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Nov 7 2017, 09:26 PM
So, I gave making gifs a go, and, these are what came of it.

Nov 5 2017, 09:00 PM
There are like some dangerous storm warnings coming to my area. So if I disappear unexpectedly it's because my internet is blown out or I don't trust the electricity being on.

I'll keep you posted.
Oct 10 2017, 05:13 AM
This is something for me to keep track of the songs I associate with my character ships on this site.

NightmareinBoots (PitchxPuss): Paparazzi - Lady Gaga.

Mazekiel (MariaxEzekiel): Crush - David Archuleta,
Why Don't you Kiss her - Jesse McCartney
Just so you know - Jesse McCartney

Swanfire (NealxEmma): Tell Her - Jesse McCartney
Say You Won't Let go - James Arthur
Only You - Yazoo
Oct 5 2017, 03:39 AM
Ok so I've been learning to play ACDC on the guitar, and, we are doing a performance in December. And the costume thing is horror, and, well I need some help.

Aside from either Wednesday Addams or Regan from the Exorcist, I don't really know any characters.

I will take any suggestions that people have.
Oct 1 2017, 07:21 PM
This is a place where we can save ICC interactions for whatever reason, reference, memories, or just because they cracked you up.

And, I'll start.

My reason for saving this one is to remind me not to ICC at 2am. Plus it cracked me up.

Pitch: -enters-

Puss: *walks in. Making an entrance the only way Puss in Boots can*

Pitch: -grins- why what do we have here? Quite an entrance I see, are you always this way? -floaty floaty towards Puss-

Puss: Of course I am. From what I can sense you need to lighten up

Pitch: Lighten up? -chuckles- Well that would be ironic wouldn't it? -pulls face imagining it- Just. Ew.

Puss: Oh I don't know. A bit of colour in these pale cheeks *pinches them baby style* you'll be amazed by the difference I'm sure

Pitch: -flinches- Gerroff me! >;( I'm sure the difference would be 'amazing', although perhaps you've had a little too much...clearly.

Puss: Tsk take. Touchy touchy. If by a little too much you mean of this beautiful day, then the answers still no.

Pitch: Perhaps you should leave and enjoy this...'beautiful day' some more then? I won't be stopping you -raises arms-

Puss: And you leave you when you're in an obvious mood why I wouldn't dream of it

Pitch: -mumbles irritably- Dream of it? hm, perhaps that should be changed....-frowns-

Puss: But we're having such a fun little exchange. And check dreams change all the time

Puss: heck*

Pitch: -sighs- Well then, perhaps you should change yours? I won't stop you if you'd like to take a little cat nap now...

Puss: I think if someone needs sleep it's the one of us who is a little bit cranky.

Pitch: Pfft! I dont. Sleep. and what exactly are you on? I think you need to cut some sugar out of your diet, it's not good for you ya know -rolls eyes-

Puss: Oh so that's why you're so cranky then. How would you know have you ever had any? I think you're the spokesperson for those Snickers ads I see now and then

Silas: -hmHm another spoopy shadowy man in storybrooke hm yes >>-

Puss: Oh look now I have a set

Pitch: Ha. I'd be less cranky if you'd leave me alone, go enjoy that beautiful day of yours...-frowns at Silas- Do you know these...snickers ads?

Silas: Snickers? -makes a face- No. >n>

Puss: I don't think me turning up had anything to do with it. I know I annoy people, but, even.I'm not this bad. Whatever this is, it didn't need my help to grow

Pitch: Then ungrow it!

Puss: I believe that's up to you

Pitch: Hm -leans forwards- You really don't know when to stop do you? You're lucky you know, if it wasn't all...((day time)) -pulls frustrated expression-

Silas: -looks at pitch really blandly- Un...grow?

Pitch: -glares at Silas- ...YES

Silas: Kill. Theres no...ungrow.

Puss: Nope. I can honestly say I do not. I do like to think of myself as lucky. Otherwise I wouldn't have survived that one event *drifts off in thought*

Puss: But dude can I say two more words. Breath mint.

Pitch: Pfft! Kill, 'ungrow', whatever, it's all the same boring words ...-breaths on Puss- better?

Puss: Actually yeah just stay there. *pulls out breath spray and sprays it for him*

Silas: What would be the point in words if their meanings are not utilized properly?

Puss: If there was a point in words, where would half of us be

Pitch: Ackk! -stumbles backwards- ....words....words, their meaning is pointless...if you've lived as long as I have you'd understand that

Pitch: things change, things die... you both will be nothing in the blink of an eye

Puss: Now come here again. Let me smell it now. *gestures to Pitch and gives a come forward motion*

Pitch: -stands well away from Puss and spits on the ground- ...that was unnecessary

Puss: You asked if it was better. And now it is. You're welcome

Silas: -eyes Pitch and just chuckles bc lol-

Pitch: -glares at Silas- what's your problem? >;(

Puss: *plays counter like a piano* Dun dun dun

Pitch: *switches back to Puss* Do you mind? But you're missing some talent for that

Silas: You speak as if youre the only... somewhat immortal being

Puss: Of course I don't mind. *keeps playing on the counter*

Pitch: Immortal!? Pfft! Perhaps...but you're existence is just as easily shattered as mine . -sucks in breath- At least, I won't have to bother with this one -indicates to Puss- for too long...

Puss: Aww I'm crazy about you too. *wraps arm over the man's shoulder and places dramatic kiss on his cheek*

Silas: Precisely -looks to pitch- So wont you too be 'nothing in the blink of an eye'?@

Pitch: -blinks slowly clearly infuriated by the both of them- I might be, you might be too...right now, my existence seems to be going pretty strong... -but not well- I clearlyyyy have a fan -shudders-

Puss: Oh you know it baby *winks*

Pitch: Ehm...I'm flattered... -grins and edges away-

Silas: -stands by a booth still because sitting ew, observing because this is comical-

Puss: You should be. I am a great catch. *mouths love you*

Pitch: I think...I think, I'm going to leave you....-glares at Silas(why u no helping?)- Enjoy all that love all to yourself, or better, enlighten him with it -stands and moves away-

Silas: -uhm no??? Excause u i dont initiate conflict during the day???-

Puss: *scribbles something on a piece of paper and chuckles it at Pitch's head* CALL ME

Pitch: -(ah the dayyy ughh)-... -kicks paper away- NOPE

Puss: Our love will always find a way.

Silas: -would feel bad but what are feelings again-

Pitch: -ignores and goes to watch out the window for the sun to go down- </3

Puss: Forget this I have a pretty blonde awaiting me anyway. *gets up to leave. Sneaks over and places one more kiss on Pitch's cheek* I'm gonna miss you baby *winks and goes to leave*

Silas: -people are...weird-

Pitch: -rubs cheek and turns to silas- Aren't they just.
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