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Lola Sunspell

Enchanted Forest

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Nov 4 2017, 08:36 AM
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He was interesting. Well, she wasn't sure if interesting was the best word to describe him. He was... fun. Ugh, well, that word was appropriate to describe him but he wasn't only fun, but no doubt his sense of humor was what had aroused an interest towards him. She didn't know why, but anyone who had a sense of humor that could captivate her automatically became her friend. And her new friend, had a peculiar sense of humor. That was what had attracted her to him, if she was being candid.
Puss was also quite attractive, but the outer beauty was not something of great importance to Lola, unless it was her own inner beauty. While a person was good and considered, they didn't need to be a magazine model to gain her attention. Furthermore, beauty was on the inside, now wasn't it? Yes, Lola knew she could sound hypocritical, knowing that she strived for being beautiful at all times, but those were simple and small details.
Now, should have she warned him that she was going to his home at that moment? ugh, why was it so difficult to know how to act or interpret the situation in which they both were? they were friends! they had only meet each other two miserable times. The first where he worked, and the second one at the Rabbit Hole. They were friends, and good friends didn't warn their friends when they were going to visit them without notice. Right?.
Arriving at the door of boy's house, Lola knocked on the door, but not eager. She was sure that it was impossible that Puss had heard it. But she didn't want to knock harder because then she would end up with sore knuckles. And she also didn't want to ring the doorbell, because maybe he was asleep and she didn't want to wake him up... but fortunately the fairy was able to open the door with a push. Is that perhaps the idiot had left it open? unbelievable .
She entered and closed the door gently behind her, Lola looked around, and nearly started shouting Puss' name, but no words came out of her lips. Let's say that the scene in front of her eyes had left her quite... speechless.

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Puss In Boots





Oct 14 2017, 07:32 AM
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<h1>i'm not the third wheel</h1>

<h2><span>i'm the magical unicycle and they're the training wheels</span></h2>

Some people only needed a little push when they didn't dare to take the step. Lola had never openly participated in helping to create a romantic relationship, although believe me that it has always been on her to-do list, and she finally was going to achieve it! Indiana, the best friend that a fairy could wish for, and Jefferson, the man that Indy seemed to be mad about. Pun intended. Let's say that Lola hardly knew Jefferson. They had met once in the forest, and the poor man had seemed quite uncomfortable in her presence. Perhaps it was because the blonde tended to talk more than necessary...
Anyway, it hadn't taken her long to realize that the mysterious collector of mushrooms and her best friend liked each other! It was so obvious. And she didn't need to be an expert in love to be able to notice it. The looks they shared, their body movement, the smiles that they thought no one saw... even the nervousness that both could get to expose! they were adorable. And definitely Lola had proposed in helping them confess their feelings to each other, one way or another. And she knew that she would achieve it. After all, it was the work of a fairy to help people find their happy ending, now wasn't it?.
And what better way to make those two souls see they both liked each other than bringing them to a castle infested with zombies? It was simply wonderful! perfect. Lola didn't plan on staying with them all the way, obviously. She was only going to be with them a bit, and then she would dismiss to meet Puss. Or at least she would try to look for him, because if she remembered well, they had not even arranged a meeting. Lola shook her head, smiling, and turned around to look at the two lovebirds.
"Isn't it incredibly romantic? a haunted castle, zombies wandering around... Aw, it's like a fairy tale!" rather ironic, if someone asked me. "You should have brought a blanket and basket, you could have celebrated a glorious picnic in the forest surrounding the castle! Although of course, you'd take the risk to be devoured by hungry undead people... but that's why you are two people! Indy could always save you, Jefferson!" she commented, smiling, winking towards the man direction."Isn't it just incredible? this is so exciting!!" it looked like she was gonna be the one enjoying the date, instead of being the one who was starting it.

<h2><span>Indiana Cartier & Jefferson</span></h2>

<h3>she's just fangirling so hard</h3>
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Jul 29 2017, 06:18 AM
Lola had already tried ice cream before. And she should say that it was one of the most appetizing desserts which she had tried in her entire life. She also liked cake as a decent dessert, but she thought you could not compare cake and ice cream, because - well, although they may have ingredients in common, they couldn't be compared. Or at least from her point of view. Anyway, she hadn't come to that shop to speak about cakes, right? She had come to the store to buy a refreshing ice cream, which was quite needed at that time of the year. Lola did not buy many ice creams in her lifetime, as she firmly believed that if you were hot wanted something to refresh yourself, you could always cool your water in your fridge and there you go - you'd have your cold liquid, and above that you wouldn't have lost any money, just time. Anyway, ice cream was also frozen liquid - the only thing is that it had that addictive flavor that made you want more and more. Those flavors, rather. While the water always had a unique taste, a flavor that never changed. But at least it was healthy, now wasn't it? Something good had to have, after all.

We could also talk about the strange shapes that they possessed! Some of them, not all. The original ones had the same way of always, round! Instead she had seen some possessing form of rockets, feet, bananas, pencils! Really, in what were people thinking about when new ideas for structuring those frozen ice creams needed to be said out loud? She simply could not understand it, seriously. What kind of person would want to eat an ice-cream pie-shaped, even if it was the tastiest ice cream in the world? She wouldn't be the one who would test it, that had it insured. She sighed dramatically, entering the store that she had visited more than once, but when she came she had met with a nearly white haired woman, but now who was behind the counter instead of said woman was a boy more or less around her age, and she couldn't say that it was annoying to see a new face around. Not at all. "Hello pretty boy!" she simply said, to make her presence there known to the boy. Although she had entered through the main door so she assumed that the stranger had already become aware of her presence there.

