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Chey Phillips

Land Without Magic

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Mar 2 2018, 09:12 AM
Chey left her home, with her 11 years old daughter, as both headed to the park.Once there they walked around, as they hang around together. As they walked they talked among themselves. They loved hanging around together when they could, like that moment for example. They didn't always got a chance to hang out, just like before when they first arrived, so when they did they used it to have fun. They were considering between shopping and the park but the park won, which was exactly why they came to the park. They loved the park the most, unlike some who were rather shopping. However, they didn't think of that as they walked around. They enjoyed their mother/daughter moments a lot. Whenever they got to chance to have a mother/ daughter fun they did. And in a right way, of course. They were a mother and daughter but they were also pretty good friends. Then again it was mostly just the two of them, since Chey's youngest daughter was born. They wished Reno, the daughter's father was with them but unfortunately, due to everything it wasn't possible but one day they were sure it would change, or they hoped so. Yet, they avoided thinking about it, everyday, and this moment especially. As they chanced each other in a game and then both went over to a bench and sat down. As then they just talked among themselves.

Dec 9 2017, 08:14 PM
Chey walked around as she tried to figure out what to buy for the perpers she was a secret Santa off, which was hard as but wasn't sure what to get. It was hard for her each year no matter what but she was glad that she had help previews years. Except this year the ones who helped her before were too busy to help her now. Her daughter was at her friend's house, so it was just Chey buying the gift. Which was not so bad or so she thought at least. Besides, they studied together and hang out, which the first part was way more important than buying the gift. Chey definitely thought that. Chey knew that she would see her daughter later, which was good enough for her. As that was something. Besides her daughter was her daughter, so there was no doubt that she would see her later, Chey knew it and that was why she wasn't worried. She knew that she didn't lose her daughter, and that was all that mattered.

Chey was glad thst Dutch Dixon didn't know about her youngest daughter or she would lose her too. Like with her oldest and that wasn't an option. Chey had no idea if she would ever find her oldest daughter or not, even if she was sure that most likely she won't butshe was damn sure that she won't let that happen with her youngest daughter. Not now nor ever. Not just because she dubted that she would ever have any more kids. But because it wa her child and she was a mother and that was how a mother acted, which Chey knew all too well. At the moment, though, she tried to think of other things than that. Chey looked around as she looked into each store to find a good gift but it was hard for her to figure out. No matter how long had passed, she had more difficulty each passing moment. Chey waited for someone to help her find the right gift. As she wanted to find something good not bordeline good. Or bad or such, that was for sure. Chey feared that it might never happen but hoped for the best. As that was all she could do. The person Chey was shopping for was someone she didn't know that well, if at all. As she lived in town for 4 years with her now 11 years old daughter but there weren't that many people in town that she knew. There were still people that Chey still had to meet. So she wasn't sure whether the person she was getting the gift for she knew or didn't know yet. Chey feared that she might by accident get the perspn a bad gift or such, which was something she really wanted to avoid at all cost, no matter what. She was rather gettinh a gift that would be used rather than thrown away or such, that was for sure.

Chey shook her head from those thoughts, as she tried to think of other things and not that. Just like before that. Chey kept telling herself that it would be fine and that she would find the right gift. She sighed as she exmined everything more than once. Chey then looked over as she thought that she noticed someone walk ovet to her. She wondered who it was and whether it was really the case or not. Chey wondered whether the person would want to help her or not and whether the person would be able to help her or not. She hoped that the person could help her and would but hoped for the best just the same.
Dec 7 2017, 03:22 PM
Chey walked around the park on her own, as her daughter was home with a babysitter, doing her homework. Since she had no work she decided to take a walk around the park and relax. It was one of her favorite places, other than Granny's diner. Chey liked other places in town, including where she worked at. However, due to having a day off, she figured that she might as well hang out at the park than any where else. As Chey walked to relax and clear her head, besides she was at Rabbits Hole a lot everyday, due to work, so on days off she was rather hanging out elsewhere. In order not to get bored and frustrated with where she worked and all. It was a good job and Chey knew that, at least for her it was a good job. Sure there were better, in many cases you could get a better job but Chey wasn't complaining so. It paid well and that was all that mattered. For the time being, though, he thought of others things than that as she walked around the park on her own.

