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Jul 12 2017, 05:32 AM
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Tinkerbell had never been one to follow the rules; while all the other fairies did whatever they could to please their mentor, Blue, Tink pretty much did anything and everything to annoy her. It wasn’t deliberate, exactly, but there was simply so much of the world she wanted to see…the whole thing of cooping oneself up into a flower at the end of the day had never sit well with her. There was no excitement to be had there and that was when she started to wander through to different realms. If she was ever caught she would be in some serious trouble but knowing that only spurred her on even more.<br>


It was her wandering about the realms that had brought her to Wonderland; it was a strange place and even now as she entered it for th-<br>


Just as she entered the realm she stopped mid-flight as her lips pursed in thought and she started to count silently on her fingers. How many times was it now that she had been here? Once she had counted off all her fingers the fairy began to lose count and so she quickly shrugged it off before transforming herself to her full human form and wriggling her back so that her wings retracted back inside. There was only one reason she kept coming back here…to see the first human person she had ever spoken to. Jefferson.<br>


"Well, well, the little green fairy has returned. A deep, croaky, voice shortly followed by an overwhelming cloud of smoke was the first thing the blonde was greeted with and although the voice didn’t sound at all welcoming a large grin lit up her face and stretched itself from one ear to the other.<br>


“Absolem! A pleasure as always.” Moving her way through the oversized blades of grass that surrounded the area she stopped as the giant caterpillar came into view. “Maybe one of the days I come here I will see a smile on that face of yours!” Almost as though he was moving in slow motion the top part of his form turned to face the little fairy as he narrowed his eyes down at her. ”A feat of which is largely impossible.” He calmly stated before going back to the instrument he was smoking from. Shaking her head as a small laugh escaped from her lips Tinkerbell skipped away as another cloud of smoke enveloped her small frame.<br>


She was determined to get that fat caterpillar smiling at some point.<br>


Time passed differently between realms so although it had only been a matter of weeks since the last time she had graced the grounds of Wonderland it could have been any amount of time for him; days, weeks, months….maybe even years. She was rather hoping it wasn’t the latter. ”Oh Jefferson!” The way she called out his name as she continued down the path almost made it sound like she was about to burst into song as she allowed the excitement of seeing him again take over completely.

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Jun 1 2017, 02:29 PM
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"Aw come on now. I know I'm not the best fairy when it comes to animals but I'm trying here....." The rather dishevelled blonde seemed to be talking to thin air as she rounded the corner and found herself on the main street of Storybrooke because there certainly wasn't anything around her that she could have been talking to. She had just visited the local animal shelter and adopted the most adorable ball of fluff of a dog she had ever seen. It was supposed to be a surprise for James. albeit probably not a very good one, and yet just moments after walking out of the shelter the four-legged creature had disappeared on her.<br>
Her friend Fawn, a fairy who seemed to be ridiculously attuned to anything of the animal kind, would be incredibly furious with her right now if she was witnessing this scene unfold. It was only a small thing so it couldn't have gone all that far....she was just going to have to try and find the thing before something bad happened.<br>
For a moment or two she simply stood on the spot, pursing her lips, as she thought on what she was going to do. It was only when her eyes started to drift around at her surroundings to see if she could see any sign of the dog that she noticed the tiny paw prints decorating the pavement. Thank goodness it had run through some form of mud on it's little escapade away from her.<br>
"Gotcha!" A delighted grin lit up her face as she dropped down onto the ground, on all fours, and started to follow the paw prints around as though she was a dog as well....after all how could she find it without getting into the same mindset as the animal? For a good while they just went straight ahead, meaning that there weren't many obstacles for her to manoeuvre around, but then they took a whole new direction as they veered off to the right. Before she even had a chance to look up to see what was around her she found herself colliding with something hard. "Ow!" Her cry of pain sounded out immediately as a bruise already started to form on her forehead. "Seriously? Who decided to put a lamp post here?!"


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May 3 2017, 10:59 AM

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<p>The knife was driven into his back before she had even been able to react. She had been clear of the spell that Pan had placed upon everyone else and yet her entire body seemed to freeze from the shock of the situation. From where she was stood Tink could only see the back of Rumple, Gold, whatever the hell he wanted to be called now but the one thing that was in clear view was Pan’s face.<br>


The pain he felt was clearly written all over it and it wasn’t long before the colour drained from it and his magic had faded enough to revert him back to his older self. The fairy’s heart had never broken as much as it did at that moment…..had he seen her watching? Did he know she had failed him?<br>


The tears cascaded from her eyes as she watched him disappear along with the very person who had killed him. It was over. The one person she had trusted was gone…..
* * * * *


As they had been in her mind the tears rolled down Tinkerbell’s cheeks as she shot up in her bed and gasped in as much air as she could – not realising that the whole time the scene had been playing itself out in her dreams she had been holding her breath. <br>


It was the same every night.<br>


The scene would play out in her mind as though it was happening all over again and no matter how hard she tried to force herself over to him, to stop the knife, she never succeeded.<br>


This was going to be another night of not being able to sleep. Tinkerbell should have been used to it by now considering she had been in Storybrooke for a number of weeks now since it happened, maybe it was even months, she wasn’t entirely sure as time passed by here differently to how it had done on Neverland but she couldn’t get the image of Pan dying out of her head. It was like it had been etched into her mind purposefully, so that she would remember her betrayal, so that she would never forget the fact that she hadn’t been able to do anything to stop it.<br>


