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Sep 30 2017, 04:35 PM
Elektra had heard that the two different inns in town were offering boarding to the newcomers for free for a little while, now whether that was the case or not, she didn’t care. She had the money to pay for a room, and pay for it she would. Something inside her said she didn’t like carrying a debt, and besides, the roll of money in her pocket wasn’t going away any time soon, even if she spent it like liquid over the next few weeks. She really needed to go look into opening a bank account any day now, so she wasn’t constantly running around with so much money on her.

Before she entered the Inn, she had pulled three hundred-dollar bills off the roll, and stuck them in her other pocket, so she wasn’t showing the roll to someone she didn’t know, but now, she was standing at the front desk, looking the place over. It was quaint, homey, with an old charm about it. The tree out front had shaded most of the yard, and it looked clean and well loved. It would be a good place to call home for a little while at least. A home, that was something she felt was a foreign concept to her in the past, seeing as how something inside her was screaming at her that putting down roots somewhere was a hell of a bad idea. She ignored the little niggle in the back of her brain, and tapped down on the bell, twice in quick succession, waiting for someone to come out.

Elektra turned and looked around the open area, her eyes scanning over what was currently available to her eyes. From the look of the keys behind the counter, there were still open rooms, that was a good thing – it meant that she would find somewhere she could lay her head at night. If she was lucky, there would be a TV in the room to where she could catch up on the news. The nurse at the hospital had said she had been asleep for nearly two weeks before weeks before she woke up, another three had passed awake before she had been released from the hospital. She had paid what she could of her bill then, knowing that had she paid off the full amount, she was going to be broke. As it was, she was sitting pretty for several weeks, as long as she budgeted carefully, and found a job relatively soon. As the seconds clicked on, Elektra fought the urge to reach over and ring the bell again, that was just rude, but something was telling her that it would have been something she had done in the past. She closed her eyes, deciding to wait, as she started to hear feet shuffle around towards her, eyes opening once again.

Ruby Lucas
Sep 28 2017, 06:56 PM
After lodging, and looking for a job, one naturally turned their mind towards a mode of transport, which was exactly what was on Elektra’s mind as she rounded the corner on the auto shop. She could scour the paper every day for months, and would never see a car or motorcycle for sale, not with as many people as were coming in via what she now knew as portals. Best thing? Go and talk to the mechanics. They’d know who wanted to sell, who had a junker sitting around that with a little work put into it would turn into a reliable running mode of transport for a long while. And by the looks of the cars she’d seen thus far in the town, the mechanic shop had to have a lot of work. Most of what she was seeing was late models, sometime as far back as ten, maybe even fifteen years ago. For those cars to still be running, the mechanics had to be good.

So, the plan had formulated in her head that she would have her regular morning breakfast, two eggs and a slice of toast with some fruit, then head over to the auto shop to see if they knew about anyone wanting to sell, or who could be persuaded into selling, should the price be right. After all, Elektra knew she still had more than enough from the roll of money that had been in her pocket to make ends meet for several more weeks, possibly months if she was frugal enough, before she would absolutely need to find a job. And she was serious about getting a job – finding something she could do to keep her mind off the fact that she couldn’t even remember her own name. Besides which, Elektra knew she would need a reliable mode of transport to and from a job if she ever had any hope of gaining some sort of independence in this new place. Having money now did not mean long term stability, nor happiness. And well, happiness was something she was going to try hard for, since it didn’t appear that before she woke up here – based on her injuries and the weapons that had been confiscated from her – that she hadn’t had a very happy life up until that point. So here she was, given a second chance at life, and if that meant not knowing who she was before, well, Elektra could be okay with that thought.

Stepping into the open garage of the shop, she called out, ”Hello? Is anyone in here right now?” before waiting for a reply. She was patient after all, something she had already learned about herself since arriving, but none the less she started to count off several seconds in her head, waiting to see if she received a response, before continuing. ”I’m here to talk to someone about whether you may have a car or motorcycle for sale, or know someone who does…” Elektra called into the shop again, before wondering if this may have been a bad idea after all.

