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 Finding a friend who understands, tag Liberty (Ruby)/Kitty
Amanda Perry
 Posted: Mar 7 2018, 11:10 AM

Stargate Universe


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Lydia had imagined a perfect life for herself not so long ago. She had the man of her dreams, they were about to start a family and a new life in a new town far away from the dangers of being an astronaut. Lydia and Nathaniel had worked together for some years, and had a very close connection. She thought they were finally going to have everything, she could hardly believe she'd even convinced him to take a teaching job in Hyperion Heights, but he had agreed. She was full of positive thoughts when she made the move ahead of Nate to get everything in order as he went on his final mission, a mission that ended in tragedy. The last few weeks her whole life had been as if in slow motion. There had been no body to bury, only an urn shipped to her by NASA, all that was left of the love of her life. She was pregnant, and still had months ahead of her before the child would be born and now she was alone in a new place and would have to find a job and do a lot of things she hadn't planned. Nate's job was going to make it so she could be a stay at home mother, but that plan was dead along with her fiancée.

She'd managed to find a secretary job for a lawyer in town, it didn't pay as well as NASA and she was probably on the overqualified side of things, but she desperately needed a job. Sure she was the beneficiary on Nate's life insurance, but he had only been dead a month, and there was still some red tape to cut through because of the circumstances and the investigation into what went wrong. Besides, it wasn't an overly large policy, and she knew a baby wasn't going to be cheap. She needed the distraction more than anything else, something to keep her mind occupied as her pregnancy progressed and she struggled to grieve the loss of Nate.

Today had been her first appointment with her new doctor, something that had been the hardest to do as she missed her doctor back in California who had first given her the news of her pregnancy. The check up went well and she was now waiting on a prescription to be filled before she left, various vitamins and such she needed. Some of them she probably could have gotten at the grocery store with less of a wait, but it was just easier where her health insurance was concerned if she got them filled right at the Doctor's office. She hated going alone, she'd imagined these visits would be done with Nate, but that was yet another reminder that she was alone and the loss she'd suffered. Since she wasn't that far along yet, she stood so that many of the women who were much further along could have the seats as she waited for her name to be called for the prescription.

Ruby Lucas aka Liberty

Ruby Lucas
 Posted: May 8 2018, 11:16 AM

Little Red Riding Hood

Enchanted Forest

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Liberty had never thought her life would turn out like this, that she would end up pregnant, robbed and alone. It really shouldn’t have surprised her that she was alone, since she had spent most of her life alone before this, having had to take care of herself because her parents were too busy, or just didn’t care. She thought her life would be different when she ran away, when she met her boyfriend, Matt, and was able to travel around America with him, she thought everything would be better for her. It had been good in the beginning, he had loved her and for someone who had never really experienced love, she’d held onto that with all her strength. Traveling with Matt had been amazing, she had never felt so free, they just went wherever they wanted as soon as they had enough money to go. They had stopped in Hyperion Heights to make more money, and Liberty had gotten a great job in a Michelin star restaurant, which was great, but she soon found out that she was pregnant.

Matt wasn’t happy about this, he didn’t want a kid to drag him down when all he wanted to do was travel. He had been mad at her, telling her that she should get rid of the baby. That was his only option if they were going to have a future together. She was never going to get rid of her baby for a man who couldn’t love her if she had a kid, not when she had grown up with parents who hadn’t cared about her. She didn’t want her kid to go through what she had gone through, so she didn’t stop Matt when he decided to leave, she could be a single parent. Even if that thought scared her, she could hopefully be a much better parent than her parents had been. She would do her best to make that happen.

She had tried her best to believe that she could do it, but when it came to her first check-up her nerves really started to set in. There were so many things she had to do, to keep her baby healthy, to get ready for her baby. She tried her best to listen to everything her doctor was telling her, but her brain was going into overdrive. How was she ever going to do this on her own? She was still in a bit of a daze as she walked out of the doctor’s office, with a prescription in her hand that she had to get filled. It seemed there were many other women who were waiting for the same thing, so she walked over to stand next to a brunette who seemed to be waiting to get her prescription filled to. Maybe she could help her.

"I’m sorry to disturb you, but I was wondering, where do we get our prescription filled out? I was a bit distracted while the doctor was telling me everything, I can’t remember what he said." She asked the brunette with a little confused smile on her face. "I don’t know how I ever thought I could do this on my own."

Amanda Perry aka Lydia

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