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Apr 7 2018, 11:19 AM
Captain Jack Sparrow

Angelica was new to Story Brook but she had been through some ordeal that changed her life forever she had come here on a ship with Elizabeth Swann and other passengers and both women had become aquintance not friends persay but they spoke and Angelica had someone to talk to on the voyage to America where both were heading she got to know Elizabeth knew Jack that he had been a good friend and saved her from death's grip, Angelica had been there to Jack had been more to her then a friend but she kept silent about her relationship it was nobodies business.
After arguing with the ships Captain that it was a stupid idea to sail through the hurricane Angelica had fought with Elizabeth when the attack on the passengers happened and the girls somehow escaped better then anyone else had.

Angelica did not show Elizabeth the map she had on her, the map to the Lost City Of Gold
Atlantis, you had to be immortal to enter there and how to find where it was, was another matter all together Angelica couldn't go alone after searching for the lost City the last five years she came to a knowledge she had to find a crew to help her, a crew of strong solid men and women who were not afraid of death.

Angelica had not gone to a hospital yet she was stubborn and licked her wounds and placed some bandage over her midriff and arms, she had broken ribs and bruises here and there
she was tough and not a crybaby like many females she handled the pain with grace.
She took care of herself she did not need anyone she always told herself that after Jack abandon her on some godforsaken spit of land five years ago and he never found out about the map she had.

Angelica was strolling down at the beach thinking of this when she put onto a halt, "What ?? she stared in shock she knew this vessel that lay half buried in the sand and water.
she took off on a start and stopped before the keel and reached out her hands and moved it so it stood on its own she took the rope and tied it to the branch she hauled herself up on deck and called..."Hello, Hola, Anybody here, alive she wanted to say but didn't.
The Black Pearl was here in all its mightiness like a goddess, Angelica wrapped her hands around the steering wheel and prayed..." Jack, where are you?
Apr 6 2018, 11:40 AM

The latina needed a transportation in this town other then her two to walk on she disliked the strange transport called Cars, she preferred to ride a horse than sitting in that thing.

She was in the stables now looking for a horse so many where here but they belonged to
the inhabitants of Story Brook.

Angelica was walking around the stables hoping to find someone that worked here and could maybe sell her a horse, she liked the Andalucian horse he was beautiful.
darkish grey with white main and tail.

The dark silver looked wonderful Angelica hoped he was for sale.
She already called him Silver in her mind.
Apr 6 2018, 10:50 AM
Angelica had thought about this long and hard. In fact, in the last ten years since she had last spoken to Jack Sparrow, it was all that she had thought about. She tossed and turned and contemplated the reasons as to why she should or shouldn't do this. And. by this morning, she had come to a conclusion that she would not go. There was too much to compromise and to give up; Taking a Passage to America was her goal she had never been there but she had seen the Orient like Singapore and China she had been to the West Indies and the Caribbean isles she missed the adventure finding treasure was the next mission she had waited ten long years and Jack never returned was he perhaps dead, nor married to somebody else. But that had to wait for a while her visit to America was going to help her education to become an astronomer and philosopher not only a woman who was a pirate and what came with it.

Angelica now stood on the dock of the ship, feeling rather overdressed for the occasion. She had left from work, a job she had taken up at the tavern and it bored her to boot. Dressed in a poofy dress, her hair well done, and looking a lot more like a woman than normal dark chocolate tresses in a bundling bun around her nape. She was getting a lot of curious stares, which she barely noted since she was preoccupied. She found herself contemplating whether or not she wanted to -or rather, should- actually do this to take a foreign ship to America's.

She wasn't one to follow impulses, and now she was almost second-guessing herself. But, Angelica forced herself to walk on down the dock.

The weather was not good on the sea and Angelica whom never got seasick again had those curious stares she told one of the passengers.."I am a sailor and I Captained a ship once and I never been seasick. "Oh lucky you miss the lady said to her" Angelica gave the young woman few herbs so she would recover quickly the woman thanked Angelica and was well an hour later.

Angelica noticed something was happening and she saw a tornado form a maelstrom ahead she called onto the ship's Captain who said...Ah just a tiny storm eh", no worries missie tis be fine ..."Fine Angelica growled..."its a tornado it will sink the ship.
The Captain just laughed ..."Tiny rain eh, no harm will come to my ship...but oh was he wrong Angelica thought to herself....before she could think further the hurricane struck the ship and sailed into some kind of a vortex.
Hours Later she woke up soaked in water on a beach....her head was hurting badly something was wrong..."Ough, my head..she stroke her forehead and blood came on the tip of her fingers..."Oh bugger this what happened ...she looked around and saw a town ahead but she was bleeding and the ship she had been a passenger on was gone...

Her dark brown hair was all in tangles...."Where Am this death she thought to herself.

Feb 21 2018, 03:03 PM
Rumours circled the woman like flies to a bunch of garbage, though that was hardly the correct smile. She wasn't junk but she was a magnet for trouble and rumors and it surrounded her like fog, making her hard to see as her father had mentioned once. She knew to use that as a mask, a veil to hide her scheming and plotting, keeping all the details behind closed doors and Angelica was a careful woman who knew exactly the worst things and the best things to do. As much as she had been stressed in the last few months, the pirates were mischievously happy and content now, her aunt is the main source of that for her.

The roars of the Rabbit Hole in Story Brooke, her stride had taken her too were overwhelming to the ears of those who weren't used to it, but Angelica was happy such noise concealed her entrance. Hardly. Many shouts and screams dulled to a hush as she weaved toward the bar, her dark eyes gleaming with danger as she smirked beneath the brim of her feathered hat. As she looked at the waitress, the noise reached it's peak again and Angelica was nothing more than another woman among the scallywags of a tavern in a world she did not know yet.

Her long mahogany tresses hung loosely down her back as she was given a bottle of wine and she thanked the woman, her accent pronounced as she turned from the waitress, keen observing eyes settling on the Lass behind the counter asking her for a drink.

So She was irritated by the rumors? Angelica had a map to a location that many pirates had been searching for ages, centuries and she had it or maybe it was forged but she was clever enough to find out if it was forged or not just needed someone who knew books and scribbles to read it for her.

Angelica was known for her rebellious temper she had a Spanish mother and a father of the evilest "Blackbeard himself.

The Map she had in her belongings was a place hidden in the deepest abyss
a place no man had ever found because you had to be immortal to enter there
No mortal could and Angelica thanked the water and mermaid tear at the Fountain Of Youth some years ago for that knowledge that she was able to walk there.
The Isle Of Fortuna, The Lost City Of Gold and hidden treasures of Jewels, gold medals, silver, you name it all the treasures all pirates wanted was there even crown jewels of royalty.

Hector Barbossa
Dec 15 2017, 02:10 PM

Her mighty black horse took her from realm to realm the journey had been long but she was close she felt it in her bones her horse Demon she had saved he had been stuck in the river bank and her magic helped him get loose the horse thanked her by becoming her pet, she had never had a pet before her father once had a ship's dog but he tortured the poor creature.
and Angelica was his angel of mercy always given him food and snacks when her father did not see.

Angelica stopped to rest her horse by a lake and it was heavenly she began feeling anxious again knowing it was her magic and she closed her eyes and let it take over Damon her black fresian, stood by watching she was okay.
Angelica looked at the small branch she hat and fire started it lit up and she murmured some chanting that she had no idea where it had come from.
Moments later the branch was turned to ash and she knew she needed help how to control her magic it always seemed to flair into flames and spread like wildfire.
"What Do You Think Damon, she asked the black horse.
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