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<h3>19 . Nathair . Harry Potter . Victoria Justice . Other realms</h3>
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<h2>Stop holding on to people who don't give a damn about you. It's ok to be alone.</h2>

This snake is offspring of Nagini, but she didn't know her parents nor she cared about that. She had spent few months of her early childhood in a pet shop in Wizarding world, in London. She was a snake that was always alone, showing dominance and aggression to every other snake that dared to come too close in her personal space. It's not that she didn't like other snakes that shared the cage with her, it was more about showing strength because, in animals world, one can either be on the top or bottom. But species she did hate were those creatures that were coming inside and admiring animals. She heard others calling them "humans". Why were they looking at her? She was a pretty snake, true, but she was not a project! The snake only tolerated two of those creatures, one older woman with ugly hair, Ana, and one young man, Dave, because they were feeding her. She had peaceful and nice life until Dave betrayed her. He tried to catch her. Why? The snake tried hissing and moving to bite him but it didn't help. They took her out of the cage and gave to one new human. Rodolphus Lestrange, as she later learned. Oh my, that man gave something, money, to human Dave and they put her in box. How humiliating! Soon the snake felt they were carrying her around. When she was finally able to see again, she was in almost the same cage but she was alone. It was in Rodolphus's house.

<h2>She looks like an angel, she might be a demon.</h2>

Living with Rodolphus was boring. The first thing he did was giving her name. The snake had no idea why she needs one but obviously, that was the human thing, the way how they recognize each other or whatever. Nathair. That was her name. Rodolphus told her that is Scottish word for snake. How uncreative, to give the snake name Snake. But then he moved on and said he read somewhere that those with the name Nathair often obtain great power and are successful. Okay, she can live with that. At least it wasn't the name for those that show love, kindness or something like that. Nathair didn't really know what those words mean but she heard people using them. One thing that Nathair didn't like was how noisy was here. It was even worse than in the pet shop. There were often humans talking and laughing in that house and she hissed a lot trying to tell them to finally shut up but they either didn't understand or didn't care. Are all humans annoying like this? The snake was glad she wasn't one of them. Nathair doesn't know how much time she spent there, ignoring everyone unless it was time for the meal. Rodolphus described her as a nice pet, loving unless someone tries to touch her. Years passed and one day Rodolphus came with a grimace on his face, a smile and moved her to box again saying she is going to someone great, the young witch that will love her as much as he did. Fool, he said he was somehow sad they have to separate. Nathair didn't care about him at all. He could die and she would be absolutely fine with that.

<h2>I don't know who I would be without you. I'm eternally grateful you're born in the same universe as me. It would be a lifetime searching if you weren't.</h2>

There she was, in the possession of another human. Delphini, the girl with blonde hair that constantly looked like she is annoyed by something. But as soon as she saw Nathair, Delphini stared speaking but it was different than other humans talking. Delphini really communicated with Nathair and she understood perfectly everything that the snake was telling to her. That wasn't enough for deep connection, but young witch earned snake's respect. Still, over the time Nathair grew to like that human who was able to talk with snakes. Delphini was kind with her, full of love (Nathair actually started understanding that emotion, Delphini explained that love means you are ready to do anything to make another person happy) and the most important, she was acting like Nathair was equal to her, not just her pet, but a friend. They were talking all the time and Nathair wanted Delphini's attention more than anything else. The young witch tried to explain a lot of words and soon the snake was able to understand parts of conversation humans had and was even able to understand the concept of strategies and plans. Good for just a snake, right?

<h2>Pardon me, but you're obviously mistaking me for someone who gives a damn.</h2>

No matter how much love and understanding Nathair had for Delphini, she wasn't the same among others. Humans were still annoying, Delphini was... Special, black sheep in her kind. Just like there are snakes that were different from their species, this witch was on the same way different than those creatures. While Nathair spent the most of her time either in a cage or around Delphini, on her lap, shoulders or just close to her hissing at everyone who dared to come too close to her mistress, Nathair was still cold toward others ignoring them most of the time. She would say she hates them, that emotion when you wish to see someone getting hit by a train, and even if she could easily kill them, Delphini explained to her she can't just eat every human she finds annoying so her only way to express annoyance was hissing and telling Delphini she should kill them or at least, let the snake does that. Delphini didn't need any of them, Nathair was there for her to protect her even if that means getting killed, she was there to listen to all her problems and be supportive, so she didn't quite understand why her mistress interact with other humans at all. But one good thing was that humans were afraid of Nathair. They knew she could kill them with just one bite (and she did kill and eat some of them) so they usually tried not to upset her or Delphini.

<h2>Sometimes I feel like giving up, then I remember I have a lot of motherfuckers to prove wrong.</h2>

Delphini had great plans for bringing back Lord Voldemort, her father, and even if Nathair was ready to support her, the snake was afraid. It was like being afraid bigger animals would kill her, but this time she was scared something would happen to Delphi. And indeed, her worst nightmare became truth, one day Delphini just didn't come back. Nathair was desperate, is Delphini alright? Is she even alive? Someone came to take her with them but Nathair didn't care anymore. She didn't even protest when one pair of hands took her and moved her to a box. She didn't care about fresh mice they were putting inside of the box. She didn't want to live. What was that? Sadness, she remembered Delphini's explanation. But after some time, she realized she needs to survive because Delphini wouldn't be happy to know her strong snake was like this. She started eating again, but she didn't care about anything around her. Eating and being in her box, that was enough. But she missed Delphi, that witch who was able to talk with her.

