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Jenny Butler

Land Without Magic

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Sep 15 2017, 05:24 PM
Jenny walked into Dragonfly Inn and looked around for her friend Luke. Joan her little girl was with her, as she held her daughter's hand. They talked among themselves as they looked around for Luke. They hoped that he was around and that they didn't miss him but if they had, then they would either leave and come back later. Or they would stay to wait for him, which ever came first. It was fine either way or so Jenny thought. She glanced around as she watched some people walk out, just for a second and then continued to search for Luke. "Luke?!" Jenny called as she looked around. She hoped that he was alright. Jenny then picked up her little girl, who asked her to be picked up. Then they continued to walk and search for Luke that way. "Lule?"[Luke,] Joan called out as she helped her mom search for him. Jenny looked at her daughter and laughed a bit at that. "It's Luke, sweetie,"She said to her daughter. "Lule?!
Joan called out as Jenny shook her head to that, as well as laughed at that.

"Lu,...." Jenny said to her daughter,. "Lu,....?" Her daughter followed. "Ke..," She said next. "Le...," Joan said. Granted she did go to school but she still had trouble speaking. Also she was slowly getting there. Many words she had trouble saying, despite being 5 years old. "Ke,..." Jenny said as she tried to help her daughter. "Le,...." Joan said as she shook her head to that.
"Ke....," Jenny said to her daughter. "E" her daughter said as Jenny giggled at that. "Luke...," she said. "Lule,..." Joan said as she sighed and shook her head to that. "Close enough, I guess," Jenny said as she laughed at it once more. "Luke...,?!" she called out. "Lule? Lule?"Joan called out as Jenny snickered at that."Lule,...?!" Jenny called with her daughter, despite knowing how to say his name, as she laughed as they did so. "Lule?" Joan called out excitedly. "Luke?!" Jenny called out as they searched for him anywhere. "Lule? Lule? Whey is Luke?"[Luke? Luke? Where is Luke?] Joan called as Jenny looked at her once more and then around again for him.

"LULE?" Joan called out as Jenny looked at her and picked up an eyebrow smirking. She was surprised by her daughter's yell. Jenny was sure that he would definitely hear that now, whether he heard them before or not. She figured that he was in the kitchen with a lots of noise so he couldn't hear them, if he didn't.
Aug 16 2017, 12:31 PM
Jenny walked in with her daughter, as she looked around at all the books. She tried to pick which books should she get for herself and her daughter. Jenny nodded to the one who worked there this day, as soon as she saw the person and then back to searching. All the books there seemed great, which made it hard for her to choose. Not just for her daughter. When they moved, they had only 2 or 4 books with them and boxes with clothes dishes, etc. No more nor less. It wasn't too many things, so the town definitely helped a lot and still did, even if not everyone did but that was beside the point. At the moment, Jenny concentrated on what she did. "How about this?" she said to her daughter as she showed her the book while she read the title. 5 years old Joan clapped her hands to that. "Ye pleze"[Yes please] Joan said excitedly. Jenny took it and looked around as she walked somewhere to the side, as she sat down with her daughter and began to read the book to her, as she from time to time looked at her, as her daughter looked back at her with a smile.

Once in a while she looked around the place, then back at her daughter. Jenny laughed as her daughter made silly funny noises trying to copy one of the characters in the book. She watched her laugh at what she did too. Jenny looked up as she saw someone walk over as she smiled at the person.

Rory Gilmore
Aug 15 2017, 05:41 PM
Jenny walked in with her daughter as they looked around and sat somewhere by themselves. As they did, she looked around and back at her daughter, as she watched her play with her toy with a smile. Jenny brushed her hair over her daughter's hair. As a smile was still on her face, as her daughter looked up at her and then went back to playing. Jenny laughed a bit when her daughter made some silly and funny noises. She then kissed the top of her head. Jenny's Daughter looked up at her again. "I lov you moey" [I love you mommy] 5 Years old Joan said, as she smiled hearing her say that. She smiled as her daughter hugged her and hugged her back. "I love you too, sweetheart," Jenny said to her daughter.

