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Tc Callahan

Land Without Magic

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May 31 2018, 07:43 PM
TC Callahan sipped on his coffee. Well, it came out more as a slurp. He was bad about that. Coffee just seemed to taste better that way. No one seemed to believe him though. That’s okay. He didn’t need that opinion believed. He was trying to break the habit. It could be annoying. TC was aware of that. So he tried. It was harder than he thought.

Wrapping his hands around his paper cup of take-out coffee, he sat on the park bench looking at a mass of balloons in the distance. The red and yellow and green and blue and purple stood out with vibrancy against the pale blue sky. They and their seller were reflected in the pond. It was a perfect mirror image, although a couple of ducks kept distorting the image with their swimming. The ducks only added to the picturesque moment.

Storybrooke was a nice place. He liked it well enough. But he didn’t feel like he fit in. TC was used to large cities. He was also used to a lot of heat. This place was neither. It was chilly and small. It was kind of nice being in a different sort of place. He just didn’t quite know how to find his groove. He felt lost in his mind and in his past and he didn’t know how to fix it. “This is the life, eh?” he mumbled to no one and anyone who felt like answering (if there was someone to answer).

This open starter brought to you by 99 Luftballoons
Jun 4 2017, 07:38 PM
He stood in front of the automatic doors. The hot air flew through the entrance and blasted against his face. Under his scrub top, his back shivered and goose flesh rose from the air conditioned air inside. He just stood and stared. He probably looked ridiculous. TC didn’t care. He was too tired to care what he looked like right then. God, what a night – sometimes he wasn’t sure it would ever end. It must have been the full moon. The emergency room stayed packed the whole night; there were even still patients coming in when he clocked out. Worst of all, everything that could go wrong went wrong.

Light go out? That happened in the first half hour. The air condition shut down? That happened during hour three. Out of sterile gauze? Twenty times in 10 hours. Ice Maker break? That came during hour six and the hallway had flooded with water and ice cubes. It had been a rough night to say the least. Actually, he would have said it was one of the worst and was glad to be going home. However, first stop was a little dive around the corner. TC might be exhausted, but he was also starving. More than just hospital food was needed to make it through the rest of the day.

After getting a good glaring at by a nurse, TC smiled sheepishly. Standing there was a big no no. Paramedics with their next patient (or two) could come pouring into the emergency room. They would either have to slow down to miss TC standing there (thus risking the lives of the injured) or not slow down and run over TC (thus risking his life). Neither were good options. Moving was the only right thing to do. So, with weary reluctance, he stepped out of the door.

He was in the nick of time. Just as he crossed the street with wide, lanky strides, an ambulance pulled up. Glancing over his shoulder, he watched the paramedics push open the rear doors of the vehicle and wheel a bruised and bleeding young woman from the back. If he would have to guess it looked like she’d been riding her bike, skidded on some gravel and went flying. But it was only a guess, even if his gut told him it was the right call. TC was not about to go back and find out.

The shift was over. It had been long and grueling. But TC would do it again in an instant. Well, he would be in two day’s time. He had today and tomorrow off. Then, it was back to administering to the sick and injured. What a life he lived, but it was not one he would change. Well, he might take that back. Someday, he’d like to find someone special to spend his life with. Someday, he’d like to have kids or adopt. Then his life would be perfect in his eyes. Right now it was near perfect. Someday though. Someday.

Jordan Alexander
Jun 4 2017, 07:36 PM
“Well it doesn’t look like anything’s broken,” TC informed his patient after examining the ankle. He straightened up in his seat and straightened the stethoscope around his neck. “But, I’m not an x-ray machine so you will have to go have a couple of those before the final diagnosis can be given. How’s that sound?”

TC Callahan’s left his seat and went to his patient’s side. He offered a hand so as to assist in getting to the wheelchair. “I hope you don’t mind a little ride in the chair. I won’t take the turns too quick,” he joked, while undoing the blood pressure cuff from around the arm and unclipping the pulse ox from the finger. Both items were tossed onto the little metal bedside table. “So, how exactly did you have this accident? Tripping on a rug? Did you say you were in the kitchen, cooking?”

He hoped those questions were not too personal. He was just trying to get the story straight so as to make the proper notes in the chat. He was known for many things and detailed chart notes was one of those things he was known for. It was important. A muddled description could lead to the wrong treatment. That was never a good thing.

“Most people love my driving though. I’m a great driver, so don’t worry,” he continued, standing there and waiting for his patient to stand up. “I know all the secrets to make the drive smooth as a baby’s behind.”

