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Jun 5 2018, 07:17 AM
Going through portals was kind of like going through Stargates, Eli had decided. In that they were entirely different beyond both being large circles of some kind of strange substance. Stargates looked like weird water floating in the middle of a circle, while portals were more like black holes- swirling vortexes of magic that you really shouldn’t be leaping into recklessly, most likely. The travel through them was really different too. It was instantaneous with Stargates. One minute you were on the ship, the next you were walking out onto some unknown alien planet. But portals? They had this trippy flight through nothingness before dropping you off in some other realm. They were much rougher than Stargates, and seemed to enjoy spitting people out at odd angles.

When Eli had arrived in Neverland, he had been spat out into the air and had very nearly slammed into a tree. Thankfully, the thick vines of the canopy had caught hold of him before he had made any contact with hard surfaces.

Not-so-thankfully, he was now trapped hovering a few feet off the ground like a fish that had been caught in a net. His struggling only seemed to make the vines more insistent on keeping him in place, and there wasn’t a lot he could do to remove them. They were too thick to bite through and he couldn’t find the leverage to pull them loose from the trees above, either. He was helplessly caught, like a parachutist who had gotten his chute stuck.

But he hadn’t come to this place alone- he had come with someone named Cameron, who was also looking for fragments to help the people who had been taken by the curse. Some of his friends had been claimed, and he wanted to get them back no matter where they were taken. He just hoped it wasn’t somewhere horrible.

He didn’t want them to be suffering.

“Hello?” He called out to the open wilderness, “is, um, is anyone out there? Cameron? I could... I could use a little help if you are!” He didn’t know what realm they were in, exactly, but it looked kind of like a jungle. Maybe they were in that Enchanted Forest the others were always talking about! He certainly wouldn’t mind that- he loved adventure and he was kind of used to exploring uninhabited worlds.

Though he did hope his partner had at least come with him through that portal and they hadn’t been separated or something. He really didn’t want to be stuck there all alone. Then again, he didn’t really want to be stuck there if they weren’t alone, either. Especially if the locals ended up being unfriendly or more interested in food than company.

Cameron Jones
Jun 5 2018, 07:13 AM
Now this was fucking cool.

Eli had gone through a portal in hopes of helping out with the fragment thing, and he had landed himself in Hogwarts of all places. HOGWARTS. He had known almost immediately- he had awoken to find himself in a courtyard, and from there it had only taken a glance down at himself to realize what had happened.

The magic from the portal had altered him to fit the realm, much like how the portals spat magical beings and superheroes into Storybrooke with new bodies and magical-based powers. That was what he had heard from people about the process, anyway. In any case, he found himself looking at a younger body. Granted, only a couple years younger, but younger all the same. A teenage body! Still fat, but eh, he’d take it. He was also wearing the robes provided by the school, which helped instantly tell him where he was.

And he was a Hufflepuff! Not the worst house to be sorted into, though he had always pictured himself as more of a Gryffindor. Maybe that was just because he was kind of into the hero thing and wanted to be the star in his own day-dreaming. Who fantasized themselves as anything other than the Harry Potter of the story?

In any case, he knew where he was, he knew how the place worked, but that didn’t mean he was completely secure there. He didn’t seem to have a wand on him, and he was pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to use any magic if anyone asked. Not to mention the fact that he didn’t know what year he was in, or anything about the class schedules. Blending in would be difficult and he could end up getting caught by someone who knew he wasn’t supposed to be there. He was going to need to be careful. So he ventured slowly into the school, peering down one of the many corridors. It looked quiet. Perhaps the students were in class.

Good. He could hunt around for a door fragment until another portal opened up, and if he didn’t find anything then, hey, at least he had managed to go somewhere really cool for a change of pace. He had no idea that he might not have been the only person who had ended up in that realm. No one had been there with him when he had entered the portal, after all.

But naturally people could appear there at any time, and they wouldn’t have had to go through the same portal at all.
Feb 1 2018, 04:21 PM
Eli wasn't feeling so confident these days. He had been through a couple of trying days, and he wasn't looking for this kind of excitement in his life. Okay. Maybe it wasn't much different from his time on the Destiny, but still. It was exhausting. If he wasn't trying to survive on a spaceship, hunting for supplies and dealing with alien threats, then he was running from monsters and trying to avoid becoming a victim to crazy magic!

