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Dec 9 2017, 08:14 AM
Storybrooke. Ah the irony! Because boy he had been so close, or at least however ‘maddening’ being stuck in Wonderland had been, there had still been magic. That was all he needed and yet, this one little thing was completely denied from this realm entirely. Things couldn’t possibly have been designed better, and ha! He’d helped let it happen. Hell, he’d worked for the lovely Regina, he’d served as portal jumper for years and look where he’d ended up. It was as if things could only go from bad to worse. Since in Wonderland, he hadn’t exactly been completely alone. He’d had Dormouse and Chesh to look after him, since, it was hard to make any sense of sense of anything when you’re desperate.

And god he was desperate.

After finding out that his daughter, the beautiful girl who lived next door wasn’t even his here, it had been soul destroying. This ‘Paige’, with her happy, perfect family. That was what he wanted, but however painful it was he couldn’t help but continue to watch them all through his telescope. They were the closest thing he had left, a short echo of what…of what was meant to be his. A torture couldn’t be better than this, watching these imposters every day. It had become a weirdly strict part of his routine, as he saw with every single person in the town. Nothing changed. Ever. He knew what time Paige would come home from school, what friends she had made, everything. And so for this family, he both loved and yet hated at the same time.

He needed to get back to Grace.

The hats, well, he hadn’t exactly stopped making those. His workshop only grew after years of making them, failing time and time again and watching the towns repetitions fold in front of him. If Wonderland hadn’t been something to drive a person insane, well, this would be the next. Everything here ran like clockwork, nothing changed. Comfortably so. But he wouldn’t give up, all he needed was a tiny spark to send him home. And he would do anything to get it, this was the whole bane of his existence, he couldn’t waste any time not searching for his daughter. And so, he didn’t sleep. He couldn’t sleep, or at least not properly. He might work himself into a sort of pained unconsciousness now and again, but the tiredness never left.

Experimentation with his tea had helped to knock himself out for short bursts of time, but it was never worth it. He just stayed in this cycle of whatever the hell this all was…until she, a strange woman had appeared in Storybrooke. And she’d been here for perhaps a little more than a week or two now, it was…new. And she had to mean something, and so he watched her. He knew her work hours at the ice cream shop, he knew where to find her, her name….but her purpose? He hadn’t a clue. She didn’t belong here like the rest of them…she had to mean something.

And so, finally he decided it was time to meet her. Not wanting to waste more time, he made his way over to the shop. It was evening and he assumed that the woman would start closing up soon, and so he stepped up to the door, pushing it open gently and stepping inside the shop. Turning to flick the sign that hung there to ‘closed’ and locking the top of the door shut. From the inside of his coat pocket he moved to grab his gun, although let the weapon hang low to his side as if he was still contemplating whether he would need it or not. Anger, paranoia, desperation. His hands turning white as he gripped the weapon tighter, and pulled himself up to stand tall, his attempt at keeping himself somewhat together before moving his gaze to search for the blonde woman in the shop, “Miss Fisher” he started stiffly, and stepped forwards. Before offering a strained smile, it didn’t suit him.

Ingrid <33
Notes: set just over a week from Ingrid first arriving in SB, during the first curse ^^
Dec 3 2017, 07:46 AM
So this was it. And dear god he felt like a right mess, staring at his reflection in the mirror of his car, the man rubbed his face roughly into his hands with a heavy sigh. He didn’t like feeling this…this nervous, it wasn’t as if this was going to be some huge serious thing. No, this was all meant to be a bit of fun. To raise money for the school, this could only be a good thing, right? None of this was meant to be stressful, and yet here he was sweating like a mad man. Which only made him feel worse, because he didn’t want to ruin this for anyone, not Grace, Indy or heck, the school itself. It wasn’t as if he’d had a good track record for things exactly going ‘well’ for him over the years.