Rory Gilmore

May 6 2017, 07:35 PM
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<h3>40 . TC Callahan . The Night Shift . Eoin Macken . The Land Without Magic</h3>
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TC is smart, quick to react, and quite impulsive. That combination makes for a very passionate and unpredictable person. He acts first and thinks later – way later. This trait is both helpful and hindering. As a doctor on the battlefield as well as a doctor in a busy ER his gut instincts have saved many critical patients. However, his spontaneous side has led him to engaging in bar fights wild enough to get himself thrown into jail for the night.
He is a solider at heart. He loves to serve and protect anyone and everyone. He’s not afraid to take risks to save someone in danger. He’s not afraid of death or dying himself, but he’s afraid of losing his friends and family. He watched his brother, Thad Callahan, get gunned down on the battlefield. TC blames himself because he paused for one second. Because of this he never pauses when he reacts.

Even to this day TC battles the guilt. Memories of that day flash through his mind. The battle against PTSD is an uphill battle. Sometimes it gets bad enough that he resorts to self-medicating with alcohol. However, he tries to keep busy and moving. He works the night shifts because the memories are the worst at night.


TC is a fabulous doctor. He is caring and considerate. He listens. However, he doesn’t always listen to authority when someone is in danger or there is a crsis. He’s got a very steady hand and his stitching skills have been complimented in the past. TC is a good pool player and boxer. He’s also very good with riding motor cycle (although TC doesn’t really see it as a skill). TC is a fast draw when it comes to guns and he has very good aim. Small spaces, particularly elevators, and flickering lights freak him out. In those situations he can’t act. He tends to stiffen up. He’s also the worst housecleaner on the face of this earth. His cooking skills are not much better.

Medicine is in TC’s blood. His grandfather was a surgeon. His father’s a pediatrician. His mother’s a nurse. His younger brother Thad was a radiologist. So TC grew up around medicine. Blood never made him squeamish nor did his broken arm. At ten he fell from his bicycle and landed wrong. While his friends were shouting ‘ewwwww… gross’ he was fascinated by the way his arm bent wrong. So no one batted an eye when TC chose pre-med as his undergraduate studies and internal medicine when he was in med school. <p>
In medical school he met a fellow med student – Jordan – and fell madly in love. Those were the best years of his life. They started med school together. They graduated. They did their residencies together. It was bliss. And then the War in Afghanistan began. TC joined without question. He knew he needed to protect the innocent. Besides, his grandfather had been a surgeon during WWII. It seemed logical to sign up.<p>
Dutifully he went through basic training and went over to Afghanistan. It was more than he bargained because Thad decided to enlist as well. This meant TC was watching over his fellow soldiers, his patients, and his baby brother. He succeeded in protecting two of the three while on tour of duty. He couldn’t protect Thad. Because of inaction on TC’s part, Thad was killed by a sniper on the last day of TC’s deployment.<p>
Home in San Antonio, TC tried to adjust to civilian life. He moved in with Jordan and managed to find a job at an ER. However the past plagued him. He grew withdrawn. He began drinking and getting into fights. Eventually his and Jordan’s relationship soured and they broke up. <p>
Slowly he got his life back on track or so he thought. He managed to keep his job as well as mostly sober up. He mended his friendship with Jordan and ultimately they got back together. Flashbacks disrupted his life. He tried to hide it.<p>
He did fairly well for awhile. But then a critically injured mobster and his brother came into San Antonio Memorial Hospital’s ER and demanded that TC, Jordan, and their friend Dr. Topher Zia be their doctor because the mobsters had heard they were the best of the best. They tried to treat the injured man, but he died just as the FBI dropped a smoke bomb into the room. This resulted in outrage from the patient’s brother and TC’s flashbacks to take over his mind. The mobster pulled a gun and shot. Even though he was stuck in a PTSD meltdown, which generally led him to fighting anyone who attempted to touch him, TC allowed himself to be led from the room. <p>
Because he witnessed the shooting TC was supposed to stay at the hospital and give a testimony. However, duty called. There was an accident at a construction site. TC was first to volunteer and before anyone could stop him, he was out the door. Once there, he got to work stabilizing the first victim he came to. As he headed to help another victim, scaffolding felt and struck the ground. With the impact, a portal opened and TC was sucked through. Now he's in Storybrooke and he doesn't know what to do.

<h2>RP Sample</h2>
This is not my first character.


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<h3>EST . other characters: Jess Mariano, Emma Swan, Arthur Pendragon</h3>




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