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Dec 6 2017, 02:53 PM
Hector Barbossa

Angelica had mixed memories about the ship she was staring at it was like yesterday she had been its first mate than for her father Captain Edward Teach.
Other knew him as Blackbeard and this was his ship or it had been once.

"So We Meet Again Do We, Queen Anne?
Angelica was wondering how she ended here, her father was dead so it wasn't he
who had sailed the Queen Anne Revenge to Story Brooke someone else had.

The latina as she was? frowned upon the big crimson colored vessel it was a hellbound ship
brought people to hell if they did not do her biddings and boons, Angelica knew as much
as it had brought her nothing but pain and misery working for Black Beard who loved no one but himself he had even decided to sacrifice her for immortality, Angelica shrugged her shoulders like a chill had crossed her body she was a woman and not immune to the feelings of being unloved by her own father.

Why was the cursed ship here, the thought was bugging her that the man who had sailed to this place was someone she had met and the thought was, did he know whom she was
she hoped not she hadn't spoken that much to her fathers killer only that he was a one-legged man who Captain Jack Sparrow had known most of his life she fussed thinking about Jack he had done nothing but bring her more trouble than any man she had known stealing her innocence and getting away with it by abandoning her on a godforsaken spit of land.

Angelica was wearing her long brown hair in braids and she had a cowboy hat and wore breeches like women of the wild west, she liked this new modern look.
it was time to approach the ship she couldn't just stand there like a fool.

"Hola, Is someone here, she called up...
Dec 3 2017, 05:06 AM
Angelica walked into the chapel it had an altar and she knelt down before it and crossed her hands
she was in a world she didn't know and she needed to find out if she was still alive or not.
The thing was Angelica was scared but too proud to admit that to herself she always told herself
she wasn't scared of anything but death she did fear and what if she had died on the voyage here.

Angelica closed her eyes as she prayed to God, asking for guidance, she was lost like a lost child
the girl who was raised in a convent and that she became an orphan and a pirate.
Not the nun she had woven for it had been ruined for her.

Kneeling before the altar the Spanish lady was in a mercy of help
asking Mary Mother Of God to send angels down to guide her to the right path.

Angelica was wearing a white gown and her black hair was braided in two long
braids down her back not looking a pirate but just as a simple lady praying to her Lord.
Dec 3 2017, 04:48 AM

"How She First Met Captain Jack Sparrow.
"How They went on voyages together.
"The Fountain Of Youth.

This is not based on the movies just my own fiction,
And Her backstory is written in my own words.
Dec 3 2017, 04:45 AM
Angelica was sitting in the cantina of Granny's Diner she had asked if they served something Italian, like why would she want that.
Angelica liked Italian food like Lasagna and Pizza, or something from her own home,
remembering her grandmothers cooking, god it was so long ago, visiting her grandmother
had been over the Christmas holidays, the smells of cinnamon filled the little cottage and apples.

Angelica had loved Christmas and the stories about the Lord Jesus Christ.
Now she was in a new place did folk believe in the lord here or something else
like Hades?

The waitress came over with the dinner she had ordered and Angelica thanked her
the Lasagna smelled good and she had red wine with it.

"Dining by myself well it could a be lot worse she murmured to herself.
Dec 3 2017, 04:15 AM
Angelica was at the Wishing Well, wondering why she was here and after years in adulthood she wished for love but she was a woman that played hard to get.
She once had this but it was betrayed by one man, Angelica didn't want to think about it, it was painful enough her heart was bleeding out and she was fading away.

To Love was hell on earth if it wasn't returned she knew that all too well.
The one person she gave her heart to broke it and he knew what he did was wrong
did he know that she was in another world that his luck was gone because of the curse
she cast.

Angelica hoped not, the man she loved was namely not here, at least she hadn't seen
his ship docked.
"What if Jack Sparrow would arrive and make her rend less once again, she frowned upon
the thought of Jack coming here stealing all the rum he would find.

Angelica shrugged her shoulders and looked down at the well.
"I Wish that Jack Sparrow would arrive so I can have my avenge of the years he stole
from me to tell him how much my love was for naught.

But Angelica knew that once Jack arrival in Story Brooke if that would happen
She would be doomed to fail.
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