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 I guess reputation precedes me
Ivy Belfrey
 Posted: May 5 2018, 01:48 AM


Hyperion Heights

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Today was a long day to say the least. The office had pretty much cleared out about an hour ago, but, soon that wouldn't be the case. Her mother had forced her to come back to the office, and, pick up a list of numbers to call. This was supposed to be a day off, and, yet Ivy was being forced to run yet another errand for her mother.

She was sick of being her lackey, but, yet the town didn't give her a choice. Giving a frustrated sigh, she dialled the number of the next business on her mother's list. "Yes this is Ivy Belfrey. I am calling for an order that Victoria Belfrey placed." Ivy said, into the phone, noticing one or two people still around in the office, but, her mother was gone. "Alright it's there. Great, I'll be by soon to pick it up."

Picking up her cellphone and purse, Ivy stood up, and, the sound of her heels paced up and down as she exited the building and made her way through town to where her mother had placed that order. A part of her was tempted to be late picking up the order, but, too bad she didn't have anything that could distract her.

Ivy pulled out her phone as she heard it ding, and, she glanced at what was written on it. Great, now she had her mother barking down her throat while she was on her way to do another job for her. She was her daughter, not some lackey delivery girl. But, her mother would never realise that.

She was so caught up in her thoughts about what was on her phone, that she didn't notice someone coming the other way, until she felt them bump into her, causing her stuff to fall to the floor. "Watch where you're going will you?" Ivy barked as she bent down to pick up her purse.

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Aileen Kennedy
 Posted: May 16 2018, 08:13 AM


Land Without Magic

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Imogen Bowen
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Imogen was finally done with her job for today, and she was more than happy to leave that building. It was funny how she was able to love and hate her job at the same time. She knew if she gets another offer she would gladly accept but part of her would still miss this place. But not enough to make her stay.

She looked at her phone and realized she finished earlier. She is supposed to meet with Iris but she has an hour before Iris finish with her own work and Imogen wasn't really in the mood to go to coffee where her best friend worked. So now, Imogen had an hour to kill somehow because, at the same time, she didn't have enough time to go home and change her clothes before the meeting.

She was just walking around the city with headphones while listening to music on her phone. Imogen looked at the phone to change the song and before she even realized what was happening, she almost lost balance because someone bumped into her. She took off her headphones just in time to hear Ivy's words. That made Imogen smirk, she really hates this girl. There were not many people Imogen couldn't stand, but with her bad attitude and arrogance, Ivy was on the top of that short list.

"I can say the same about you, Ivy. If at least one of us was looking where she is going, this wouldn't happen" she said coldly but with a polite smile o her face and leaned to help Ivy with her things that were all around their feet.

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