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 Fiver Sandleford, Fiver
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 09:07 AM

Watership down

Hyperion Heights

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Fiver Sandleford


Cursed Personality:

Fiver is a self conscious man who often berates himself due to his visions. Even as a child, he blamed himself for what happened, for he saw it happened and believes he was somehow the cause of it; when that isn't the case. However, since his visions aren't plaguing him, he keeps getting funny feelings. . Despite this, he is kind and loyal. Wanting nothing but his loved ones to be safe and happy. Always thinking before he acts, he's a mature soul who tries to do what's right. With how he gets treatment due to his weird moments caused by his 'illness'; as his parents call it, he never expects a apology and just keeps going in life. He does despise himself a great deal though, thinking that everything that goes wrong is somehow his fault.

Fiver has a love for rabbits and is honestly a vegetarian; his parents comment that he's honestly a rabbit with what he eats. The man is easily startled and has a strong fear of canines as well as the sound of a gun going off. He doesn't like being called crazy and the threats his parents have made about sending him to a insane asylum basically have him very nervous. Often trying his hardest when they're around to not give em a reason to throw him in there.

Cursed Life:

Fiver was adopted by his current parents though not before tragedy had struck during his childhood where his birth family's summer home had gone up in flames. Fiver had told the police about the vision and it was assumed that the child was either unstable mentally or somehow responsible. There was no evidence of Fiver having been the case so they wrote it down as mental illness. Fiver's adoptive parents were a bit worried about this but they figured that they could work with him. Though the way they figured they should handle it was constant visits to doctors and such, which only made Fiver feel worse as he grew up in the big city with this added to it. The city's loud sounds and crowded streets didn't help him.
 Posted: Jun 13 2018, 01:56 PM



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Your parents are kind of extreme
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