Here and there she watched people walk by her and sighed to that. Chey smiled as she saw families have fun, as she loved seeing that. However, in some ways she envied them as she wanted to have a family like that too. Sure she had her 11 years old, and Chey adored her but she didn't have her oldest daughter nor the father of her kids in her life. Which she missed them dearly and had no idea where they were. Chey hoped that they were alright so, and that one day she will see them again, even if she doubted that. She tried to stay positive while at the same time she tried not to think of that as she walked. Instead Chey thought of other things. Here and there she imagined her life with Reno and their daughters together and sighed, as she smiled at that thought. Then Chey shook her head from those thoughts and thought of other things instead, as she did before. As it was a dream and nothing more. Or so she thought, for the time being at least .

Dec 6 2017, 07:21 PM
Chey walked in on her own as she left her daughter at school, then she knew that a babysitter would pick her up, so she wasn't as worried as she would be if her daughter was on her own. Given that she trusted the babysitter, it was all that mattered. To Chey at least. For the time being, Chey tried to think of any thing else but that. She looked around as she tried to find a place to sit. Once Chey found a place to sit, she walked over there and sat down. She then looked around herself lost in thoughts.

Chey waited for a waitress to come over and get her order. She lived in town for a while now, so she knew most if not all people in town due to that. Since Chey arrived in town with her daughter, until this day she got to know the town well, to the most part, but she was sure that there was more to see. It was just that after they arrived in town she got a job, as she signed her daughter to school, and due to them being busy with school and work, they didn't exactly explore much. Only a few places they explored on week days and such.

However, Granny's they knew rather well, as at times they went there alone and other times together as the lived right near by, which made it easier on them. Granny's was Chey's favorite diner and her daughter's too. At the moment she tried not to think of that. She missed her oldest daughter was in town but she doubted that she would ever get there, especially since she had no idea where she was, let alone whether she was still alive or not. Chey hoped that she was alive and that she would see her again, but with the cop that framed her kids dad, anything was possible, which was what worried her.

Chey refused to think about it like she refused to before. She refused to think of that ever since it happened. Chey watched as a waitress walked over and got her order and then she watched her walk off and after that, she looked down to the ground. Then when the waitress came back with her order, and put it in front of her. Chey just watched it and thank her and then watched her walk away. After that she dug in. Here and there she watched people walk in and out Granny's diner.

