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Dec 9 2017, 03:46 PM
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You really know nothing of

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mermaid mythology do you?

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This whole Christmas thing was still a new thing for her. They didn't have it back in Atlantica, and, despite everything that Eric and Belle had told her, it still left her with no clue of what to do for this thing. Ariel put her name down for this secret Santa thing, not that she knew what that meant, or who Santa was, but, her friends had done it, so she didn't see the harm.
Ariel knew that now that she had a name, the next step was actually doing shopping. The work she was doing as a swimming instructor here was giving her human money at least, even if it still confused her as to what the value of each one was. Luckily someone would be able to translate it for her when she got there.
She had gotten herself dressed, and, left her room at the docks, smiling as she saw a note from Eric saying that he had needed to head off early. Ariel just smiled, before grabbing the bag that she usually carried with her. The small purse, and, she then headed out. Ariel knew that Belle was busy with stuff with her kids, and, she couldn't exactly ask Ruby to buy a present for her. But, there was someone else that she could ask.
Ariel was already on the docks, and, she gave a soft smile as she soon spotted the Jolly Roger. She would normally wait on the edge of the docks, waiting for Hook to come out, but, she didn't see the point today, and, no-one should still be sleeping at this time of the day.
So she stepped herself aboard and made her way downstairs to the captain's quarters. When she reached there, Ariel just sat there and just looked at him as she shook the sleeping pirate awake.

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words: ### | tag: Killian Jones | outfit: here

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Dec 1 2017, 04:24 PM
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Ariel didn't want to be in their home right now, it was yet another fight that she had dealt with her sisters, and, she couldn't stand hearing her father's anger again.
She just took off swimming through the ocean, unsure where she was going, and, at this point not caring. Ariel just needed to get away from Atlantica, see more of the worlds that were beyond the depths of the ocean. Why couldn't her father and sisters understand that?
The only person who had the same feeling was her friend Scuttle. Since he too was fascinated by the human world, and, had the chance to see it more, because of his ability to fly above everywhere. They normally just met on the beach, which apparently her father was ok with, because she was still in Atlantica. Sort of.
Maybe her father just didn't like the idea of someone else being killed by one of the above sea vessels like their mother had been. That had actually been the point when he had started to get overprotective.
Because she had survived the night her mother had been killed by that pirate ship. An image that continued to haunt her even now.
Ariel shook those thoughts out of her head, and, just kept swimming, and, soon felt herself being carried through one of the ocean portals to yet another land connected by water.
When she surfaced she wasn't sure where she was, but, the place looked beautiful and happy. Two things she needed at this point in time. Ariel knew that her mother would've loved coming here with her, but, sadly this was something she would have to do on her own.
Ariel just leant her arms against the sand as she admired the land around her, wondering what kind of creatures lived here.

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<b>000</b> words for <b>The Lorax</b><br>
<b>notes</b> here are some notes

</div><a href=""><div style="font: bold 8px calibri; opacity: .5; text-align:center; padding: 5px;">BY MITZI</div></a></center>


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Oct 14 2017, 04:27 AM
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just some lyrics
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Izzi, Krissu & Avril
Sisterly bonding
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Ariel was extremely happy that her sisters were slowly showing up in this town, and, she knew that she had alot of making up to do, since it was her fault that their father had started growing stricter with all of them. It had been because she had been ashamed that she hadn't come home, but, now she wished she had been.<br>
Luckily her sisters seemed to be somewhat forgiving, except for maybe Arista, but, she had always been stubborn more so then anyone of the others, but, she was ok with that. It was just who her sister was. There may have been 7 of them, but, they were all different from each other. Which is what had landed Ariel in trouble alot of the time in the first place.<br>
She had heard from the people in town that there was this strange new castle that had turned up in town. Ariel was curious as to what castles in this world were like, and, how they were different to their castle back home, and, she hoped that her sisters would come with her, since she didn't want to be seperated from them if she ended up in trouble again.<br>
Keeping her hands in her pockets, Ariel just walked with her sisters, as they went towards the castle, ready to see what was inside it. But, she gripped onto her sisters hands anyway, to reassure herself that they were there.
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Jul 11 2017, 08:59 PM
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<div class="ptlyr1">You really know nothing</div>
<div class="ptlyr2">about mermaid mythology do you?</div>
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Ariel had found herself staying in this town ever since saving Hook's life, and, sadly she didn't have Eric with her this time around. While she had made a few interesting friends, it didn't feel the same as having people she truly cared about with her.<br>
The only ones who she knew in the past were ones she either still didn't like, or trust completely. Aside from one, and, she didn't even know if she was going to be easy to find, since she had recently had a new family of her own.<br>
Ariel figured she would have to at least try, and, so after she had woken up in her shack at the docks, Ariel slipped on some clothes that someone had dropped off for her, before standing up, and, beginning to walk through the town.<br>
Sadly she didn't know where exactly Belle would be, but, luckily when she had gotten to Granny's, someone had told her that she should go to the library. Ariel shrugged, and, began to walk towards that thing called a library. While she still didn't know what it was, luckily she knew how to read this language so she understood the word Library.<br>
When she reached the door, Ariel pushed her hair out of her face, and, let out a couple of deep breaths before she opened the door and made her way inside.<br>
Looking around, Ariel just took in the kind of stuff that was here, and, ran her hand over the binding of these things that seemed to fill this place, her mouth opened in fascination.


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<div class="ptbb">TAG: Belle Gold | WORDS: ### | NOTES: NOTES GO HERE</div>
<div class="tcred"><a href="" target="_blank">♛ Ames</a></div></center>[/dohtml]
Jun 4 2017, 01:45 AM
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<b>Tagged:</b> Regina Mills<br>
<b>Count:</b> ##<br>
<b>Notes:</b> here


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Ariel had been happy with her new life here, and, now that she had found Eric, she was even happier then before. At least now she had no real reason to leave this town in a hurry anymore.<br>
Being a weekend Ariel had given herself the day off from teaching classes, since she wanted a day or two to herself, not that she didn't love kids, but, it was nice to get a break from them.<br>
Ariel knew that with no-one else to worry about while in the water, she could be able to swim in her true form, without needing to think about anything else. She turned the bracelet in the direction to turn her legs into a tail, and, she dived into the water for a moment.<br>
It felt nice to be able to be herself for a while. Even if she knew it wouldn't last forever in this town. Ariel felt a bit out of place in this town, being one of the only mermaids around, and, not really being able to be herself.<br>
Yes she wanted and liked having the human life, but, it still would've been nice to have another mermaid to bond with in this town.<Br>
After a short amount of time and her swim was finished, Ariel moved herself out of the water, pushing the bracelet back into place, bringing her legs back in place of her tail.<br>
Ariel stood up, and, was beginning to head back to her shack at the docks when she felt herself bumping into someone coming in the other direction. "I'm so sorry" Ariel said, almost as a reflex.

</div></div></div></td></tr></table></div><div style="width: 400px; text-align: right; margin-top: -40px;"><small><a href="">THANKS &hearts;</small></a></div></center>[/dohtml]
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