This town seemed to be a roller coaster, and he wasn't so sure he wanted to ride.

He sighed heavily to himself, the young man slowly plodding along the street. He had a very glum expression on his face, and he was wondering what he was going to do so long as he remained trapped there. He couldn't keep letting himself get attacked and chased, even kidnapped, right? Somehow, he needed to find a way to live more normally there! A lot of the people in town looked like they had perfectly normal lives- why couldn't he be the same? If he was doomed to stay there, then it seemed only fair that he might be able to live comfortable.

Somehow, though, he imagined he just wasn't fated for that. His was a life meant for adventure, whether he wanted it to be or not. And he definitely leaned more in favor of 'or not'. Gone were the days he could just sit in his room and play video games. Such a bummer. Did this place have a therapist?

Whether it did of it didn't- he already knew what this place DID have, and that was an ice cream shop. It felt like the best place to go to try and lift his spirits. After all, nothing healed the gloomies like a nice scoop of rocky road. He just hoped nothing evil was going to pop out and attack him while he was there. Oh God, what if the ice cream was enchanted or something? Poisoned?

He really needed to stop worrying.

Sighing heavily, he ventured into the ice cream shop, poking his head inside as though nervous someone inside might try to hurt him. Thankfully, it looked rather calm, so he wasn't too bothered. He pushed the door open the rest of the way and ventured inside to buy himself some small treat.

Angel On Fire
Feb 1 2018, 04:16 PM
Eli was feeling pretty pleased with himself. He had a job, a potential offer for something else, friends, a nice gaming community and even a girl he enjoyed spending his time with. A girl he had happened to have a huge crush on back in their own dimension, but had never had the chance to be with thanks to someone beating him to the punch. It was like this place had granted him a second chance, and he was taking full advantage of it to become his best, nerdiest self.

Mostly nerdy.

At that moment, he was already heading towards the arcade, ready to spend some of that hard earned money from his teaching assistant job. Naturally, he was ready to spend a good half of it on the various games in the arcade- he was on a quest to get the top score in every single one of them. And, considering he’d only managed to get the top score in one so far, he had a long way to go! Who knew the other people in Storybrooke were also really good at video games and could make him feel like a chump? At first, he had thought he would feel like a king in terms of his skills, and no one would compare.

That was not the case, as it turned out.

Sighing to himself, Eli didn’t let it bother him too much, stopping just outside the arcade with all his resolve still on fire within him. So what if these people had skills? He’d be the best, damnit, the best!

He took a moment to look around. The arcade had wide open doors and could allow for a lot of people to come and go at once. But it didn’t look too busy today, at least. A few kids were heading out and most of the others were still playing games on the inside. He was a little bit older than some of the people here, but still young enough not to feel entirely out of place standing there, taking it all in.

What was he going to do once he got to be older? STOP playing video games?

Jason Cromwell
Jan 20 2018, 10:24 PM
Eli knew he probably shouldn’t be snooping around in the old canneries and other buildings down by the docks, but that wasn’t actually enough to stop him from doing just that.In fact, being told not to do something was pretty much a promise that he was going to end up doing the exact opposite, just because he was young and it only served to pique his curiosity. He was a smart cookie, but some things didn’t change no matter how much of a mathematical genius you happened to be.

So of course he was down by the old working section of the docks. It was early in the evening, just starting to get darker. He already knew that one of the old buildings housed a crazy woman who did a lot of weird experiments and caused a lot of noise, so he made sure to stay away from that particular part of the small working district. He instead looked over one of the other old buildings, poking around the edges of an old factory that had long ago stopped being of use. Of course, considering this was a cursed town, it was entirely likely that it had never actually been used at all- it had just been planted here as part of the scenery of the fake town that had been built from that crazy magic.

It was trippy just to think about.

Whatever the case, whether it had been used at one point or not, Eli was curious to know what was going on inside of it. Maybe there was equipment still inside that could be of use. Things to tinker with. While he was no engineer, he did miss having the Kinos from the ship. Maybe he could make one! Or at least something close.

He just needed the parts, and no one was using the stuff inside this building, right? So it was probably fine if he had a look and helped himself to whatever might have been left. As soon as he found a way inside, of course.

Carefully, he continued to look around. The main doors were chained up tight, but that didn’t mean all the boarded up windows were perfect. Maybe he could find something loose that would grant him the access he desired.

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