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Jan 14 2018, 04:43 AM
Ok so I'm gonna probably start recording like reaction videos as I watch some new shows, since I've seen people do these, and, I feel like once I move out I will need something to do, and, if I record these then it'll feel like I have someone to talk to.

And, my list for shows will probably be the following from the list that you guys gave me, plus shows I keep meaning to watch.

Steven Universe
Stranger Things
This is Us
Stargate Universe

[I don't know how well this will turn out, but, I feel like giving it a go.]

Let me know if you guys will want to see them when they're uploaded.
Dec 31 2017, 06:58 PM
This is the place to store my headcanons I come up with for my characters.

Neal Cassidy|Bae
Graham/The Huntsman
Lady Morgan
Puss in Boots
Boo/Daphne Watkins
Judy Hopps
Alex Russo
River Song
Raven of Azarath
Lucy Pevensie
Dec 24 2017, 12:50 PM
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Dec 19 2017, 05:05 PM
Oh guys I need opinions. All of my shows are ending for the year, and, I need some new stuff to watch. I can do catch up stuff. I just feel like I need to check out new shows. I get bored, and, Australian TV sucks with options. Plus I need the distraction from my family at certain moments.
Dec 15 2017, 05:20 AM
This is not so much a plotting section. More a place to list what my charries will get everyone, more so I can keep track. Feel free to comment if these are the right ideas for your characters though.

[ Kitty ]

Ariel for Ruby: Honestly, I don't really know what a mermaid would buy someone, but, she would probably find something that didn't scare her with a noise or the way it looks. May make the list kind of limited

And give her this too.

[ Megan ]
Ezekiel for Bucky: He should be lucky it won't be stolen. But, probably a jacket like this one and a box of skittles.

[ KAT ! ]

Neal for Susan: Since these two know each other, and, are pretty close, his would probably be more personalised I was thinking maybe he'll give her this [Neal's work of course] and, this brooch

[ Jessica ]

Puss for Kilgaharrah: Not sure what to do for older people, but, this is good right?

[ Bach ]

Graham for Lorelai: He really doesn't do this human thing at all, but, here

Lina for Amanda: Since she likes shopping and sparkly things she'll probably buy her something like this and engrave it of course.

Rapunzel for Callum: She is still not good at this stuff having being locked away her whole life. But, since he works in a bar, this would probably come in handy right?

Tiana for Sherlock Holmes: [OOC notes because Sherlock is known for playing violin] She probably got him something like this and some home-made cookies.
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