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 if i can let the memory heal, Rilian
Caspian X
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 09:44 AM



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When Caspian had first come to this world he’d regarded electronics in much the same way he had magic – he had no idea how it worked, had no real desire to learn more but saw the need of knowing enough to avoid disaster when forced to interact with it least he summon the White Witch by typing the wrong thing on a keypad. He’d later learned that summoning the White Witch would be a new one but there were stories about people who could summon Cthulhu-like monsters, which he understood to be something with lots of tentacles and teeth, using laptops and mobile phones so he felt his fear was not entirely unjustified in this regard even if voicing it had made his colleagues at work laugh and shake their heads.

In any case he’d sat through a few evening and library-hosted classes on using emails and Microsoft office, smiled politely along with jokes he didn’t understand about lolling cats and talking paperclips and slowly got the hang of using a small box to talk to people far, far away. He still didn’t know what half the functions on his mobile phone were, never mind how to use them, and still regarded his laptop asking his permission to update things or tick boxes saying he agreed to stuff with deep mistrust, but he wasn’t completely illiterate in terms of technology and this time at least he’d walked into the shop armed with a specific request and a budget to stick to. Namely he wanted a decent games console – nothing too flashy, just something that worked and played a decent range of games without overheating or crashing too often – and a couple of games Lucy had mentioned that she either liked playing or would like to play. He’d never tried playing these sorts of games himself although he did have a couple on his laptop that he enjoyed but if Lucy liked them then he was sure he would as well. Besides, it would give them something to do when she came over and he was hoping that she’d come over a whole lot, with or without her sister.

The shop bell jangled as he pushed the door open and again when he let it fall shut behind him, closing out the heat of the day for the welcome cool of the air-conditioned room. Seeing that both assistants were busy talking to other customers he wandered over to one of the display stands of games, thinking that even with the research into games consoles he’d done online he’d have better luck finding what he was looking for amidst the colourful cases than he would amidst the sea of larger boxes.

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