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Nov 1 2017, 12:52 PM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>Activity Check!</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">

To pass the check, you need TWO posts per main canon, and ONE post for any other characters, including OCs, non show canons and minor show canons! If you don’t know who the main canons are for this site, they’re listed on the canon list with descriptions!
If you have an away, please link it instead. Note that two months without posts will result in a lost character, even with an away. (Unless you speak to me in advance!)
If you made a character the month of the AC, they do not need to be posted until the next month!
Regardless of meeting the check or not, you MUST post in this thread so I know you’re still here!
Please post for every character you own!
This thread is open all month. Post when you have the time/get the check done! You may post multiple times, as you meet the check with each character, or you may post them all at once!

Form: <pre>[/dohtml]

[b]Post:[/b] [url=Link to post(s)]Link[/url]
[b]Any notes:[/b]

<h2>Exempt: (OoC accounts)</h2>


Oct 28 2017, 06:02 PM
So this was posted on another site, but I love it so much I have to post it here, too. >>

I made a couple of my characters already, and will likely make more. XD




Feel free to link other doll makers if you have any! And also use this one for your characters. >>
Oct 1 2017, 10:30 AM
Figure out who you might like to go explore the castle with.

You can go with whomever you like, as many times as you like! This is largely just like any other forum!

I will also be plotting here... just not in the first post, luls.
Oct 1 2017, 10:20 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">


<div class="n-p-main">
The Horned king is here! His castle has appeared in the middle of the forest by Storybrooke, and it's now being guarded by his undead army. The zombies may no longer be roaming the streets of Storybrooke, but that doesn't mean anyone is safe! The Horned King has appeared for only one reason- he's ready to use his magic to destroy the Land Without Magic. <p>
This board is open for any kind of RP! You and other characters may opt to try and sneak into the castle yourselves, or maybe you'd like to go in solo to see what you can find. Maybe you're a brave hero charging in to try and defeat the Horned King on your own. Whatever the case- this board functions much like a regular board, and RPs here are entirely up to you!
If you would like NPC involvement from the horned king's mule, just post in this thread with the board and what you're looking for. The mule can do anything from controlling zombies and booby traps, to having a false version of the Horned King appear before your characters! Conversely, you're more than welcome to NPC the undead and traps yourself, though you cannot play the Horned King!
So enjoy this open setting, and get to exploring the keep!
<h2><a href=''>CLICK HERE FOR PLOTTING</a></h2>

Oct 1 2017, 10:14 AM
[dohtml]<div class="n-sea">

<h1>October 2017</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">The activity check for July has now been completed! The following canon characters have been placed back up for grabs:
<li>Regina Mills<br>
<li>Henry Mills<br>

If you're interested in one of these characters, then by all means apply for them! The next activity check will take place at the end of the month!
As always, take a moment to welcome our newest members: Katie Kay, Krissu, and Echo! Make sure you visit their plot pages and make sure they feel welcome! Thanks for joining us, guys!
We now have a thread for you to request moving your boards around, when you make a new area of you accidentally put it in the wrong place to begin with! You may also move OoC threads to the archives, but remember that we don't move IC threads! You can find the board <a href=''>Here</a>!

The Horned King has landed! A massive castle has appeared in the middle of the forest by Storybrooke! It is a dark, broken down keep that looks long forgotten, but don't be fooled- there is very much something very evil lurking within! A new forum has been created for the castle, which you can find <a href=''>right here</a>. The boards are open for characters to go and explore as you see fit, just keep in mind it may be booby trapped or you may run into the undead! Speaking of- with the emergence of the castle, the legions of the Horned King no longer stalk the town, and have fallen back to the keep to protect it. The Horned King is readying to take over this realm, and brave heroes (or perhaps even villains who dislike someone getting in on their action) need to stop him! There will be a mini event for the final battle either at the end of this month, or next month depending on how the exploration of the castle goes. There will also be an open thread town meeting sometime this month!
The swanfire wedding it up and running again! if you would like to participate in the wedding of Emma and Neal, head to <a href=''>This thread</a> and sign yourself up!
Alternatively, if you're looking for something canon to the board and a bit grittier, but just as fun, why not check out Lithiasaur's <a href="">ghost possession</a> plot? Holtzmann is now more than just a crazy, dangerous scientist who loves to blow things up- she's now an EVIL crazy, dangerous scientist who loves to blow things up! But it's okay! We know who to call!
Remember, if you would like a group plot advertised here, just make sure you make a thread in the <a href="">Group Plot </a> board! It'll be up with the next month's announcement when you do!
In generic, always here news: please make sure you head over to the claims board and get any claims you haven't submitted taken care of! This includes <a href="">job claims</a>, <a href="">face claims</a>, and the <a href="">member directory</a>! Also- if you don't have an icon on your account, please get one up! It helps keep the site looking nice and fancy. If you need help, please PM me and I'll get that up for you! We also have some optional claims: <a href="">Pet</a>, <a href="">Housing</a> and <a href="">IC birthday</a>!
If you're dying to have a certain character on board, make sure your <b>Wanted Ads</b> are up to date! I go through and add characters people are looking for to my resource site/tumblr ads, so it's good to keep up on them if there's someone you're super interested in seeing! With the activity check now over, it seems like a good time to update!
Lastly- season six of Once has finished! The show comes out on DVD this month, I believe, so expect spoilers to be in the cbox from this point on! That said, season 7 is upon on! Since it's basically AU and not remotely connected to the board, I don't really FEEL like spoilers should matter much, but I will still ask that people be respectful if someone tells them not to talk about it. <3
<b>A NOTE ON PHOTOBUCKET</b> -- So, Photobucket is charging extortionate amounts to direct link with them now, meaning it would be in your best interest to MOVE YOUR PHOTOS to a new host! And I would suggest doing so ASAP if you haven't already, as photobucket is now DELETING everything that is direct linked! My suggestions are Nickpic or They're both very good sites for hosting images!


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