there and sailors that came to close died facing them. Marina is the daughter of Selena who was Queen Of mermaids her father was Poseidon the King of the sea's Marina is just one of his many daughters and sons but also far prettiest of the lot. her name means the lady of the sea, the pearl of the deepest abyss her eyes are blue-green with the color of the ocean sometimes their deepest blue or darkish green depends on her temper.
She has a past with pirate Captain Jack Sparrow is currently single.

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Jan 5 2018, 02:06 PM
Elizabeth Swann

Hoist The Colours High.

Elizabeth is born a Gentleman's daughter who turned into a pirate, then Captain and Pirate Lord and Pirate King by the fourth Brethren Court.
She is a tough lady who doesn't take an no for an answer.

Angelica Teach

Faith Gone Wrong.

a pirate woman and woman of faith.
Angelica is the other half of Captain Jack Sparrow even if he doesn't know it.
They need each other information to get to their destination, for example, the Fountain Of Youth. She is the only one who could impersonate Jack Sparrow because of her similar looks to his.
Jack loves Angelica as much she loves and hates him.
Angelica is funny and will surprise you to go to lengths you never been before.

Anne Marie Bonnevie

"I am a pirate mate

Anne is a typical pirate lady who most of her life dressed in boy clothing
and pretended to be one she is tough as nails this one is you don't mess with
her and she have quite the attitude, a devils tongue.
Nov 19 2017, 11:41 AM

Lizzie's father:
Governor Charles Weatherby Swann of Port Royal Jamaica
in the Caribbean island.
Works for the British crown where he fell in love with
a girl of royalty "Mary Elizabeth she was the grandchild of Vlad Tepes Count Dracula
his daughter Justine was Mary's mother.
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