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Feb 20 2018, 07:48 AM
Ruby loved Valentine's day, especially since she started dating Victor. Before that it had been a bit depressing, watching how everyone else in town found their true love when she didn't have anyone to spend the day with. Of course, there had been many admirers sending her Valentines during the curse, but when it broke and people figured out what she was, the offers dwindled a little bit. Dating a werewolf probably wasn't something men wanted to do, especially not after they figured out what happened to her first and only boyfriend. It took someone special to be able to love her, someone who understood her and could relate to how she felt about herself.

That special someone was Victor. Her relationship with him meant everything to her, because even though they were so different, they were still so similar, they understood each other better than anyone else in town. Their relationship was going so well, they had been dating for a couple of years now, they had bought a house together and they even had a puppy. Though Ruby had been the one who bought Dash, she wouldn't have done it if Victor hadn't been okay with it. And though things were going so well between them, Ruby couldn't help but dream about taking even bigger steps with him. She couldn't help but daydream about how their wedding could be. Being Emma’s maid of honour didn’t help matters, but at least it gave her an outlet to talk about weddings when she couldn’t talk about her own.

On Valentine's day, Ruby was happy to go to the carnival with Victor, she thought it was an amazing idea to celebrate the day that way and she couldn’t wait to get to all the fun and romantic things the carnival had to offer. She and Victor were walking arm in arm through the carnival, with Dash running around in front of them on his leash. He was having fun running around exploring everything within his reach, but Ruby was busy snuggling closer to Victor, since it was still a bit cold outside. "I really love the idea of this Valentine's day carnival, but it is also a bit too cold to spend so much time outside, don’t you think?" She asked Victor with a big grin on her face, before looking around at some of the stalls. "I have to admit, it is quite romantic, though."

Victor Whale
Jan 4 2018, 12:01 PM
This wasn't anything like she had imagined her time in the Enchanted Forest with her father would have gone. They had gone back there to look for her father's family, other werewolves that were hopefully good-natured like Ruby and her father were. She had also hoped that they would have been able to go see some of the places they had both known back when they both lived there. Like the town he had been the mayor of, or the little village Ruby had once lived in. Even if it might not have been the place she was happiest, she thought he still might like to see the place where his daughter grew up. But everything hadn't really gone after plan, not since they had heard a rumor about some werewolves her father wanted to go meet. But he didn't want Ruby to go with him, since the wolves were wild and he thought it would be dangerous for her to go with him.

But Ruby was stubborn, and didn't want to take no for an answer, because they had come to the Enchanted Forest to look for wolves together, so now that there were actual wolves to find, she wasn't going to wait on the sidelines. So, after he left their campsite to go look for the wolves, she decided to follow him. At a discreet distance, of course, so he wouldn't be able to hear or smell her. Tracking him went okay for a while, she'd always had a nose for that, even in human form. But then, for some reason, everything went black. After that, things were a little hazy for her, she knew she was in her wolf form, but she had no control whatsoever, and there were snippets of what was happening to her that made it through the blackout. She was being used as a guard dog by a witch she had never met before. She tried to fight whatever spell had been put on her, but it was too strong and she only made it out with the help of Mulan.

The first thing Ruby wanted to do when she was finally human again, was to go find her father. But when she made it back to where the campsite had been, he was nowhere to be found, and any scent he'd left behind was too faint to track. But now Ruby didn't know where else to go and look for him, would he be with the wolves he had gone to look for? Or was he out somewhere looking for her? She had no way of knowing the answers to her questions, so in the end, she decided to follow Mulan back to Dun Broch, where she was staying, to get some help from some people there. Maybe they would be able to help her find her father, she certainly hoped so as she walked through the gates of the castle.

Callum Wallace
Dec 4 2017, 04:17 PM
Ruby wasn't quite sure what to do with herself, her whole world seemed to be falling apart around her because she had met her father the night before. He had never been dead, like Granny had told her he was, he had been alive all that time, wanting to be her father, but Granny had never allowed him to get her back. When she was little, Ruby had always wanted parents, Granny knew that, but still she had lied to her and told her that her parents were dead. And on top of all the other lies Granny had told her and the manipulation she had put Ruby through, Ruby couldn't help but be furious with her Grandmother. She had always loved the older woman so much, and had somehow found a way of forgiving her before this, but this was just too much. This meant that her whole life had been one big lie.

