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 Posted: Dec 7 2017, 12:40 PM

The Snow Queen/Frozen


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the funny thing about time -
Ingrid was too busy to really notice what Neal was doing, until she recognised him as Rumplestiltskin’s son. Now she was looking at him with something like horror, mixed in with sheer confusion and shock. Someone from her land? Here? He looked so normal. They could be anyone, she realised. Anyone at all - anyone she met - could be from her land. How did she know she wasn’t surrounded? Paranoia leapt at her like a wild animal.

But it wasn’t paranoia if you were right, was it? And by God was she right. People were after her - no, not people. A sorcerer. A wizard. Someone powerful enough to cause harm to herself, or even to her beloved Elsa. Inside she was kicking herself. Why had she gone with the Sorcerer’s Apprentice without even thinking about Rumplestiltskin? Why hadn’t she done something about him then?

And more importantly why wasn’t she being jumped on right now and dragged back to their realm to face Rumplestiltskin personally? This seemed far too convoluted to just be about her. Even the blank look he was giving her seemed off. "Don’t," she said quickly to his puzzled expression, all the same. "Just don’t say it."

But he just seemed more confused than she did, and she saw her own confusion mirrored back at her. She didn’t feel like she had to back away, like she had to put distance between them - or even like she had to run away. There was nothing to….to run away from. And then with his words everything grew suddenly more confusing than it had been already. Ingrid frowned. "He left you?"

It was a surprise to the Snow Queen that he’d even had children. She’d just seen him as some singular wizard - without any sort of family, or friends, or even anything related to a personal life. She had a personal life, of course, but she wasn’t a villain - or a wizard, or anything inbetween. She was just Ingrid. But Rumplestiltskin? He was so very different to her…or so she felt happy to keep insisting. It felt better to keep other magical people at bay in case she became anything like them, in case their magic was catching. Magic had only been to her a source of discomfort and worry and fear.

But with him it was like wondering about what teachers did in their free time, or what any number of the faces she took for granted around her did as she went around the shops or did any of her usual chores. Even more so, really, because of his skin, because of the otherworldliness of him. Someone had to find that attractive she supposed, but really? In practise and not just in theory? Having a son seemed far too normal for someone like Rumplestiltskin. Maybe it was more normal of the wizard to dump his child.

Ingrid hesitated, though, as the boy told his story and sank down onto the floor. It seemed callous to go on about her own business and keep asking about herself - or to demand him to let her go. How she could say that about someone who had to be after her she didn’t know, but whatever this was it wasn’t a hostage situation at all. If anything it was the very opposite. He looked so defeated in that single gesture, like he was the one caught instead of her. Ingrid’s reaction was a bit slower than she intended but she came up to him, kneeling down at his side. Something in her still expected him to leap up at her, to just do something, but he...he didn’t. "Your deal?" she echoed. "What was your deal?"

So he didn’t know Neal was here. Maybe it really was insensitive but Ingrid couldn’t help but feel a rush of relief. Thank God. Thank God, because she couldn’t leave. Not right now. But Neal looked so sad, so broken. Her features rearranged themselves and she looked to him earnestly. Fear still coiled in her stomach but she'd seen enough foster children to know this couldn't possibly be acting.

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