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 Read's wants, may or may not get updated with more
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 09:02 AM


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General Woundwort.- Face Claim up to you- Hyperion Heights
Fiver's history is a combination of the book, animated movie, and Tv series. As such he is defeated through the use of magic at the end of the Tv Series; although he still vows that he will never stop hunting Hazel or his warren.

Now why is this guy first on the list and not Hazel? Cause, I mentioned a 'Uncle' for Hazel's new family in Hyperion Heights. This Uncle is General Woundwort. Why did I do this? Cause I figured that this would be the most fun. Woundwort is a powerful being originally, one who had nothing to fear until Hazel's and his outsiders appeared with Fiver. While not fearing Hazel or his warren; let aloen Fiver at first. Fiver is able to put fear into Woundwort by having a vision of Woundwort's past, seeing the pain in their heart. Woundwort eventually realizes that it's because of Fiver's visions that Hazel and his group always escape Woundwort's plans.

Now going back to Cursed life. I want Woundwort to be the uncle as there is a caring side in Woundwort; displayed in the tv series for Pipkin when he had them as a hostage. I can actually see them being a good Uncle, it's just Fiver's illness and funny feelings that put a sort of divide between em. Woundwort would be part of the adoptive family that took Fiver in, he could be more concerned for Fiver's well fare as he does offer to take them under his wing sort of.

I can see this guy running a company or having a high position of power, in which he is trying to mold Fiver into or find a place in the company for him.

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Hazel- Face Claim up to you- Storybrooke

I would like for Hazel to come to Storybrooke and thus remember everything. I want him to be looking for Fiver but also have to adjust being a person fully aware of their past. Fiver has saved Hazel's life besides the original vision, think of this as a way for Hazel to try and return the favor while also trying to get his little brother back.

I don't have much requests in mind for him, so a lot of him is open for you to decide like job and such. I would prefer for him to be in Storybrooke however.

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Bigwig- Face claim up to you- Hyperion Heights

I can see Bigwig having stayed behind to help keep the warren safe but of course, he ends up falling into a portal. I would like to see him in Hyperion Heights, as I can see him as a sort of law officer or something like that who ends up running into Fiver during one of their 'moments' being confused by em. I can see their relationship being odd at first but eventually dive into friendship.

In the show, Bigwig had inflitrated Efrafa and had tricked Woundwort, even being trusted by him. So if you want him to have some ties to the Woundwort that is Fiver's uncle in the curse, by all means go ahead.
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