Sep 28 2017, 05:42 PM
The place was nice by all standards – a good bar at least, Erin though to herself as she knocked back another double-shot of vodka that had been placed beside her near the pool-table. She’d been in town a few days, and as far as night-life went, drinking and shooting pool seemed to be the biggest thing around, and she was waiting patiently for her turn at the table. She didn’t know if she had played pool before…. Before she had lost her memories, but she seemed to do alright at it, and had met some of the locals in the process, so it couldn’t be all bad in her past. She let out a small puff of breath as the drink burned down her throat, something tickling her memory vodka shouldn’t burn on the way down. Maybe she had cause to have drank more expensive vodka in the past, maybe she just didn’t drink vodka, but she was leaning towards it being her drink of choice currently. Something could be said of that at least. What else would she start remembering as she kept on with life here in this new place? She already knew she had to have been in some sort of trouble before hand – that much cash in her pockets, as well as the copious amounts of weaponry that had been confiscated and -not- returned to her by the hospital – well – that would only have meant she was in some sort of crime ring, or just a really, really enthusiastic collector of weapons. Judging by the clothing she had been found in, she was leaning more towards crime ring.

The current game was over then, a few dollars changing hands here and there, and Erin smiled, stepping forward to claim her chalk from the tableside – a way of marking her turn in line – and went for the pool cue she had liked best the last few times she had been here, her hand touching the stick, before pulling it down from the rack on the wall. It was a good one, straight, well balanced, and didn’t wobble when rolled across the table. She had been wondering why no one used it except her. Or rather, she was never here to see if someone else used it. Normally she would be at home already this time of night, back in her cozy little flat, watching something mundane on the television before turning in for bed, worried about whether or not she was going to wake up from the nightmares once again. She stepped over to the table, and chalked up, eyes the rack as it was set and pulled away, leaving the triangle of balls on the table, perfectly in line. A coin was tossed, and she called tails, before it landed. Heads. Her opponent would break, and she’d stand and watch, her eyes watching each angle of her opponent’s shots, watching the balls move. Finally, on his third shot, her opponent missed, and she moved in to start lining up her shot, suddenly distracted by a face that seemed too familiar to dismiss.

Matthew Murdock
Sep 27 2017, 08:07 PM
Rooftops were loathsome – New York was loathsome – Hell’s Kitchen was loathsome, and Elektra Natchios was tired of it all finally. Well, she would be if she could remember exactly why she had been sent to this stilly rooftop in the first place. She had no emotional attachment to this place, no reason other than to watch the back door of a certain Chinese restaurant and wait for the target to appear. This was below her, so much so, but nothing could be done for it. There were individuals out there that needed to be taken out of the world, and Elektra could do that. Once the hunt began, she’d be happy, elated that she had something to chase and ultimately put out of its misery. If that was even what she was ordered to do. Waiting had never been her strong point, and even now, she was starting to become more and more miserable in the horrible New York weather.

There was smog, and it was chilly in the night time air, and Christ did this damn city stink even on its best day. Elektra moved from where she was sitting on the roof edge, back away, but only enough to where she could still watch the doorway, retreating away from the stench of the alley way below. Her mind rattled over the last few days, going over anything she could just to place a finger on why she was so irritated by the recent developments in the Kitchen. Of course, it had to be Matthew – he was the only thing that could make her lose as much focus on an interest like this. It didn’t help that the male was practically ripped in muscles with a dark side of his own. He’d have made this evening much easier to stomach if he wouldn’t try have tried to talk her down from what she knew she had to do once her target showed up. Closing her eyes, and letting her ears take over for her, she let her mind wander to the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen, and all those nights in the past.

