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John Constantine

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Jun 7 2018, 02:11 PM
John didn't exactly have anyone missing at the moment he overly cared about, he just wasn't the sentimental sort and the extent of his ability to be warm and caring towards people ended with a very small number of friends and his girlfriend Merida. It was still hard to believe he was not only dating someone seriously, but that they were a bloody Queen in some other realm. Normally he wasn't the settling down type, he liked to blame it on being stuck in Storybrooke unable to move on or flee. Truth be told there was something different about Merida, she was strong and brave and independent and she picked things up so quickly, all the things he taught her about magic and demons. He felt he was finally with someone he didn't have to protect, that he didn't have to worry about putting in harms way, and that was rather huge for John.

Still, even as a broody anti-hero, John still always did the right thing in the end, and with people missing and a task needing to be completed that would go a lot faster with the more people helping out it just made sense.

At least he'd have Merida with him, and Wanda had been proving to be quite capable and had already earned his respect mere weeks after he started mentoring her and helping her learn to adapt her magic to Storybrooke. Two women he definitely would trust with his life in another realm.

He didn't like the idea that they had to just find a portal as it opened up randomly and jump in, with no idea where they would end up. He packed a bag of various things and weapons to make sure they were relatively prepared no matter the realm, as well as a flask of whiskey and a full pack of cigarettes.

When they finally found an open portal, he closed his eyes as they made the leap and hoped for the best. He landed with thud, though relatively unscathed, but appeared to be in some very large green overgrowth in a forest with massive trees. It was hot and muggy, and he could hear flies buzzing nearby. He stood up, swung his bag over his shoulder and looked around while lighting up a cigarette, after taking a drag he looked over at the others.

"You lot all right?" He took a few steps and then suddenly realised he'd stepped in something large, squishy and smelly. Bloody hell, he looked down at his foot and realised he stepped in what appeared to be a VERY large pile of animal excrement.

"Bloody fucking hell, these were new shoes and now I'm going to have to burn the bloody things when we get back home." He hobbled over to some moss at the base of a tree and proceeded to try and get the gunk off his shoe while muttering and cursing away under his breath.

Wanda Maximoff
Jun 7 2018, 02:08 PM
Sometimes John envied all the people around him oblivious to all that really went on in the world. Those that had no idea that magic and the supernatural were real, and not just the fluffy fun kind of supernatural either, but also the dark scary things that wanted to hurt humanity.

John hadn't always known about the supernatural, he hadn't exactly been born into the life. Though he hadn't been born into a happy comfortable life either, since his mother died giving birth to him his father only ever called him 'killer' and liked to use him as an ashtray and punching bag. He ran away from that life as soon as he was old enough and travelled around the Uk, and even saw a bit of the world beyond.

Eventually he grew tired of being in a band and travelling, and put up a detective agency in London. Of course on the front of things he appeared to be a normal private investigator, doing normal private investigator things. Occasionally if he felt up to it he even took on the non-demon/supernatural jobs in order to pay the bills. If the cases interested him, if they didn't he usually just told the people to shove off and not bother him with their petty life issues that he cared nothing about.

Occasionally jobs led him to mix a bit with the higher classes, though normally he avoided them, outside of occasionally finding himself sneaking out of some lady's window at three o'clock in the morning to avoid being seen by the husband. His life wasn't easy, he was broody most of the time and uncaring, his job didn't afford him the luxury of real friends, because having loved ones around him meant things a demon could exploit, hurt.

The sun had just set over London, and John was standing outside his Detective agency lighting up a cigarette debating on what he should busy himself with for the evening, preferably something that would involve alcohol. Fortunately Britain hadn't joined America on the prohibition bandwagon, though he imagined there were plenty religious nuts that wished it would. He took another long drag on his cigarette, mostly ignoring everyone walking up and down the street.


