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Oct 29 2017, 04:52 PM
Mushrooms. It was strange to feel so incredibly fond of such things, but he was. Just as he was fond of the forests and nature that surrounded his home, it created almost the perfect solitude for him to go about his business. Not that he had any particular urgency for collecting fungi, or even that it was a business as such anymore. He didn’t sell them after all. Those days were long behind him now, and considering the fact that he quite literally lived in a mansion, he had no need.

But he did like to cook them, or just the searching part of things was sometimes enough. Since he truly had no real reason to be here, other than for the escape. As yes, that’s probably what all this was. Him hiding. When Grace was at school everything was different again, and he was alone. So it was hard. His whole world always revolved around his daughter.

So when she wasn’t here, he almost…fell apart.

Not literally of course, and neither did he completely break down. But being utterly alone again was tiring, since, he was so used to alone. It was incredibly frustrating. Especially being stuck in his own mind, something which clearly had done him no good over the years. Nor would it anyone. And so, being out in the forests…collecting mushrooms…gave him that chance to be all those versions of himself. He was nobody out here, and yet, everybody at the same time. Nothing had to make sense see? Things could be so much simpler in a nonsensical way, and the fungi gave him something to do rather than just wondering about too aimlessly. Since, without Grace, without his daughter to keep him (well, probably sane!) things were dangerous. As a person with nothing tends to be.

But he did have everything now. That’s why he had Grace, and that’s what mattered. Always. So these mushrooms had to be for a reason. If mushrooms were at all that important anyway. The ones he had already acquired in his satchel weren’t anything to be particularly amazed at, although of course his daughter seemed to know a lot more about the fungi than he did these days. He was certain she’d offer him some sort of insight into the ‘world of fungi’ later…probably.

And so here he was, shuffling underneath the tree’s, being wary not to trip over any stray roots as he went. Totally oblivious to any goings on around him as he admired the plant life, nothing would quite compare to Wonderlands nature of course, but to him it was still interesting. He never went to school after all, and so he was fond of learning, especially with his daughters school work. And plants, of course. He didn’t even care that he was covered in dirt by doing this, as he would of course be able to change into some new clothes once he’d got back to his home. Hopefully just in time for his daughter's return from her day at school.

Steve Rogers <3
Oct 29 2017, 01:24 PM
Okay, so he wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing here standing outside the dark one’s home. Or rather, Rumplestiltskin or Mr. Gold, whatever name the man seemed to prefer these days. It had certainly been a while any way, considering how he used to work for him. His old portal hat had come in handy that way after all, and so working ‘together’ had been…fine. He hadn’t cared too much back then, all his interests had been in were the loot and riches. Not that gold was the most important thing in a person’s life, he definitely knew that now anyway. It was safe to say a lot had happened since those days. Too much.

But things were…better, right? He had Grace back, and even reunited with a few familiar faces along the way. So in a way things simply couldn’t be better. And while he did keep mostly to himself, after hearing about the twins, he felt like he had to do something. Since, after all that seemed to constantly be going wrong in this town, a little bit of lighter news does you good. Plus, fatherhood wasn’t exactly something unknown to him. To raise and watch your child grow up was the best feeling in the world. But hell, he knew how hard it could be. So while the idea of twins sounded sweet, he actually didn’t envy the man in the slightest.

It still felt strange waiting outside the door to that mans home though, and awkward. He didn’t quite know what to expect these days, and he probably should have asked before just turning up at his door step. It felt rude. So he had half a mind to just turn and walk away. He wasn’t expected to come after all, so this was a big thing. But still, he had wanted to visit, and it wasn’t as if he was coming empty handed. From the scrap material in his work shop he’d fashioned two ‘twin’ toy rabbits for the children. Each with a different coloured ribbon tied around their neck, one purple, one blue.

Not that he expected bringing toys would make much of a difference here.

Glancing down at the small paper bag with the toys in, he sighed heavily before moving his head to glare at the door. Counting down, 3…2…1…. in his head before finally straightening himself up to move forwards to knock on the door. Running one hand through his hair almost worriedly, and forced a warm smile onto his lips while he waited. He felt silly standing here like this, and stupid for feeling as nervous as he did. But for goodness sake, it was twins.

Oct 29 2017, 12:25 PM
He just couldn’t understand it. Being in Wonderland for one moment, and then being whisked away to…this, the next. Hey, he was glad to be out of that oh so ‘wonderful’ place but this wasn’t home. Far from it, and it just felt incredibly broken. Not that he had been around to see this world break of course, but the feeling he got from this place just felt so wrong. None of it made sense. And he wanted nothing more than to return home to the Enchanted Forest to her, his daughter Grace. He couldn’t even be sure how long it had been since the last time he’d seen her, spoken those dreadful words. How stupid he had been, it was cruel.

Time passed in Wonderland as one long something or other, but however long it had truly been. However many weeks, months, likely years it had been without her. It was more than enough. He felt sick with it, an unbearable pain that had sat with him for all that time, making hat after hat after hat. Because of course he simply had to get it to work, just one of them had to bring him home. And yet…none of them did.

Being stuck here was literal hell.

