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 Hyperion Heights is here!, Info inside!
 Posted: Mar 1 2018, 01:20 PM



Twin is online

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A new board is here!

Hyperion Heights is now officially a part of the Our Heroes and Villians canon! Sit back because we've got a lot of new information to show you, and this thread is basically going to be an index of what's where, how to find, and what's different!

Our first and most important update is, of course, the new site plot! You can see what's going down with the Horned King's magic right over here in the plot thread. The plot thread was also updated to cover past events, so anyone looking to join the board will have a full history available to them to read! There was also a small update to the Changes From the Show thread to reflect the addition of an AU Hyperion Heights.

Next up we've added new information regarding Hyperion Heights to the Realms information thread, along with some long-awaited information regarding the current state of the Land of Untold Stories. And additional AU realms from the show will be added there as well going forward!

Naturally, our biggest addition is the new Hyperion Heights Category with all new areas to play within the large Seattle city! If you'd like to request business/homes/whatever kind of board you'd like to see there, please head over to the Board Request thread as always and I'll get those approved and added for you when I can! Please keep in mind that cursed characters must be approved before you can make a request!

Within the Hyperion Heights category you'll find the Information and Sign Ups Sub-board, which is your first stop before playing in the new area! Within this board you'll find an informational thread covering the items discussed in the plot and the realms boards, as well as the Application for making a cursed life for your character! Approved applications will be listed on the cursed character list for ease of access when RPers are looking for people to play with!

If you have any questions, you can post them in this thread and I'll answer them as best I can!

I hope you enjoy your time in Hyperion Heights! Keep in mind this is fully optional and you do not need to send characters over to Hyperion Heights to be cursed! -Twin

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