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Born: 22 April 1974
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alias: Mari
age in ##: 30's
story: Pirates Of The Caribbean
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Nov 16 2017, 02:59 PM
This is Angelica's plotter so you want to plot away with the pirate lady and witch
come and join me then.

Angelica is 30 years old she is a pirate and loves to find treasure and cause trouble
she can help if anybody need magical help she is new to magic and might need
someone to guide her through the knowledge of it.

At the moment she has no friends.

She had one once a long time ago "Jack Sparrow as in Captain.
But she has no idea what has happened to him or where he is

Her enemies are those who are loyal to her father Blackbeard
who is dead at least the last time she checked he was.
Nov 11 2017, 02:50 PM
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<h3>age 30 . fairytale name Angelica Maria Teach. story/fandom.Pirates of The Caribbean On Stranger Tides. face claim, Penelope Cruz. realm Other Realms.</h3>
<hr />
Angelica is a tall woman for her time, Height; 5.7/1:70 cm, Weight; 110 lbs, Hair color is dark chocolate Brown she also has the finest deep brown eyes you ever seen, a heart-shaped beautiful
oval face with olive colored skin.
She is slender and she has an excellent body structure of a woman.

Angelica wears a Cross around her neck and she has a tattoo she is an experienced pirate. She is a good sailor, navigator, and swordswoman, Angelica is a good liar and scheme artist and being an expert in the art of deception. From her time at the convent, she retained a strong faith in God.
One of Angelica's strongest motivations was to see her own father, Blackbeard, save his soul from damnation and purgatory of hell she believed everyone could be saved even the worst men of humanity
like her father Captain Edward Teach but both Jack Sparrow and the young clerky Philip Swift warned her
he was only using her to gain immortality and would not hesitate to kill her, Jack would not allow that to happen to the girl he loved more then he admitted to himself.
But Angelica does not succeed in making her father Blackbeard behave in a fair, or kindly manner. She seemed to be completely blind to the fact that Blackbeard was not interested in saving his soul, even after he attempted to sacrifice her life to save his own at the Fountain of Youth only Jack Sparrow saw the bad in him and told Angelica that her father was an evil man who only cared for himself he had warned her and Angelica didn't listen she wanted a father, a father who loved her she had never had one.
Angelica is a master of disguises, Angelica learned the art of the con from the best, one Captain Jack Sparrow. She was defined as being a woman who often tells lies that are truths and truths that are lies. She is tricky and quick-witted, as befitting any pirate, although her sense of faith and disapproval of her father's methods imply a compassionate side. Angelica also has a sense of humor, demonstrated most aptly in her spitfire banter with Jack Sparrow. Angelica is also a kind person, sweet and her faith in God is strong. Angelica is also very feisty and that is something Jack Sparrow liked about her when they first meet she was someone that he could see himself with but never went so far.
Even though he had taken advantage of her innocence and then left her behind. Angelica is also still in love with Jack Sparrow and that is something she intends to keep Her feisty attitude is something that keeps her strong and she has a way to keep me off her they are scared of what she can do a woman who can fight and fence like a man is someone you should not mess with.
What traits are the character known for? Their strengths and weaknesses also go here.
Angelica is a pirate and she is a witch and hides that fact from everyone,
She dresses herself like one she has earrings across and tattoo she wears a black leather jacket, she has a white shirt on,she has a tricorn hat similar to the one Jack has other than that she is a woman and she has dresses too but she only put them on an exceptional events like if she has to make expression to someone. Angelica is all a trickster a con that believes her lies is the truth but most of the time she tells the truth she has that good and kindness in her heart she is fast with the sword and Captain Jack Sparrow is her teacher he taught her to master his skills of using the sword and she is the only woman who can master his moves that is also so he knows if he ever would meet her again under those peculiar circumstances he would know who she is. Angelica is also a lady of class when she wants to have it that way.
Angelica's magical powers are out of control and she doesn't know how to control herself she has stayed away few years not to harm anybody only one can help her and she is out to seek his help namely the Dragonlord and Warlock Merlin from Camelot.
Angelicas magic came from her mother Isabella who had been a witch gifted of black and white magic an inheritance from the gypsy's she was born from in Spain, Isabella abilities were she could start a fire, she could control the wind and start fire with her mind sometimes she can read ones thoughts but not all the time.
Blackbeard's only child Angelica was raised in a convent after her mother had been killed by him as an infant girl she never knew about this until after Black Beard's death the magic went over to her and now she had a gift she could not control by looking at an object a fire started or wanting it to stop raining it stopped just by a command she didn't understand all this and the voodoo doll she had controlled Jack Sparrow and she brought him bad luck after what he did to her she still had not finished with Jack, but all these new magical powers over wind and fire was something she must control it was linked to her emotions and with a fiery temper like her it did not bode well for anyone especially not her.
Angelica can also read one thought of her friends even enemies to know what they're up to and for someone powerful they would want to take that ability from Angelica and she will need help to prevent that her magic being stolen from her.

