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 Pet shop, Open
 Posted: Jun 12 2018, 04:22 PM

Watership down

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"There, back in you go." Fiver said in a gentle voice as he set the brown and white critter back in their pen.

The rabbit rested on the ground for a moment before shuffling away from where the thin man had placed em down at. Their long ears twitching as their nose twitched to make sure everything was safe. For the moment, it seemed so, as they hadn't taken to hiding themselves away yet. Fiver gave a smile and although his parents had told him not to get another rabbit, he was tempted. There was always rabbits at the pet shop here, they were common. However, he didn't want to anger his parents by disobeying em.

Yet...he wondered if Daffodil wanted a companion in her cage while he was gone? Her cage was rather large as he didn't want her to feel cramped or in a place that was a prison. He wanted her to be able to move in more than two directions and to be able to do a little bit of running if she felt like it. It was easy to say that Fiver cared more about his rabbit than himself as he always wanted to make her more comfortable. Course...a rabbit was easier to appease than it was to appease himself; or his parents for that matter.

The only other concern in this idea was if he did do this, then what gender should he go with? A male rabbit ran the risk of impregnating Daffodil; as it cost a pretty penny to go through the procedure to...remove that risk and Fiver didn't really want to do that to any rabbits. Giving a sigh, he brushed some of his hair out of his face and brought his hand down again. Maybe he really should stop coming here when he had nothing else to really do?
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