"Hi! Lola Sunspell, or Miss Awesome, whatever floats your boat!" she smiled kindly, before asking what she had wanted to ask since she arrived. "Are you new around? I had not seen you before. Or perhaps I have always come in shifts in which you were free" that also could be a possibility. "Is it weird to introduce yourself when buying ice cream? Because if it is, we can pretend this never happened. I'll buy my ice cream and walk out as if nothing ever happened".

Puss In Boots
Jul 18 2017, 04:11 AM

Strolling through the park had become a kind of ritual for Lola, as well as walking through the forest. While she was surrounded by nature she wouldn't complain about a single thing! Being able to feel like the plants and the trees vibrated and breathed really was a gift, although what used to be to her despair and sorrow was that she seemed to be the only person who could hear them. And she knew that had something to do with the fact that she was a garden fairy, a peculiarity that evidently granted her the gift to communicate with the plants if she wanted. All the fairies had their own gift, one which differentiated them from all others... And although some of the gifts that some fairies possessed were really surprising, like Indy's, who possessed the gift of seeing the future, one of the most bizarre gifts of the entire Hill, she was satisfied with the simple gift of nature. Mother nature and Lola shared a very special connection, and she wouldn't trade it for anything, not even for a quick glance into the future. After all, she believed that the future must be a surprise.

A sigh left her throat while she was still walking through the almost desolate stuck park. There weren't many people, but you see, she also had to consider that it was Tuesday. It meant that the majority of people should be working or sleeping. She had already worked in the morning, and though she knew that she had an afternoon shift, that did not prevent her for spending some of her free time on the oddly solitary streets of Storybrooke. She would then go to Granny's, to get a quick lunch. Her eyes surveying the few people that at least had decided to spend that noon there, enjoying everything the world had to offer, although in that place was not a lot. At times like those, Lola missed a lot the forest, with their dense trees, those which invaded every landscape! Now they were blurred images in the mind of the young blonde, because it's been so long since she didn't see them with her own orbs, for so long that she didn't feel the power radiate from their trunks...

She shook her head, pulling out those thoughts from her busy mind and deciding to concentrate on the present, more than in the past. There was when she found when a woman, who seemed to be more or less about her same age, accompanied by two small devils. That meant children in the dictionary of many people. Okay, Lola had always loved children! The work of a fairy, apart from doing what you could do with your gift, was to make the children believe, and obviously help people find their happy ending. And when the children believed, when they felt as their laughter filled them with... Restored faith. It was like being reborn. It could not be explained, you had to feel it! A quick smile crossed her lips, and without even waiting for invitation, Lola approached that person who she assumed was her mother, the blonde girl. "Hello! The name is Lola, Lola Sunspell. Although everyone calls me Miss Awesome!" By everyone she referred to her and only her, unfortunately. "First of all, I promise that I am not one of those rare people who are obsessed with children. Oh, no. I just find them adorable!" She laughed nervously, since perhaps that wasn't like you should introduce yourself politely.

NOTES: Tell me if I need to change something! <3

Caroline Forbes
Jul 9 2017, 08:16 AM
The forest was as a kind of shrine to Lola. So full of life, it was like having a small world in your hands. The trees radiated energy, as well as the flowers and plants. Of course, most people didn't felt it, as they did not feel the movements, even breaths of many alive beings... She supposed that she also wouldn't feel it, if it wasn't because she was a garden fairy. It had her advantages, most of the time. Although clearly, her heart broke slightly to see how someone pulled a beautiful flower from the ground, without thinking twice, and gave it for example to their couple. What was the point of giving them a dead flower? Why did not they buy a pot and planted beautiful flowers? That way they wouldn't go tearing any. A sigh left her throat, her eyes inspecting everything to her around. She could not say how many times she had walked that same forest, alone, only to be able to clarify her ideas. It helped her, that was true. Not to mention that everybody needed that special place that you could escape to.

The fairy continued walking calmly, until her ears captured something, a noise. She didn't know if it was out of curiosity, or because although she was surrounded by a calm she didn't want to get rid of she still wanted adrenaline, she followed the noise, with caution. After all, you don't know what you could find in Storybrooke. With the topic of zombies and others, that city was in chaos. Now at least it seemed that everything had calmed down, which was appreciated. Though you see, who knows, perhaps that noise had been produced a zombie that had remained stagnant. She didn't have guns, but she could seize one of the dry sticks that decorated the ground, and she knew perfectly that she would be more than capable of protecting herself. Or at least she hoped so. She wasn't someone who liked to fight, she hated violence, but in some cases it was necessary.

Although her muscles stopped being so tense when she saw that it was only a man, crouched, beside a tree, collecting... Mushrooms? She frowned slightly, because she did not understand why would he need those mushrooms for. Was he going to cook them? Sell them? Hang on a moment, why did she care about whatever he was gonna do with them? It was nothing of her incumbency. Slowly, she approached the man, with a smile drawn on her pale face. "Are we having fun, my friend?" She asked, her eyebrows rising.

NOTES: I am terribly sorry for lateness! <3

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