Angelica was born to Captain Edward Teach Blackbeard and his twelfth wife Isabella Teach in the Spring of 1720 Of April 12.

Isabella Teach who was a witch she had put a hex on her husband that he lost his life and was beheaded by the British Navy that was when Angelica was just three years old. Isabella took Angelica to a convent that she was raised til adult years she never saw her mother again the witch maybe she had just died or left the country Angelica never got to know what happened to the woman who gave birth to her only that she was Spanish and a gypsy.
Angelica was 18 years old when she first met with a young pirate man named Jack Sparrow he was around 30 years old slight older than her and he got smitten by her and stole her innocence ever since Angelica held a grudge against Captain Jack Sparrow their love-hate relationship grew over the years and each time they met a fight occurred and then makeup underneath a candlelight and music with fine red wine Jack romanced Angelica even if they were supposed to hate one another then she never really hated him.
Angelica shanghaied Captain Jack Sparrow into the service of her father Blackbeard to find the Fountain Of Youth and with his help they found it but to Angelica's agony she lost her father his years were taken from him and Jack stole them for Angelica's life.
After leaving her on Sola Fide Beach Angelica swore she would return and avenge her father's death one way or the other.
After her father's sudden death Angelica's gift was born and it was Magic.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>

It had been years since Angelica stepped her feet in Tortuga the town of pirates she wasn't the same
woman after 15 years since she was in a battle with the East India Trading Company and Fitzwilliam Morgan
and her father both died he had lost his head during that battle but still be able to return from hell.

She had to keep face in the facade in London years later to pretend to be Jack Sparrow her ex-lover,
After that, he became the man of the sea and drunken stupour and ten years later when he was about to return to her
Angelica had gone through some drastic change and colored her hair darkest brown
and with black shades, so it was the raven and dark chocolate brown she was wearing a white
gown and let her hair flow lose down her shoulders her eyes looked black with the contrast
from her dark shades of hair and she looked more like an angelic vision than a woman
at least the men inside the tavern stopped drinking when she appeared.
Rumours circled the woman like flies to a bunch of garbage, though that was hardly the correct smile. She wasn't junk but she was a magnet for trouble and rumors and it surrounded her like fog, making her hard to see as her father had mentioned once. She knew to use that as a mask, a veil to hide her scheming and plotting, keeping all the details behind closed doors and Angelica was a careful woman who knew exactly the worst things and the best things to do. As much as she had been stressed in the last few months, the pirates were mischievously happy and content now, her aunt is the main source of that for her.
The roars of the tavern her stride had taken her too were overwhelming to the ears of those who weren't used to it, but Angelica was happy such noise concealed her entrance. Hardly. Many shouts and screams dulled to a hush as she weaved toward the bar, her dark eyes gleaming with danger as she smirked beneath the brim of her feathered hat. As she looked at the waitress, the noise reached it's peak again and Angelica was nothing more than another woman among the scallywags of a tavern.

Her long mahogany tresses hung loosely down her back as she was given a bottle of wine and she thanked the woman, her accent pronounced as she turned from the waitress, keen observing eyes settling on the dreadlocks of the man she knew she was silently playing. So he was irritated by the rumors? His expression gave it away and he was much more rogue than normal, his eyes preoccupied and he was certainly not within distance of being sober. A coy smirk played across Angelica's lips as she sauntered toward him, taking a swig of wine as she went. If Jack noticed she was drinking wine and not rum, he'd know she wasn't stressed which would be a mysterious but subtle clue, not that she really wanted to give any. The truth was she never drank rum unless she was intensely stressed but she caught the muttered, annoyed words of the pirate and quirked one dark brow. "Hardly." She said gently, standing on the opposite side of his table.
This was two years ago now the time had changed and so her life.

And now in a world she didn't know she knew it wasn't Tortuga, it was a coastline, shores that showed
no end of the horizon what place had she ended in nothing seemed real to her.
Angelica walked into the town it looked nothing like the old houses she had seen a build of wood, it was a strange world she was in now and without knowing it 300 years into the future she was from her own timeline.
Story Brooke Maine she read on the sign into the Town she was now in, Interesting indeed Angelica thought to herself.

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<h2>OoC Account</h2> Maria Pearl
<h3>timezone GMT Eastern . last character: Elizabeth Swann</h3>




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