He knew his daughter was meeting some friends, and he was happy for that, but right now, he needed her more than anything. She was always going to be his number one, she was his hero in all of this. And in some ways, the prospect of dating felt like a betrayal to her. Not that he was sure she didn’t understand these things, and well, they both knew that when you found happiness you should cherish it. But…at the same time it just felt wrong. And so he wanted someone to just tell him what to do here, what to say, what to wear. Everything. Because surely it shouldn’t be this hard.

But perhaps this was a result of him caring, he couldn’t deny the fact that he liked Indiana. Hell, he liked her an awful lot, more than he’d probably let himself show. A shaky sigh escaped him, and finally he climbed out of his car, running one hand through his hair in effort to calm himself down. He had to play this cool, right? Although to be fair she already knew how much of a coward he was after their problems with the Horned King's Castle, no thanks to Lola of course. Not that he blamed the blonde, but well, when a person brings you to a place infested with zombies…that isn’t something that you’d forget in a hurry. Her intentions had been good though, he had to give her that.

Walking inside, he straightened his jacket and awkwardly patted at his scarf as his eyes scanned the hall in search of Indy. Eyes eventually falling on the brunette, his mouth immediately hung agape as he froze completely stunned still, completely marvelled by her. His heart raced inside his chest as he stared at her for a moment, before slowly reaching upwards to remove the top hat from his head. Coughing softly, his mouth widened into a broad sort of a grin, “Hello” he dipped his head to her gently, “You look…you look stunning” was all he could say, utterly found speechless by her presence.

Indiana Cartier <333
Notes: jeff is wearing a *cough* non – portal making top hat, with an orange ribbon around it while wearing this lovely suit! <33
Oct 29 2017, 04:52 PM
Mushrooms. It was strange to feel so incredibly fond of such things, but he was. Just as he was fond of the forests and nature that surrounded his home, it created almost the perfect solitude for him to go about his business. Not that he had any particular urgency for collecting fungi, or even that it was a business as such anymore. He didn’t sell them after all. Those days were long behind him now, and considering the fact that he quite literally lived in a mansion, he had no need.

But he did like to cook them, or just the searching part of things was sometimes enough. Since he truly had no real reason to be here, other than for the escape. As yes, that’s probably what all this was. Him hiding. When Grace was at school everything was different again, and he was alone. So it was hard. His whole world always revolved around his daughter.

So when she wasn’t here, he almost…fell apart.

Not literally of course, and neither did he completely break down. But being utterly alone again was tiring, since, he was so used to alone. It was incredibly frustrating. Especially being stuck in his own mind, something which clearly had done him no good over the years. Nor would it anyone. And so, being out in the forests…collecting mushrooms…gave him that chance to be all those versions of himself. He was nobody out here, and yet, everybody at the same time. Nothing had to make sense see? Things could be so much simpler in a nonsensical way, and the fungi gave him something to do rather than just wondering about too aimlessly. Since, without Grace, without his daughter to keep him (well, probably sane!) things were dangerous. As a person with nothing tends to be.

But he did have everything now. That’s why he had Grace, and that’s what mattered. Always. So these mushrooms had to be for a reason. If mushrooms were at all that important anyway. The ones he had already acquired in his satchel weren’t anything to be particularly amazed at, although of course his daughter seemed to know a lot more about the fungi than he did these days. He was certain she’d offer him some sort of insight into the ‘world of fungi’ later…probably.

And so here he was, shuffling underneath the tree’s, being wary not to trip over any stray roots as he went. Totally oblivious to any goings on around him as he admired the plant life, nothing would quite compare to Wonderlands nature of course, but to him it was still interesting. He never went to school after all, and so he was fond of learning, especially with his daughters school work. And plants, of course. He didn’t even care that he was covered in dirt by doing this, as he would of course be able to change into some new clothes once he’d got back to his home. Hopefully just in time for his daughter's return from her day at school.

Steve Rogers <3
Oct 29 2017, 01:24 PM
Okay, so he wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing here standing outside the dark one’s home. Or rather, Rumplestiltskin or Mr. Gold, whatever name the man seemed to prefer these days. It had certainly been a while any way, considering how he used to work for him. His old portal hat had come in handy that way after all, and so working ‘together’ had been…fine. He hadn’t cared too much back then, all his interests had been in were the loot and riches. Not that gold was the most important thing in a person’s life, he definitely knew that now anyway. It was safe to say a lot had happened since those days. Too much.