"Loey lov you to," [Dolly loves you too] Joan said next. "Mommy loves dolly too, sweetheart," she replied to her daughter with a smile. Jenny laughed as she saw her daughter make her doll kiss her cheek as she pretended to kiss the doll's cheek back, which made her daughter Joan laugh, and her laugh as well. She then kissed her daughter's cheek as she laughed and kissed her cheek and forehead too as she put her hands on her forehead. Jenny laughed as she tickled her daughter who laughed at that as she did too. They had fun while they waited for someone to come get their orders. "Woosh, woosh,"Joan said as she played with her doll and made her fly while holding her. Jenny just laughed. Then she took her doll from her and put it away in her bag, once her daughter didn't want to play with it anymore. Jenny then talked to her daughter.
Aug 14 2017, 03:52 PM
Jenny left her home with her daughter, as they headed towards the park with her daughter's toys. They made sure that the streets had no cars as they headed to the park. Once at the park there sat on a bench and played with one of 5 years old's Joan's toys. As both giggled at times. They lived in town for 4 years, and it was all Joan knew, as she had no idea about their life before as she was 1 when they got to town, without planning.

Also, nowadays it was hard to imagine life anywhere else, even if there were things they witnessed they never thought that they would. However, other than magic and such, the town was pretty nice, even if unexpected. It really gave Jenny a new start, and her life became one big adventure and same with her daughter. Also, in a world outside of storybrooke, her daughter only lived, it wasn't much of a new start for her, unlike with Jenny. However, they didn't regret getting there; it was almost like fate or something like that.

Even if some people scared her, but it was that way almost everywhere, so there was nothing new there. However, unlike where she came from with her daughter, this town seemed like there were more friendly people than anywhere else, or so she thought. Joan seemed too like it too which wasn't so bad. They actually felt belong, unlike anywhere else, which was interesting, very interesting at that. This moment wasn't any different. Here and there Jenny watched people walk by them, and then back at her daughter. She told her daughter about her daddy, so she knew about him and all, but she had no idea how he looked like as Jenny had no pictures. However, at least her daughter knew most things about him, if not all. It amazed her how much her daughter looked like her daddy, Richard Kimble. Even if Joan lookd like her too. Jenny loved her daughter for many reasons, and felt blessed to have her in her life, even if she didn't have her father with her, unfortunattely. Yet, at least.