Her blue eyes glanced over to the other side of the bed to check that she hadn’t woken James; he was going through his own issues right now so the last thing he needed was to know that it was all still affecting her. She doubted he would understand anyway, no one would, they all hated Pan here – despised him even – why would they care if she was finding his death hard? He was a murderer….an evil force that concealed himself in the form of a young boy. In their eyes no one could possibly form an attachment to him.<br>


As a soft sigh escaped her lips she carefully slid herself out of the bed before dressing herself in a simple pair of jeans along with a jumper and her leather boots. She knew she wasn’t going to be able to get back to sleep tonight so there was no point in simply laying in the bed tossing and turning…instead a walk into the forest would prove to be far more productive – it was the only place in Storybrooke where she felt completely at ease – the vast canopy of trees reminding her of the island she had spent so many decades on.</div>

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Mar 12 2017, 07:48 AM
Rules....ugh! Why did there always have to be restrictions to what you could do in life? No one else that resided in the Enchanted Forest seemed to have them so why did the fairies? They were the ones that worked their butts off to give people their happy endings and yet they had such a strict lifestyle that they weren't allowed to have that for themselves. It infuriated the young fairy because it was that very thing that had made her walk away from James all those months before. She'd felt things for him, feelings that Blue would never agree with, and so before things got to the 'point of no return' she had left him stranded.....hardly a fairy-like thing to do but then feeling what she had for him wasn't either.

Yet despite walking away from something which could have made her happy, listening to the words Blue liked to drill into her so much, the more superior fairy still seemed to have something against her. She was never doing anything right, was told to watch her fairy friends and see how to do things properly, but she couldn't care less what they were doing. They all seemed to run like they were on auto-pilot, little robots doing the bidding of their master, and that was not what she wanted to be.

Tinkerbell, or 'Green' as everyone so frustratingly called her, wanted to be her own fairy. Yes she still wanted to help people find their happy endings, it filled her wit joy to do so, but she wanted to also be able to enjoy life herself and not have to adhere to such strict rules all the time. Was that really so much to ask for?

The dry, dead, leaves that had fallen from many of the trees in the Enchanted Forest crunched underneath her feet as she continued on her walk. She was supposed to be training with Blue but she had sneaked away from her flower in the early hours of the morning before she had woken up. No doubt there would be consequences to her actions but she would deal with that when or rather IF she ever went back. As she wandered deeper into the forest she would occasionally flick her wand, a habit she had picked up to help her cope with the fact that she wasn't always able to control her emotions, and although it was an innocent enough action she wasn't paying any attention to whether magic was escaping it or not.

Unknown to her she was leaving a trail of rotten apples in her wake. The repeated flick of her wand was sending sparks of magic travelling up into the trees and causing the once shiny and juicy apples to fall from their lifeline branches and hit the leaf covered forest floor...each one becoming more rotten than the one before as her irritation grew.

Mar 6 2017, 12:59 PM
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<p>sad when the people who gave you the best memories become a memory. My worst enemy is my mind.

<div class="ronnie">
<div class="ronnie2">Storybrooke was now officially her home and Tinkerbell couldn’t have been any happier about it. Not only did she now have James in her life but so many of her friends from Neverland were now residing here too; much to the bemusement of Pan, who hated it here. For a few months she had been convinced that he was lost forever, that he would never come back from the Underworld, but he had and she had been by his side since….just as she always had been. He was desperate to get back to Neverland but she was determined to get him to see the delights this town had to offer.<br>


So what if everyone hated him… one particularly liked James given that he had tried to kill his brother David but he was happy enough making this place his home with her.<br>


He really could be quite the stubborn boy but she had managed to get through to him a number of times now and she was damned if this time would be any different. Her lips were pursed in thought as she jogged down the main street of Storybrooke. It wasn’t ridiculously early so the local businesses were beginning to open up but most people were still in their homes so she was able to complete her morning jog without any interruptions. There were so many people she was friends with here that it could very easily take double the time to complete her daily activity if everyone was out and about.<br>


Her mind felt free from any kind of negative thought as she headed back towards her room at the bed and breakfast. It was only a couple more minutes down the road but what should have been a mad sprint to the finish turned into an abrupt stop outside the new toy shop that had opened up. The fairy had tried her best to avoid this place given that it was direct competition for her friend Thomas but the sudden rush of dread that had filled her when she had attempted to run past had been enough to freeze her to the spot for a good few moments.<br>


It was like some invisible force was knotting up her stomach in a fashion that made her feel quite nauseous. The last time she had experienced such a feeling was many, many, years ago back on Neverland……but it couldn’t have been him. Could it? He certainly hadn’t been with her or the others on the Jolly Roger when she had arrived here so had he found another way here?<br>


That was when the dread transformed into something a whole lot worse for the fairy. Fear and anger. So many times on Neverland she had fought against the darkness that resided inside of her, refusing to let it show, but both of these emotions were all that was needed to trigger it once more. Fear that he had come here to get his revenge on Pan and anger that he was even here at all. A dark look flashed inside her usually blue eyes as her hand slipped into her pocket and her fingers wrapped around her wand. The last time she had seen this individual was when she no longer possessed her magic….things had changed a lot since then.<br>


Her free hand wrapped itself around the doorknob before she gently pushed it open so that she was now standing beyond the threshold. Her anger and fear only seemed to grow as she did though. ”I know you’re in here Jack.” His name felt like acid on her tongue as she spoke it so it was spat out rather than voiced in a civil manner.

<div class="ronnie1">Xander</div>
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