Their on-again off-again back and forth irritated her to no end, but she had been the one to leave when he had shown compassion to the man responsible for his father’s death. Elektra had fled – there was no other explanation for what happened, she had fled. She wasn’t even sure why she had either – there was no reason for it, other than having not been able to watch Matthew beat the crap out of his – he had refused. There was no fun in that. Or so Elektra kept telling herself. She tried to rationalize this as realizing he wasn’t as steeped in darkness as she was, but that wasn’t even close to the truth. She knew the truth, deep down, and she was no closer to admitting it to herself than she was to even thinking about it. No, it was far better to just forget about him and go back to what she did best, keeping herself away from everyone and carrying out what she had to do, even if it meant getting further and further away from being anything but the killer she was. Opening her eyes, Elektra flicked a rock off the roof top, watching it sail off into the night, a few moments later hearing it clatter on the concrete below.

The door remained closed, and Elektra continued to wait. This was going to turn into a long, long evening…
Sep 26 2017, 09:45 PM
When Elektra Natchios woke, she was told she had arrived in a town that had magic. When she woke, they called her Jane Doe. They told her that she had been found, barely living, in the woods. That she had been covered in cuts, scrapes, and bruises, barely holding on. That she had slept for two weeks straight. They asked her where she was from, why she had been dressed the way she had, and why she had weapons. She had stared dumbly at them all, not even able to remember her name. They still called her Jane. Her wrist band said Jane. She finally corrected them one day, stating that her name was Erin. It might have been, but, she was certain it wasn’t. All she knew for certain was that E was the first letter of her name. She was absolutely certain of that. There had been a man, in a red mask, and his lips had always been shaped like the sound for the letter E. It made sense, in a way. So that’s what she told them. She became Erin Doe then.

She had nightmares, those first few days awake. Nightmares of pulling herself free of a coffin of black goo, of being stabbed, of killing others. She’d seen thing in those dreams that had made her cry, for hours, once awake. They couldn’t be real, none of it could be real. She couldn’t accept it as being real – she never would kill anyone. The idea was as foreign to her as her own voice sounded when talking. So instead of staying in the hospital, instead of therapy, as soon as she could, she signed off on her own release and left. She couldn’t stand it anymore – the not knowing….anything. And so she did what any sane person would do. She went and got a newspaper, a red pen, and with the excessive amounts of money she had in her pocket when her clothes had been returned to her – she decided it was time for something other than hospital food. Down the main drag of the town, she had been told, was a diner and a place for fish and chips. Since she wasn’t quite feeling up to fried food, she chose the diner instead, keeping her swirling black coat on, since it was far more properly covering of her than the clothes she had received back as the ones she had arrived in. They hadn’t given her the copious number of weapons back to her, and Erin was just fine with that.

She realized she was referring to herself as Erin in her head as she headed into the diner, which meant only one thing… she was going to live as Erin until she remembered who, and what she was – even if that took her the rest of her life. Heading over to a booth, she sat down and pulled over a menu, opening it and perusing the offerings. It seemed to be the standard fare, which was fine, Erin didn’t think anything of it, and the nurses had been telling her the burgers here were the best in town. So….if the locals thought that way, then it was good enough for her. She set the menu aside, and made her order, sitting back in the booth as she looked over everyone else in the diner, her mind starting to wander as she remembered her newspaper and opened it up, looking for the classified section, her eyes not really focusing on some of the articles, weird word like magic and portals seeming to jump out here and there. First – a job – second housing. They had told her at the hospital that both of the Inns in town put people up for a while, just to get them back on their feet when they arrived. From the roll of hundred-dollar bills in her pocket, she didn’t think she’d be hurting any time soon.

Hell, she was semi-shocked that the money had been returned to her at all, but… people here seemed to be nice, so she was uncertain of where that immediate sting of suspicion had come from. Picking the red pen up, she started to look over the jobs in town, not really paying attention to anything else going on around her at the moment.
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