Jenny missed him for a long time. She always hoped thatt one day she will see him again, and this moment wasn't any different. At times she imagined seeing him a lot but it turned out that it wasn't him. It sucked but Jenny got used to used to it. She was sure that she will never see him again but as long as he was alive and well, and not dead that was all she cared about. Jenny cred about it everyday and every momentt, this moment included. At the moment she tried not to think of that and thought of other things instead. Jenny watched her daughter walk to play in the stand, as she continued to watch her. She just sat there lost in thoughts, as she watched her daughter play on her own.
Aug 14 2017, 04:24 AM
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<h3>43 . Jenny Butler .The Fugitive .Stacy Edwards. land with no magic</h3>
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Jenny is sweet and kind but tends to misunderstand people a lot, without meaning to. She is a loyal/faithful friend, even if she is very stubborn/ headstrong, to say the least. Jenny can come off sarcastic too, either when someone is that way to her and even when she is being silly, as well as funny but all in all she is a good person. She is secretive as well as mysterious but all in all, she is still a person worth knowing.<br><br>> Jenny loves helping and being there for friends and family. She is caring as well as over protective of those she cares for. Jenny is also very romantic, and loving, as well as fun, loving too. Needles to say she won't hesitate to put a person in their place if they provoke her. Jenny is definitely very motherly, and mature. She is still full of life and like the old self despite things not going exactly as she hoped that they would. Jenny is though but naive, but less shy than Richard, even if she does has trouble trusting people, after all, she went through<br><br>. She does put others first, before herself. She is sensitive and easy to provoke at times. Jenny is rather be alone than around someone, also, she doesn't mind crowds if she knows them but only at certain times, and like Richard she can be misunderstood too. Jenny does tend to snap at people at times, without meaning to but not always notices that. However, she does apologize to people for that so. She is friendly saw, to the most part, but can be a bit clueless about certain things but she means well. Also, Jenny can be pretty jumpy a lot of times. However, she is always a good person no matter what.
nothing but hunting of the supernatural skills and knowledge of many other beings but there are those still unknown to her so.
Jenny Butler comes from a world without magic, or at least not a fairytale world. She had a loving parents and an older sister. Growing up she was pretty close to her sister and mother the most, until her sister left for college and the two eventually lost touch, unfortunately. Jenny's sister came back after the death of their mother, to pay respect but the two weren't that close anymore. Their dad died two years after their mother but the sister by then made amends and started talking once again. During college if not before that she met a guy who became her boyfriend, and then husband pretty fast.<br><br>Jenny however, refused to move to Bodega Bay, California as she stayed in San Jose where she opened her own company, a software company. That didn't stop her though, from visiting her husband in Bodega Bay, California where he ran an Inn/ bed and breakfast. When they found that she was pregnant it was insistent upon that she stayed in Bodega Bay, California, so she did. Their son Mikey was born as they were really happy, as she spent more time in the inn than in her other home. However, it went back to what it used to be when their son was one and a half, as Jennu again shared time between San Jose and Bodega Bay.<br><br>One day as they were planning a camping trip the next day, Mikey couldn't wait but since there were people in the house so they couldn't leave as he begged, so her husband took him a day early, as they agreed o meet the next day but it never happened. As the next day, she was informed that they both died in a fire that spread in the woods. Mikey was five at the time, as she was devastated so she spent five years away from Bodega Bay, as she let the bed and breakfast/inn collect dust and stay empty. Jenny refused to step foot in there because of their deaths. Five years later she did come back to fix it up, to sell it and leave that life behind her.<br><br>As she came back she found the place broken into as she struggled with a guy who she thought wanted to hurt but he didn't. She tried to call the cops but got nothing. Just like he told her as there was a storm outside and it took down the line and electricity in general, other than she turned it all off before she left. He left telling her that he would and that he left money for her broken window. Jenny found the money as she stopped him from leaving. She let him stay a night but asked him to leave in the morning, as she let him stay in her garage. The next day to her surprise she found the place cleaned, the garage didn't look like it used to as he made sure of it, which was what she wanted to do anyway. Jenny hired him to fix the place up as he ended up introducing himself as Chris Clearwater but eventually, he told her his real name, which was Richard Kimble and that he was wanted for killing his wife but he never did. The two got involved but he left her after a home invasion.<br><br> He left to keep her safe, which she understood, even if it hurt her. Jenny found out that the fire in the woods was due to a demon, as that same one attacked her in her home. From that moment on she became a huntress, but she took a break when she found out that she was pregnant. She gave birth nine months later to a baby girl named Joan Butler, as she hoped the father, Richard will come back but he never did not that she was surprised as unfortunately. he was still wanted as she raised their daughter alone. She began travelling when she could but left her daughter with a friend. Jenny eventually moved to Storybrooke, Maine after originally heading to a different place when her daughter was 1 year, but stubble into Storybrooke, Maine instead where they live ever since, as her daughter is now 5 years old.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
Jenny walked into Granny's with her daughter as she sat somewhere on her own, lost in thoughts. She then talked and played with her daughter while they waited for someone to come over and get their orders. Here and there Jenny watched people walk in and out of the place. She then looked up as Ruby came over to her, as she smiled back as she saw her smile at her and her daughter, who too smiled back.<br><br>Jenny listened to Ruby as she looked between her and her daughter since Ruby walked over to them. "Hey Ruby! Good to see you again. How are you?" she said before Ruby spoke. "Yes, we definitely would like the usual, thank you. Good to know that you are fine, and we are too! Say hi to your grandmother and yes, we shall eat here today," Jenny said after she heard what Ruby said next.<br><br> She then watched her walk away to get them their order, as she turned to her daughter and they continued to play until Ruby came back with their orders and put it in front of them. "Thank you, Ruby, she said to her with a smile and looked at her daughter. "Joan, Sweetie. Say, thank you to our nice friend, Ruby" Jenny said to her 5 years old daughter. "Thak yu ruby[Thank you, Ruby], the 5 years old Joan said with a smile. Then they listened to her again and after that, they watched her walk off as they dug in, as once in a while Jenny cut her daughter's food for her so that she could eat. Once in a while, they spoke and then continued eating as well as drinking. <br><br>They watched as the town's people walked by them as they said 'Hi' to each and one of them, who spoke to them, and even those who didn't.


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<h3>europe . n/a:</h3>




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