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Luna Lovegood
 Posted: Nov 4 2017, 06:01 PM

Harry Potter

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Jillian Holtzmann   •   notes here but don't stretch it!
Luna knew that she was the type of person who was never bothered by anything. She was a free spirit and found everything fascinating. It may have been surprising due to the way she had grown up, losing her mother had been kind of hard, but, her dad had been there for her. And, if anyone needed to know how she had ended up the way she had, they just needed to look at that man. But, there was something about this woman that made her realise that this was probably going to be her in a few years time.

She smiled and silently wheezed as the woman hugged her tightly again.

“I would really like that. Showing you some magic could be fun, and, I would love to see sciency stuff. It wouldn't lead to stuff blowing up right?”

Luna knew that sometimes she did magic and she couldn't always concentrate on the stuff long enough to do certain spells correctly. A part of her worried that she would have something happen to herself like it did to her mother when she was 9. so maybe it was a bad idea letting her loose around all of those science equipment, but, she was sure that she was going to be protected when she tried it. Hogwarts had helped her in it's own way though.

Or did it?

The way she did magic could be considered odd, but, she remembered things in certain ways that other people didn't, and, it helped her in the end. When she had been doing the training with Harry for Dumbledore's Army, she had managed to get at least one happy memory, enough to cast the deer, causing her to do the spell correctly.


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Jillian Holtzmann
 Posted: Nov 5 2017, 09:17 AM


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Luna Lovegood

"For once in my life, I'll make sure the safety stuff is up to par: nothing's going to explode while you're with me unless you want it to, okay?"

Holtzmann smiled, actually meaning it. She was not much for safety, always taking largely unnecessary risks in her pursuit of science and experimentation, but she did not want to put a young girl's life in danger. Adults who knew what they were getting into when they walked into an active lab? Sure, they had plenty of time to think about it. But the future meant a lot to someone like Holtzmann, who built things to make life better for those who came after.

She wanted to make sure someone like Luna got a chance to not only grow up, but have a lot of fun doing it.

"Alright, then, it's settled. You swing by the lab any time you like. It's the newly re-purposed Cannery down by the docks. If you see smoke, just wait outside and yell for me, I'll hear you. Maybe don't come in unless the air is clear." She winked, teasing, though there was always a little truth in jokes like that.

She would remember her promise, though, if nothing else.

"I should probably get back there, anyway. I just get into trouble when I'm out on my own."

She put her hand on Luna's shoulder, giving it a reassuring pat. She felt like they had a lot to learn from each other, and was just as excited to teach her about science as she was to learn about magic. Holtzmann was not the type to spurn a new lesson just because it was coming from someone younger or less experienced than her: anyone that knew something she did not know was more than welcome to teach her it, in her book.
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