<h2>If you hate me I don't care. News flash bitch, I don't live to please you.</h2>

Two years passed in agony until she heard someone saying Delphini's name. The snake raised her head and hissed demanding to know what was happening but no one bothered to even look at her. "Delphini. Azkaban. Rescue." she heard words but wasn't able to understand the meaning. And that upset her so she moved fastly out of the box and bit one man several times until he fell on the ground bleeding to the death because of her strong venom. Everyone here hated Nathair but she was Delphini's snake so they let her alone all the time but now they were horrified. Someone used the magic to lock her in the box again and all that Nathair heard was noise, the strongest she had ever heard in her life and it looked like it would never stop. Someone was screaming, she heard an explosion,felt someone was moving her box constantly and then all of sudden everything stopped. The box opened and the snake saw the daylight again, but more important, she saw Delphini.

<h2>My entire life can be summed up in one sentence... "Well, that didn't fucking go as planned."</h2>

They were in the new city, Storybrooke, as Delphini explained. Nathair was fine with that, she didn't really care where she was, the most important was that she was with Delphini again. The only thing that she hated about this place was that Delphini didn't allow her to kill humans, she said Nathair should be discreet. That is why Nathair spent a lot of the time in the forest eating animals. It was strange, to be in the city where the forest was so close and she could just be there, without anyone bothering her. And magic was an obviously normal thing as well and with all the problems no one cared that young girl was walking around with the big snake following her. But happiness stopped last December when Nathair's life changed completely. Delphini was experimenting with potions while Nathair was sleeping curled close to her legs when she felt hot liquid splashing all over her body. Delphini screamed and at the first Nathair didn't understand what was going on. Was Delphini in danger? She didn't hear anyone close to them, they were alone. Was it about the liquid? Sure, it was unpleasant but she would survive, Delphini didn't let that liquid fall over her on purpose. But then Nathair felt what was wrong. Hair was all over her face. Whose hair was that? She tried to move a little and realized she can't crawl, instead parts of her body moved strangely. Parts of her body she shouldn't have. Legs and arms. Former snake screamed at the top of her lungs. She was freaking human.

<h2>She remembered who she was and the game changed.</h2>

Nathair had a new life and she hated every single second of it. Human, she was one of them now. It was disgusting. Delphini tried apologizing and making a new potion to transform Nathair back into a snake but nothing she made worked. And they didn't trust anyone enough to ask for a help so nathair knew her only option for now would be to learn how to live like a human. It was really hard at the beginning, Nathair had to learn English, and not just a few words as before, this time she had to learn the whole language. And to write. And read. But before everything else, she had to learn how to move her legs and arms. Even trying to stand on those legs was a big challenge, not to mention moving them around. Nathair was desperate and now, she wished she was dead. Everything would be better than this. Was this because she killed all those people while she was the snake? It was in her nature, it's so unfair to punish her for that! The first 2 months Nathair spent constantly in the room refusing to go out. The truth is, she was depressive. Being human... Humiliating... Bad... Disgusting... She wasn't sure she would survive this. But the worst was new emotions she had. Apparently, her brain changed and now she was able to feel a lot of new, to her unfamiliar emotions. She even cried, a lot. What would other snakes think if they see her like this? They would laugh and make jokes about her. But after two months Nathair realized crying and locking herself in one room wouldn't change her destiny. No, if she was like this, she would use the best of it and be fabulous. At least she was pretty. Well, for a human.

<h2>Sarcasm - because beating the crap out of people is illegal.</h2>

Once Nathair survived her depression caused by turning into a human, she was her old self, at least psychically. Now when she can't just bite and kill whoever she wants, she started training and learning different fighting techniques. True, she was the human and weak, but she was determined to change that. After all, she promised she would always protect Delphini and she can't do that if she is not strong. So she spends most of her time exercising and watching videos of the fight on the phone Delphini gave to her. She doesn't interact with people a lot, only when she really needs to, and if someone says something she is not interested in, she just starts hissing or saying something sarcastic coldly and almost venomously. When she is not exercising or with Dalphini, Nathair is usually in the forest where she mourns over her former life (not like she would tell anyone how she really feels except Delphini) and wishing she could hunt animals for the meal instead of that food she has to eat now when she is human (she actually tried to eat flesh meat once, it made her sick for days).

<h2>Have I ever told you that I really... REALLY just don't give a damn?</h2>

review of personality and powers
As a snake and now human, Nathair is extremely arrogant, agressive and believes snakes are superior in regards to humans. She is cold, composed, distrusting and with almost zero social skills. Nathair is still not able to understand all emotions and in some way she is apathetic. Even if she sees other person expressing emotions, she is mostly unable to identify the emotion, though she learned that crying mostly means the person is sad, the smile means happiness and screaming means the person is either afraid or really upset. She is loyal to Delphini and that is the only person with who Nathair ever really felt the true connection. She is fiercely protective, smart and brave. Considering she was the snake till December last year, Nathair is fluent in English and has great fighting skills. Nathair is transformed due to an accident with the potion so she still has some characteristics of the snake. She is cold-blooded which means her temperature varies with the temperature of the environment, she can see the source of heat and she still has venom, though her teeth are not sharp as before so considering she can't bite someone strong enough to cut off the skin, that is mostly useless. As a former snake, Nathair knows Parseltongue and mostly use it to communicate with Delphini, especially when she doesn't want others to know what she is talking about.


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<h2>Angel On Fire</h2>
<h3>GMT+1 . last character: Padmé Amidala</h3>




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