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 There is no phone I can't hack.
Ezekiel Jones
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 10:32 PM

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Kevin knew that he had stocked up on coffee, and, was right now running on nothing but caffeine and donuts from the diner. He knew that this probably wasn't healthy, but, when he needed to be awake for work. Especially when he was told to stay late in the station to help them out with a case.

He didn't know why, but, a couple of cops needed him to un-hack some of the pieces of evidence that they needed for a latest case. It was pretty simple most of the time, but, whoever had owned this phone had really tried to keep his path hidden, but, he would get there.

Kevin Stark didn't lose to an electronic, and, he wasn't going to start now. The criminal had obviously never met someone with his hacking skills, and, they would find what was needed.

He knew that this would be a long night, so he decided to order a pizza. Cheese and pepperoni was normally his dinner option most of the time. Kevin put the address of the precinct as the delivery location, not sure how this place had gone.

After typing in a few more things, Kevin saw it start to get progress. "Yes." Kevin said, before he just continued typing the code into the screen, and, soon noticed that he was actually into the phone, through the block.

Kevin went into the files on the phone, and, he rose his eyebrows as he found something that was probably useful on the phone. He quickly phoned the station, and, left a message with the captain. "Hey. I found something that your detectives should probably see. And, if you get my pizza delivery tell them to bring it down." Kevin then hung up, before checking over other stuff on the phone.


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