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Mar 2 2018, 02:41 PM
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<h3>Maria Posada</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Who is Clara Hernandez? Well according to her no one, since she has been going under the nickname of ‘Faith’ for so long that pretty much knows her by that (especially in the “wrong” corners of the city).
On a first glance the young girl is just someone that is just done with life, someone that will fight with nail and teeth for survival but that expects little from life. She has learned to dodge problems (and to accidentally create them) with a smile and a lot of attitude all mixed with a yell and a punch if the situation requires it. Hardened by life she is low-key a good person inside but life has taught her that if you are too good things always get bad.

<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>

Clara was born as the daughter of a man that left and a mother that stayed but never cared much, which taught her from the beginning that life was about being on your own from an early age. She used to be a daydreamer but after way too much disappointments and problems she decided that her reality was enough to deal with to add the disappointment of not achieving her dreams.

Maybe her mother tried; maybe she didn’t want to end up finding solutions in the bottom of a bottle or maybe she just didn’t care but in the end Maria couldn’t handle seeing her tossing her life away and she chose the most coward path, leaving without any way to be contacted, without looking back.

She ended up in Hyperion Heights and worked in whatever she could to make it, never accepting help because of her pride. Now she works in a bar (yes she knows that alcohol can be terrible but so is being jobless) and sings there from time to time to gain some extra money.

Aug 9 2017, 03:07 PM
Maria was already starving when they arrived to the pizzeria, and the smell of the food only made it worse. Normally she didn’t eat a lot, she was more a salad than a pizza kind of person but today she had skipped breakfast in her hurry to arrive to the lesson. “Order whatever you want, lunch is on me today” said Maria with a huge smile “Just remember no pepperoni; if you order it I might hate you forever or something because I am really starving” she said bumping him playfully with her shoulder.

Once they ordered they sat on a table, the pizzeria was quiet since they were pretty much the only people eating there at the moment. “So I know that you are a tech pro, a librarian and one of the humblest people in this realm” she said being clearly playful in the last bit; she was no longer annoyed about his ego but rather she amused, it was a part of him and like everybody Ezekiel had good and bad traits (lately she was discovering a lot of good ones in him, not that she would admit it out loud) “But I feel that I don’t know anything about you; I know what you are good at but not what you like” said Maria thoughtfully “As in, there are things I am good at that I don’t enjoy especially like sewing, things that I love and I am good at like fencing and things I am a disaster but I love nevertheless like dancing; so tell me what does Mr. Jones like?” asked Maria as she leaned on the table, eyes sparkling with curiosity “I promise that I won’t start to press for personal details; no talking about eternal regrets, your biggest love or your lifelong dream” added the brunette with a chuckle.

Jul 31 2017, 02:19 PM
When Maria had arrived to this realm the first thing that she had noticed was how behind hers was technologically wise; she had been lucky enough to find a job which didn’t require an extensive knowledge in that area but nevertheless she had felt a little bit bad about lacking a knowledge that in this realm was taken for granted to some extent. Luckily she had meet Ezekiel who had proven to be a good teacher and Maria was sure of that eventually she would be good enough with tech to cover the basics.

This morning wasn’t about the present but rather the past; spending so much time with tech meant that she had spent little in old hobbies. Indulging in lecture was easy but there was a skill that she craved to practice, thus she had saved for a cheap sword in order to give fencing a little bit of practice.

It was early but the brunette was already swinging the sword with the elegance that came with years of practice,but what she had not noticed was that she wasn't alone

Puss In Boots
Jun 26 2017, 02:47 PM
Maria can count with one hand what she remembers about her mother; and one of these things is her always saying “Each season is beautiful in its own way”. The brunette could agree to some point but she had to admit that her favorite season without a doubt was summer. Sure, sometimes it was too hot to be outside but the late nights, the sun against her skin, even the clothes which became lighter and more colorful were prettier. For Maria everything was more alive, brighter in these months and it could be seen in how her mood was way better than in winter.

The brunette was sitting on a bench, toying with the ends of her ponytail as she fixed her attention in a book. She had decided to read outside due to the fact that the weather was especially nice; a soft breeze countered the high temperatures. She was so focused in the book that she barely paid attention to her surroundings, to the point that she didn’t realize that she wasn’t alone anymore.

OOC: Let the sass begin
Apr 5 2017, 12:00 PM
During her whole life Maria had studied in two different places, in her house while she lived in the village and the fancy school to which her father had sent her in a attempt to tame down her rebel streak. Two very different places, one far away from the other but in the end they had been awfully similar. The girl had shown a bright intellect since she was a little girl which explained why she had never felt academically challenged by neither of these places, during her whole life she had been taught how to be a lady rather than how to be a student something that didn’t suit the brunette at all. Sure, going with the flow would have been the easiest thing to do; no one would have gotten disappointed and her father would have been happier but she craved the knowledge: literature, languages, sciences…She had read and studied on her own, even if the resources had been quite limiting.

The other day someone had left a book in the animal shelter, a girl had forgotten a book whose title was The basics of physics. Maria of course knew anything about the topic but curiosity had gotten the best of her and she had read one chapter of the book, her craving of learning stirring. What she wouldn’t give to have a chance to understand more, to learn more about the topic.

She had come to the school in order to look for the owner, to return the book to the girl who likely was worried, wondering where she had left it. Brown eyes examined her surroundings with curiosity, so this was what a school was in this realm…

A melodic voice reached her ears and she decided to investigate a little; music had always intrigued her even if her skills had never gone beyond singing, she had tried a couple of times her luck with different instruments but the results had never been especially encouraging. She couldn’t help but to envy a little the skill that her old childhood friend Manolo had when it came to them.

Maria followed the sound to a room and opened the door, peeking shyly as she spotted a woman inside “I am sorry, I heard you singing and I was curious”
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