Jessie Logan
Dec 4 2017, 08:06 PM
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<h3>44 . n/a .Renegade . Kathleen Kinmont . Land Without Magic</h3>
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I am Cheyenne Anne Phillips but I go by Chey or Chey Phillips or Miss Phillips for short. I am a bounty hunter or rather used to be, until I quit. My step brother or is still the boss of the place but I left. You see It was dangerous, and I already my daughter as she was kidnapped while I was pregnant by the one who framed her dad and I have never seen her again. However, I am a head of myself. My parents met and fell in love like it often happens, and had me. They were pretty happy, hell we all were by what my mom told me years later. That is until dad left us and we moved to the Indian reservation. <P>Where my mom became a teacher. Don't get me wrong so, she was always a teacher but this time she taught Indian kids as well, which she still does. Anyway, that was when she caught the eye of the chief, Indian Chief and My brother's Bobby Sixkiller's dad. To say that I was not thrilled, was an understatement of the century. I didn't like that idea at all.<P> They were in love but it upset me as I didn't want them to be together. I knew Bobby and his dad when I was 6, when we moved there, and it was when our parents got together. When I was 9 and he was 12, our parents got together and married and Bobby helped me deal with it and accept it. I realized that our parents loved each other and ended up accepting it. They were really cute together and their love was true and real. <P>My mom ended up pregnant with their first child when I was 10 and my brother 13. And not long after that gave birth to a baby girl, my and Bobby's baby sister, she was named Rose. At first it bugged me but I ended up accepting it as did Bobby. We all ended up spoiling her. It was great. Then a year later another sister of ours was born, and we all spoiled her and Rose. She was name Christina. Believe it or not my step dad and my mom loved us all equally and still do. Well mo does anyway. As my step dad died on us.<P>Me and my step brother hanged out a lot, as he always protected me. Granted, there was a time before he left to the army, where he carried a crazy toy around, which everyone made fun of him for it until he outgrew it, eventually. Thank god, as it was a dumb one, even if my daughter's dad used to like it too but unlike my step brother he never carried around but played with it in his room only, which found out a while later.<P> I was around 15 when Bobby went to the army. I missed him but I managed on my own, especially since our people respected me as they did all of our family, or most of them did at least. However, I ended up hanging out with the wrong crowed, and not just that but I became the girlfriend of the leader. We were in love but my mom and the tribe me and my mom became a part off hated that, as they delivered the new to my step brother, who I got to say was rather furious, rightfully so. As it turned out. He came back, when I was 18 and he was 22, as he got me out of my bad girl path.<P> I was mad at him but then I ended up forgiving him. As I realized he was right. I finished school and College, as I trained to fight and used a gun and such, as well as fighting more than before. After that, me and Bobby left the reservation and became bounty hunters. Opened a bounty hunting agency and eventually got rich doing that and moved into a mansion with a pool , and such. As we became well known. Also Bobby was always for publicity but still.<P> Anyhow, one day a cop named Dutch Dixon came to us and asked our help to find a fugitive, as he told us that the one he and we were after name was Reno Raines. I never trusted the guy but my brother only cared about the case. After Dutch left we went after him but I never hid my dislike for Dutch but Bobby, my step brother ignored me. Things as you probably figure, didn't work out as planned. Reno was an ex cop due to being wanted for killing another cop, but when we caught up to him, he was with a criminal released from jail to kill him but killed his girl instead, That was and is the way I met my daughter's dad. We got them both.<P. However, since we had a long way back to Chicago where Reno and the guy were wanted, we stopped for a break. I ignored the other guy but hanged with Reno, which Bobby couldn't stand. I didn't care what my step brother thought. I already liked Reno and knew that was exactly how he felt for me too. Also, we didn't do much because he was still in love with his Fiance', who was barely alive. The next day, we made our way back by the same mini bus me and Bobby went after Reno. Yet, the group led by the one we caught with Reno, made sure that we couldn't leave and saved their leader, and I got kidnapped. Bobby and Reno went after them but Bobby got hurt. As I was told. Reno ended up rescuing me and helping my brother, as we became friends with Reno, and partners. The money we got for the other guy, after we caught him and got him in jail, we split between the three of us, but Reno's cut was sent to the hospital, for his fiance' Val. To keep her there and all. <P>This then he joined our team. On one of our first missions we kissed and made love, as we had a little girl, unknown to her as I was kidnapped by Dutch, who framed Reno. Also, a few times I got away but the last time, I failed. As I ended up giving birth and losing my child, she ended up in the system as Dutch fabricated a story and people believed him. As People believed him. That was why I never told Reno about her. I was 28 back then. As in when I gave birth to her. Well, 34 and a half but still. Anyway, it took a while but I moved on, as we worked on cases and caught bounties. I never forgot what happened but never thought of that either. Or at least not too often. Then me and Reno went on an undercover mission as a cop, as we worked on a case but when my brother went under cover he got made, so it was up to us.<P>Even if Bobby hated it. Bobby tried to make sure nothing happens between me and Reno, even if we went in as an undercover married couple on a honeymoon. When Bobby left and I was done brushing my teeth and came out of the bathroom, me and Reno kissed and made love, by then I gave in even more into my feelings. Despite getting 'close' to a bad guy as was needed to get him caught. The next day before the final part of the plan had began he proposed, he being Reno but others know him as Vince Black, anyway he proposed to me but we agreed that we can't do it at that moment so we agreed on him propose to me later. We kissed and then the plan almost backfired but at the last minute the guy was caught and arrested. That was a while after I dated my old professor who I thought was framed for his wife's murder but turned out he was guilty.<P>This time I found out that I was pregnant right after the mission and we headed back to Bay City, California where me and my step brother moved to open our bounty hunting agency now called Sixkiller Enterprise or his to be exact. Anyway, when Richard proposed to me again but on the beach this time, I said 'no', and now I beat myself up for that. After saying no I left, only to return a month or so later. By then I knew I was pregnant, as I acted not like myself after coming back. Also, not exactly for the same reason. Eventually, I decided that I couldn't do it anymore, being next to the man I love and act like everything is fine and all, when it wasn't, as I left. I couldn't be with him as he was still wanted at the time. I was 32 at the time. I had my recent child at 33, which was night month after the mission and such. I never came back but here and there I sent letters but not too many. I spend time with my child, in Hawaii for a bit and then we came back to the main land of USA, when my and Reno's daughter was 7 as we headed to a town to start a new life as Reno was still wanted as far as I knew but we ended up in a different town that we have never been to before, where we live ever since. The town is called Storybrooke.</div>

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<h3>Europe . Granny:</h3>




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