(OOC I put it more like it's taking place in Mysterious Islands type setting instead of Sector 2814 so magic is more secret. If it needs tweaks just let me know <3)
May 7 2018, 10:04 AM
Normally John wasn't a holiday sort of person, but then again normally John wasn't the sort of person who stayed in one place for very long. However, since finding himself in Storybrooke near the start of 2017 and quite stuck with portals not working to get him back home, well the dynamics of his life had changed a bit the last year. As much as he still didn't really want to be the sort of person who settles down and plants root, the longer time passed with no solution for the portal situation and the zombie situation, the more it just started happening. It wasn't as he had been putting in a conscious effort to do so, but meeting Merida had changed a lot of things for himself. He wasn't sure he was ready to toss around the L-word yet, but he was happier than he'd been in a long time, feeling the guilt over failing Astra far less keenly. He even had a bit of hope that since many seemed to be finding themselves alive again in Storybrooke having been stuck in the Underworld and dead before, that perhaps one day Astra would be so lucky to escape her torture in the darkest bowels of the worst place.

With the whole settling down and even having a serious girl friend, he even found himself participating in a town wide Secret Santa event. Something about the leaders of the town wanting everyone to feel good for Christmas, even those who didn't have any of their family and friends from back home. He couldn't believe he'd been talked into signing up, but he had and had drawn Remus Lupin. Now of course John knew of the books about some kid wizard who brought down some dark lord, but he'd never read them or cared much about them. To be frank he rarely ever read anything outside of actual spell-books and books on demons. So to him he didn't find it that interesting when he kept finding out all sorts of stories had real people that lived the stories in some other realm. Though finding out he himself was in a story in some realms was a bit unnerving.

He didn't know Remus that well, or at all really beyond passing the man at the diner and around town. He did ask his friend what they knew about the Harry Potter books and they'd mentioned there was lots about magic in them. So John figured the best gift he could give someone who was into magic in their home realm, was perhaps a book on magic from John's realm. He knew magic worked different between the realms, he himself had struggled with getting a handle on his magic when he arrived in Storybrooke, so he imagined if Remus was magical, he probably went through the same learning curve John had. He wasn't creative though so he just stuffed the book in a plain brown bag and wrote Merry Christmas on it in pen. He knew Remus was a teacher at the school, and that it was the last day of school before the Christmas holidays. He figured he'd have the easiest time giving Remus the gift there instead of having to track him down around town. He got advice from Charlie which classroom was Remus's and headed there at the end of day so the kids were all on their way out, but he figured the teachers would still be there.

He poked his head into the room that Charlie had indicated, since she also worked at the school, and called out.

"Er, anyone here?"

Remus Lupin

OOC: image of gift for reference later in the thread
May 7 2018, 09:33 AM
John wasn't a teenager, nope that's right John was a full fledged adult who didn't live by any rules except his own. Well, for the most part, he generally tried to avoid breaking law unless it was to save someone or prevent a demon from wreaking havoc. Sure most people in his realm were somewhat used to the idea of aliens and strange happenings, but a lot were still a bit blind and ignorant where demons were concerned. He figured most were so focused on superheroes and aliens they never stopped to consider the supernatural world. Still as an adult, he rarely had to sneak around when it came to where he slept and who he slept with, with the rare exceptions from his past when he had hooked up with a married woman. He figured for the most part sneaking out early in the morning was for teenagers not wanting their parents to find out, not him as an adult dating an adult.

The thing was, in Storybrooke things had changed slightly. Not only did he find himself in what was turning into an actual serious relationship even if he wasn't ready to say that out loud yet, and the girl in question was a full fledged Queen from another realm. Not like the concept of royalty was new to him, but in his life he'd never met any actual royalty in person, from his realm or other realms. Merida wasn't like most women he'd dated, since most women were more the one-night stand types in the past. With Merida things had been going the opposite, sure some hand-holding, kissing and such, but he couldn't remember if he'd ever waited so long in the past to actually sleep with someone, and the crazy part was, that was literally all it had been. Sleep. John was pretty sure he couldn't ever remember a time he only slept with a girl. Sure he and Merida had made out a bit, but to stop there just would normally feel so strange for John. However, somehow with Merida it didn't seem to bother him, like as long as he could spend any time with her doing anything at any rate of speed was fine with him. Like he actually looked forward to the more mundane moments of a relationship. Feelings he was still wrapping his head around after having lived the life he led back in his realm.