Of course, her father was also a little bit to blame for that, he had given her to Granny when she was a baby, just so he could try and save his relationship with her mother, which of course failed. But he had always wanted her back, wanted to be her father and raise her himself, but Granny had never given him the chance. She had just wanted Ruby raised the way she wanted, she wanted Ruby to be human. She never told Ruby that she was a werewolf, never gave her a chance to prepare for it. So, when she was finally able to transform, disastrous things happened and Granny never tried very hard to stop them from happening. All she did was give Ruby a cloak and when wolf's time came around, she would just sit outside Ruby's room with her crossbow. That didn't exactly help anything.

The night before, once Ruby and her father were done talking, she hadn't been able to go home and face Granny. Not after learning the whole truth of what she did. So, she had gone to Thomas' place, asked if she could stay with him. He had always been a good friend to her, he had never betrayed her in any way. She could trust him. But the next morning she knew she had to go home and get her things, because there was no way she could go live with Granny right now, it would just be too hard to face her. So, when Ruby was in her room packing her things, she hoped to god that Granny wouldn't come looking for her. But since she hadn't come home the night before, there was a good chance Granny would be worried something had happened to her.

Oct 8 2017, 01:25 PM
Ruby loved running. She loved the feeling of everything rushing past her, the feeling of freedom she got as she ran through the forest. Being able to push all her trouble out of her mind, just for a while when she was running. Not that she felt she had that many troubles to worry about, other than making sure Granny didn't overwork herself and have another heart attack, and making sure that the zombies stayed away from anyone she cared about, which was most of the town, if she was honest with herself. Other than that she had a great life, she had a good job, a nice place to live, and an amazing boyfriend who she loved with her whole heart. She really didn't have much to complain about.

She ran for as long as she had the energy to do so, before finding a nice tree to curl up under. Maybe sleeping in the forest wasn't the best idea now that weird and creepy castles were popping up out of nowhere. But she didn't really feel like walking through town while still in her wolf form to get home to Victor. She wasn't even sure she would be able to fit in bed next to him while she was still in her wolf form, so she stayed out in the woods like she had always done. She really didn't mind, sleeping under the full moon and the stars was something she loved a lot.

So, once she was curled up under the tree, letting herself fall asleep, she couldn't help but wonder what Victor was up to. If he was still at work, or if he had given himself a break and had gone home to sleep. She hoped it was the latter, he needed the sleep. As she went to sleep thinking of Victor, she happily slipped into a dream about him.

They were curled up in bed together, it was morning and she was just waking up, wondering if she should get some breakfast in bed for them both since neither of them had work to get to that day. she liked that idea, so she gave him a gentle kiss on the cheek, before slipping out of bed to head to the kitchen, smiling as she walked.

Kozmotis Pitchiner (( I hope this is okay <3 <3 ))
Sep 24 2017, 01:53 PM
Ruby's relationship with her mother had been rocky, to say the least. Ever since they first met each other in the Enchanted Forest, which ended up in Ruby accidentally killing her mother. She hated that it had come to that, that they had been forced to fight each other like that. But she would never have let anyone hurt Snow, she was the closest thing she'd ever get to having a sister. There was no way she was ever going to risk losing her, ever. But even if she had done it to save Snow, she still felt guilty for killing her mother. She didn't want to be this monster who killed people, but that's what she'd been.

Their relationship was getting better now, now that Anita had come back from the dead. They had been able to reconnect, talk things through, and she had even met Victor. But still, the guilt was gnawing at her. She knew she was better now, she wasn't a monster anymore, but the thoughts of accidentally hurting the people she loved still haunted her from time to time.

That was why she had made an appointment with Archie, hoping that maybe he could help her forgive herself for what she had done in her past. Even if he might not be able to do that, he was still someone she could talk it through with. Someone who wasn't directly involved in what she had done. He knew she was a werewolf, pretty much everyone in town knew that, but she wasn't sure he knew what she had done back then. She hoped he wouldn't think less of her once she was done talking to him. Gently she knocked on the door to his office, opening it a little bit to stick her head inside. "Hi, Archie. I can come in now, can't I?" She asked with a little nervous smile.

Archie Hopper
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