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Ruby Lucas

Enchanted Forest

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Oct 8 2017, 01:25 PM
Ruby loved running. She loved the feeling of everything rushing past her, the feeling of freedom she got as she ran through the forest. Being able to push all her trouble out of her mind, just for a while when she was running. Not that she felt she had that many troubles to worry about, other than making sure Granny didn't overwork herself and have another heart attack, and making sure that the zombies stayed away from anyone she cared about, which was most of the town, if she was honest with herself. Other than that she had a great life, she had a good job, a nice place to live, and an amazing boyfriend who she loved with her whole heart. She really didn't have much to complain about.

She ran for as long as she had the energy to do so, before finding a nice tree to curl up under. Maybe sleeping in the forest wasn't the best idea now that weird and creepy castles were popping up out of nowhere. But she didn't really feel like walking through town while still in her wolf form to get home to Victor. She wasn't even sure she would be able to fit in bed next to him while she was still in her wolf form, so she stayed out in the woods like she had always done. She really didn't mind, sleeping under the full moon and the stars was something she loved a lot.

So, once she was curled up under the tree, letting herself fall asleep, she couldn't help but wonder what Victor was up to. If he was still at work, or if he had given himself a break and had gone home to sleep. She hoped it was the latter, he needed the sleep. As she went to sleep thinking of Victor, she happily slipped into a dream about him.

They were curled up in bed together, it was morning and she was just waking up, wondering if she should get some breakfast in bed for them both since neither of them had work to get to that day. she liked that idea, so she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, before slipping out of bed to head to the kitchen, smiling as she walked.

Kozmotis Pitchiner (( I hope this is okay <3 <3 ))
Sep 24 2017, 01:53 PM
Ruby's relationship with her mother had been rocky, to say the least. Ever since they first met each other in the Enchanted Forest, which ended up in Ruby accidentally killing her mother. She hated that it had come to that, that they had been forced to fight each other like that. But she would never have let anyone hurt Snow, she was the closest thing she'd ever get to having a sister. There was no way she was ever going to risk losing her, ever. But even if she had done it to save Snow, she still felt guilty for killing her mother. She didn't want to be this monster who killed people, but that's what she'd been.

Their relationship was getting better now, now that Anita had come back from the dead. They had been able to reconnect, talk things through, and she had even met Victor. But still, the guilt was gnawing at her. She knew she was better now, she wasn't a monster anymore, but the thoughts of accidentally hurting the people she loved still haunted her from time to time.

That was why she had made an appointment with Archie, hoping that maybe he could help her forgive herself for what she had done in her past. Even if he might not be able to do that, he was still someone she could talk it through with. Someone who wasn't directly involved in what she had done. He knew she was a werewolf, pretty much everyone in town knew that, but she wasn't sure he knew what she had done back then. She hoped he wouldn't think less of her once she was done talking to him. Gently she knocked on the door to his office, opening it a little bit to stick her head inside. "Hi, Archie. I can come in now, can't I?" She asked with a little nervous smile.

Archie Hopper
Dec 23 2016, 04:13 PM
Ruby's past with her mother wasn't the best, she knew that, it was hard for her to forgive and forget it all. But she was trying her best. to forgive both her mother, but also herself. She had caused her mother's death, and though she had done it to protect Snow, she still felt terrible about killing her. She had tried so hard to forgive herself for what had happened, but it had been extremely hard, and she hadn't succeeded yet. But she had to keep trying, because now her mother had come back from the dead. Their first meeting hadn't exactly gone well, because Ruby hadn't been prepared for her mother to suddenly reappear like that. Even if she knew people were coming back from the dead.

Ruby had tried talking to Victor, Snow and Granny about her mother being back, about what she should do and how she should handle it. They gave good advice, that she thought over for a long time. But in the end, only she could decide what she would do. Only her heart could tell her how she felt. Really, she wanted to get to know her mother better, she wanted to know everything there as to know about her that Granny couldn't or wouldn't tell her. She had to try be brave about this, try and let her mother back in so she could being to trust her again. And it was Christmas, that gave her the perfect opportunity to extend an olive branch to her mother, open her heart and life a little bit to her.

That was why she was now making her way to the convent, where she had been told her mother now stayed. With a basket full of food, drink and holiday goods in her hand, she walked up the convent steps and inside, quickly asking one of the fairies where she might find her mother. With a bright smile she thanked the fairy, before making her way to where she had been told her mother would be. She stood outside the door for a little while, taking deep breaths, preparing herself for seeing her mother again. Hesitantly, she opened the door and looked inside. "Mother, can I come in?" She asked softly.

Anita Lucas
Dec 18 2016, 06:01 PM
Ruby had been confused all day, ever since her mother, Anita, walked through the door of the diner, claiming that she wanted to be in Ruby's life now. Ruby was pretty sure that Anita hadn't wanted it before, back in the Enchanted Forest, before Ruby had caused her death. From what Ruby had been told, her mother had left her soon after she was born so she could have her freedom. That didn't really sound like a person who wanted to be in her daughter's life. Then, when Ruby met her when she was older, she never really got the feeling that her mother really wanted her there, Anita definitely didn't want to stand up for her. She just wanted to avenge Quinn's death, and almost forced Ruby to kill her best friend. And then disowned Ruby with her dying breath.

It wasn't the best track record, and because of that Ruby didn't know how to feel about her mother being alive again. She needed to talk it all through with someone who knew what Ruby had been through with her mother, but had also known her mother too. That person was Granny. But she wanted to wait until the diner was closed, so they could talk it through thoroughly without interruptions. Granny had not been there when Anita came in, so Ruby wasn't sure if she knew Anita had come back yet. But she would find out soon enough.

After they had closed up and cleaned everything up, Ruby walked over to sit by the counter, taking a sip of scotch she had just poured for herself. "Granny, can we talk?" She asked softly as she looked up at her grandmother, sighing deeply before taking another sip. "My mother is alive again, she came in here today, telling me she wants to be a part of my life now." The look in Ruby's eyes was still a confused one, as if she had no idea how to feel or what to do about her mother being alive again.

Nov 21 2016, 12:47 PM
This day had been a very hard for Ruby. She had just met her father for the first time, the father she thought had died a long time ago, but had been alive and well and in Storybrooke all this time. She was still very much in shock by having learned that he had been alive all this time, and though meeting him had gone better than one could have hoped and that she liked him, she still didn't know what to think. She had promised him she would let him be a part of her life now, and she would keep that promise to him. Even if Granny might not like it.

She really couldn't believe that Granny had lied to her about her father her whole life, it broke her heart and angered her so much to think about it. Granny knew how much Ruby had always wanted parents, how much she had wished that her parents would come back to life, come back to her. And she kept her father from her, a man who wanted so much to be a part of her life, but wasn't allowed to be. That refusal was a mean thing to do, both to Ruby and Garren. And Ruby really couldn't believe that Granny, who was supposed to love and want the best for Ruby, would do that to her.

That was why she was now strode into the diner, as well as she could on her crutches, and straight over to Granny, looking at her with an angry scold. "I can't believe you would do that to me, Granny. How could you lie to me about this?!" She almost yelled at her, not caring if the costumers in the diner stared at her. Tears started welling up in her eyes, but she was willing them not to fall yet. she hated fighting with Granny, but she had to do this, she had to understand why she would do a thing like this to her own Granddaughter.

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