He hadn't even meant to spend the night, but they'd both been exhausted and eventually he'd just fallen asleep. Waking up hours later he suddenly realised he'd fallen asleep. He was careful not to wake up Merida, but didn't really know how to explain to Jamie and Claire if they found him sleeping there that sleeping was all he'd done. He was suddenly imagining what it would look like from the worst possible point of view, that he had just deflowered their Queen. It was silly really, he couldn't even be sure how strictly they'd take that, or even care since Jamie and Claire so far seemed content to settle down in Storybrooke where they had a mayor running things. To be safe he quietly gathered his things, put his shoes in his hands so they didn't make any noise until he got outside and crept downstairs. He figured he would just sneak out since it was barely starting to be light outside, grab a shower at his place, a change of clothes and then head back for the whole festivities and tree stuff he'd promised Merida he'd be there for.

He managed to get down the stairs without making any noise, and as he made his way across the living room towards the door, he suddenly stepped on a very creaky floor board and paused. It was then his eyes actually focused on the living room and he realised Claire was sitting there, clearly seeing him seeing her. Suddenly it was deer in the headlights, as he stood there wondering what she would say.

"Er, um, this isn't what it looks like I swear......."

Claire Fraser
Apr 29 2018, 11:20 AM
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<p>Ah, Willow's day off, at least John was pretty sure it had to be Willow's day off since when he finally stumbled downstairs an hour after the store hours claimed the establishment opened, and the door was still locked, curtains still drawn and the closed side of the sign still facing the outside world. Normally it wouldn't even be his day to open, but since that curse struck Storybrooke and many people were now missing, including his other employee Maleficent. That meant it was his job to open, not that John was a huge stickler for rules and he didn't really care about being open or making money, but between Merida and Willow he was at least trying to stick to a schedule. He was dressed as he normally did, tan trousers, a white button up shirt that wasn't completely buttoned or completely tucked in with the sleeves rolled up and a tie that looked like a three year old had attempted to tie it. With an unlit cigarette hanging out of the corner of his mouth he turned the lock and flipped the sign around to open, but he didn't bother with the window shades just yet, he wasn't ready for sun and wanted to stay in the dimmer lights of the store a bit longer.

<p>As he made his way back through the shelves of books and tables of various objects towards the back of the store where the counter was, he took a lighter out of a pocket and lit up the cigarette. Since Willow wouldn't be in, and it was just him working today, he figured there'd be no one to complain if he smoked at the counter. He took a seat on the stool behind the counter, tipping it back in a rather precarious position so he could prop his feet up on the counter and lean back against the wall. He then grabbed a magazine from a shelf behind him and started to thumb through it while he took occasional drags on his cigarette. Since Willow had been back the shot was kept much neater and better stocked. Since John had a proclivity for making messes, especially if he got bored and decided to make more attempts at opening portals, that usually ended in some degree of a magical explosion. In fact there were still some singed spots on the ceiling and walls of the store from the first time he tried to do a portal not long after renting the space.

<p>The store didn't get a ton of business, so John wasn't paying much attention. In fact he was debating laying down on the cot out back if no one came in by the time he finished reading the magazine. After all, there was a bell on the door he might wake up if someone entered. For now he just kept in the leaned back position thumbing through the magazine while smoking his cigarette, occasionally making a half ass attempt to flick the ashes in a large ashtray that was on the floor beneath him. Though only about half the ashes were making it in the tray.

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<div class="character-bach1-note">tag Luna (Wanda) // Notes: meeting </div><br>
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