Of course he was beginning to bump into familiar faces, them all so different. It was as if all these people had one set routine, as if each day was just a repeat of the last. Nothing changed here, not even the stupid clock above the library seemed to move. Everything and everyone seemed to be frozen apart from him. As if he’d be purposefully missed out in this ‘game’. It hurt, and he felt as if all his lives were all pressing together and overlapping. Was any of this even real? All he wanted was for everything, everything to be just a bad dream. For him to be able to open his eyes and wake up in his little cottage, play tea parties with his daughter. But he was refused that life. And finding himself ‘rich’ and living in some mansion was clearly some kind of sick joke. And he had no control over any of this.

He had come to the park, a small hope you see? Because surely, surely she could be there. For him. He had no idea what he’d actually say to her, how he could even begin to start explaining himself. Not that an explanation would make up for anything, he didn’t deserve forgiveness at all.

And then, there she was.

Sitting on one of the swings in the playground, his Grace. Swallowing a shaky breath he rushed over to the fence, and shoving his way through the gate until he could stumble his way to the set of swings. “Grace!” he called to her, his voice cracking under its weight. Emotion building up inside him, his eyes welled up with tears at seeing her, he couldn’t think. He didn’t want to think. And so before the girl could say anything he pulled her into an embrace as he knelt in front of her, “I’m so sorry…” he let out a small sob, he felt as if he was going to break.

Grace <33
Oct 10 2017, 12:57 PM
So of course things would go wrong. But he supposed it was his own tough luck for thinking he could perform a heist in broad daylight.

Admittedly, he probably should have thought the whole operation through properly first before snatching those necklaces from the girl’s chambers. Perhaps he was simply too confident now, and that was his problem. It wasn’t as if he was good at his job or anything, but surely, surely with a portal hat things should be better now? And yet…he was just as clumsy as ever. All he had wanted was some rich lady’s jewels, and they hadn’t even seemed that ‘nice’ in his book anyway. Not something anybody would miss. So if anything, he was doing the poor girl a favour! Now she could get herself some prettier, more expensive jewels to hang around her neck see? This family certainly had enough riches to get them by anyways, the girl could probably get herself ten new necklaces if she was desperate.

But that didn’t change the fact that she had caught him, seen him.

So he’d panicked, and if it wasn’t for the fact that the mansion was conveniently located on top of a cliff, he wouldn’t have been stupid enough to…jump straight out of the window.

Yep. He did just that.

Falling from such at height was honestly terrifying, he couldn’t lie about that, nor keep his cool for that matter. Plummeting faster and faster as he, continuing to clutch onto his satchel of loot and his portal hat tightly, and then…hitting the surface of the water. Painfully. The impact knocking all of the air out of chest, water rushing into his mouth as he quickly started to sink. The fact that he was still holding his hat and satchel probably wasn’t helping him as he attempted to kick his legs out in effort to reach the surface of the water again. Unsuccessful, he simply sank further down to the bottom of the ocean.

Drowning wasn’t exactly the way he thought he’d go here, and well, he was annoyed with that to say the least. And frightened. He wasn’t sure for how much longer he could go without air since he was no fish. So still panicking he began to writhe in the water, and he might have even opened his mouth the call for help, but hey, who’s going to hear him from under water? Or even care…since he sort of was a thief.

Oct 4 2017, 08:37 AM
Portals. Other realms. Magic.

It was strange to think that all this was completely normal to him now. How had he managed to get himself used to this life? He wasn’t entirely sure. But well, it was only natural for a person, once acquiring a portal hat, to use it. And use it he had, he must have been through almost if not every single door that was provided for him inside his hat. As yes, he was the lucky owner of not just any old top hat. But one that could create portals.

And so, he prided himself with being not only a thief, but a portal jumper. The Hatter if you will.

Not that he was experienced in making hats himself, in fact he probably wouldn’t know where to start in all truth. Although to be fair on himself, he had managed to patch up this hat of his enough times now that he should be able to give the whole ‘making process’ a good solid attempt if he so desired... however, he had absolutely zero interest in hat making.

Instead, he was a traveller. And he liked to think that he was quite knowledgeable of all the realms now, at least, in regards to the ones he had been to. And by ‘knowledgeable’, he had a clear idea of which realms he’d want to avoid now. Since he’d had quite a few close calls in a few of them. Even though he was used to this life now, and well, he’d always been a thief of some description so that hadn’t exactly changed. There was no way you could ever call portal jumping, ‘boring’. If not for the realms, the whole process of spinning the hat was pretty dramatic. And rightly so. He would have been extremely disappointed if it hadn’t been. Although, when he’d first found the hat, he didn’t really have too much of a clue about the whole portal thing anyways.

So, here he was again. He sighed heavily as he took a step forwards, removing said hat from his head and proceeding to bend down on one knee to place the object onto the ground. And with a soft glance towards the surrounding trees around him, hoping that there were no one present, he gave the hat a spin. Quickly stepping backwards to let the portal grow larger, “Right.” He muttered, before sucking in a breath as he jumped forwards inside…landing on the soft velvet lining with a soft thud.

Indiana Cartier <3
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