But things were…better, right? He had Grace back, and even reunited with a few familiar faces along the way. So in a way things simply couldn’t be better. And while he did keep mostly to himself, after hearing about the twins, he felt like he had to do something. Since, after all that seemed to constantly be going wrong in this town, a little bit of lighter news does you good. Plus, fatherhood wasn’t exactly something unknown to him. To raise and watch your child grow up was the best feeling in the world. But hell, he knew how hard it could be. So while the idea of twins sounded sweet, he actually didn’t envy the man in the slightest.

It still felt strange waiting outside the door to that mans home though, and awkward. He didn’t quite know what to expect these days, and he probably should have asked before just turning up at his door step. It felt rude. So he had half a mind to just turn and walk away. He wasn’t expected to come after all, so this was a big thing. But still, he had wanted to visit, and it wasn’t as if he was coming empty handed. From the scrap material in his work shop he’d fashioned two ‘twin’ toy rabbits for the children. Each with a different coloured ribbon tied around their neck, one purple, one blue.

Not that he expected bringing toys would make much of a difference here.

Glancing down at the small paper bag with the toys in, he sighed heavily before moving his head to glare at the door. Counting down, 3…2…1…. in his head before finally straightening himself up to move forwards to knock on the door. Running one hand through his hair almost worriedly, and forced a warm smile onto his lips while he waited. He felt silly standing here like this, and stupid for feeling as nervous as he did. But for goodness sake, it was twins.

Oct 29 2017, 12:25 PM
He just couldn’t understand it. Being in Wonderland for one moment, and then being whisked away to…this, the next. Hey, he was glad to be out of that oh so ‘wonderful’ place but this wasn’t home. Far from it, and it just felt incredibly broken. Not that he had been around to see this world break of course, but the feeling he got from this place just felt so wrong. None of it made sense. And he wanted nothing more than to return home to the Enchanted Forest to her, his daughter Grace. He couldn’t even be sure how long it had been since the last time he’d seen her, spoken those dreadful words. How stupid he had been, it was cruel.

Time passed in Wonderland as one long something or other, but however long it had truly been. However many weeks, months, likely years it had been without her. It was more than enough. He felt sick with it, an unbearable pain that had sat with him for all that time, making hat after hat after hat. Because of course he simply had to get it to work, just one of them had to bring him home. And yet…none of them did.

Being stuck here was literal hell.

Of course he was beginning to bump into familiar faces, them all so different. It was as if all these people had one set routine, as if each day was just a repeat of the last. Nothing changed here, not even the stupid clock above the library seemed to move. Everything and everyone seemed to be frozen apart from him. As if he’d be purposefully missed out in this ‘game’. It hurt, and he felt as if all his lives were all pressing together and overlapping. Was any of this even real? All he wanted was for everything, everything to be just a bad dream. For him to be able to open his eyes and wake up in his little cottage, play tea parties with his daughter. But he was refused that life. And finding himself ‘rich’ and living in some mansion was clearly some kind of sick joke. And he had no control over any of this.

He had come to the park, a small hope you see? Because surely, surely she could be there. For him. He had no idea what he’d actually say to her, how he could even begin to start explaining himself. Not that an explanation would make up for anything, he didn’t deserve forgiveness at all.

And then, there she was.

Sitting on one of the swings in the playground, his Grace. Swallowing a shaky breath he rushed over to the fence, and shoving his way through the gate until he could stumble his way to the set of swings. “Grace!” he called to her, his voice cracking under its weight. Emotion building up inside him, his eyes welled up with tears at seeing her, he couldn’t think. He didn’t want to think. And so before the girl could say anything he pulled her into an embrace as he knelt in front of her, “I’m so sorry…” he let out a small sob, he felt as if he was going to break.

Grace <33
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