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 Who's a Pretty Boy Then?, Open!
 Posted: Dec 7 2017, 11:12 AM

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She smiled as he seemed so taken aback by her praise, almost seemingly unable to take it. She had never experienced someone so humble, and it was actually quite refreshing. Coming from a place where strength, beauty, divinity seemed all too common-- to see someone truly humble to their positive attributes.. fascinated and intrigued her about the great half-giant that she was humbled herself to now call a new friend. "Do not be discouraged, dear. I'm simply observing and reporting. No need to lessen the wonderful attributes you've displayed. It was adorable, really. A mortal so full of life and love, and yet so modest. A rare gem.

"It's such a treasure meeting someone with their head out of the clouds-- though metaphorically speaking of course," She chuckled," I tower over most and you just surpass even my height. You could likely reach and steal the moon, if you so chose," She poked fun playfully in the hopes to lighten up his mood a bit. He seemed rather wound up and worried. Not that she could blame him.. or anyone for that matter when it came to Athena.

While she was generally calm and accepting, seeing the best out look and the wisest strategy to things.. that didn't always make her right. It didn't mean she was perfect. In fact, she believed even as immortality gave her more time to study, it also too away many simple things that immortality made her numb too-- and at times, her "greatness" made her prideful. It was no wonder that people saw her as a logical heartless at times. She had made many mistakes out of anger.. The gorgon, Medusa, whom had only wanted to serve the great goddess, was punished for relations with Poseidon in Athena's temple. Then there was Arachne, whom she turned to a spider.

So.. Many mistakes.. And yet she was too stubborn to try to make things from the past better. She moved on, and left those whom she wronged behind as a memory. Not her greatest attribute, and not one that she put out for everyone to see, but it was a part of her. She couldn't erase it.. She couldn't erase it. She just tried her best no to ruin things that she had. The good things.

She chuckled a bit," Well, to be honest, I hoped to talk to you. I saw you, and found you fascinating, but this would be a happy coincidence.. I do love animals. Perhaps a companion of my own wouldn't be a bad idea," She mused, walking along the cages, petting some of the sweet pups as she walked along, looking for the right one. Maybe she had come to ask him to join her, but after talking.. After seeing his pain and his feelings.. She didn't feel right about it. Instead, she would make this a happy occasion for the both of them, and a new pup companion for her.

"Minerva, yes, that is my name in Rome," She smiled, looking over at him," I've been given many lovely names over time.. When you're nearly as old as the stars themselves it's no question that you pick up a nickname or two.. or thousand. I'm not quite sure how many i've accrued over the millenia." Rubeus Hagrid        


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