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Jun 3 2017, 09:59 PM
The only thing better than playing a video game at home, was playing a video game in a place specifically designed for people to do just that. There was really nothing better than a good, old fashioned video arcade. It was a shame they were so out of style now, what with home consoles and the fact that most video games nerds were introverted and didn’t WANT to spend time with one another. He, however, was not one such person. Okay, maybe he used to be, but then he got stuck on a space ship with a small group of people for a year and had to work with them to survive.

Now he was kind of used to having people around him all the time. To talking to others and doing things with them. He had needed to back then, now he just… wanted to.

So it was great that Storybrooke had an arcade. He hadn’t gone a week without visiting the place at least once, spending all his hard-earned quarters there whenever he did. Too bad he wasn’t better at the games, or he might have had his name in the top spot of more of them. As it stood, he only had the top ranking in a couple of games, mostly the ones that had the gun attachments.

Something else he had probably gotten good at because of his time on the Destiny. He would have to remind himself to bring Chloe there sometime- she would have a lot of fun! And that was something they both needed more of after everything they had been through.

Just some fun.

Today, though, he didn’t have anyone with him, and had just come to play some games on his own. Once again, he found himself in front of one of the many various crane machines lining the back of the arcade, beckoning foolish mortals to waste their money trying to grab a plushie hardly worth the price they would pay for their ambitions. But it wasn’t the money that was important- it was the pride that came with being able to say you got the damn thing from a crane game.

So foolish Eli had been suckered into the same trap as so many others… again. Today, he was in front of a machine that gave out an assortment of colorful stuffed Pokemon figures. There was a small red lizard in there that he seemed to have his eyes on, and after slipping some coins into the machine, he was ready to give catching it a try.

He was fully focused on his prize- he wasn’t paying enough attention to the world around him.

May 9 2017, 07:09 AM
Burger time- his favorite time of day. Not that it had specific hours, mind you. Sometimes he had a burger for lunch, and sometimes it felt like more of a dinner thing. But at least once every couple of weeks, a burger was definitely on the menu. That was his favorite thing about being stuck in a town- he had normal food again. No more alien potatoes or water that might end up killing you in several different timelines before you discovered how to treat it.

He missed the Destiny, but he certainly didn't miss the food. It was more... the company and the knowledge that he was part of something awesome. Now he was just another person stuck outside his realm, with no way of knowing how to get back or if the Destiny would still be there when he returned.

At least he had Rush, but that was a small comfort considering Rush was, well, Rush. Not exactly the most talkative of people, or the friendliest. Great at math, though.

The chubby young man sighed faintly, sitting down at his usual booth inside Granny's diner. There were other places to eat in town, of course, but the diner was his favorite. It was cheap and it was delicious, even if not everything was as fresh or non-frozen as claimed. What diner didn't have short cuts? It was kind of charming.

The burgers, though, were to die for, regardless of what they were actually made of. They could be the finest beef or freshly picked roadkill, he really didn't care as long as they always continued to taste as good as they did.

It was lunch time this day, and he had decided he just couldn't wait for dinner. So he called the waitress over with a smile and ordered himself a burger, fries and a milkshake to make a proper meal of things. When his order was taken, he sat back in his seat, looking up at the ceiling thoughtfully.

Somehow, today had been a very nostalgic day. He couldn't seem to keep himself from thinking about the Destiny and he wasn't really sure why.

Maybe it was some kind of anniversary to his arrival there and he just wasn't conscious of it.

Mar 16 2017, 04:49 PM
He felt like he was living in one of the Resident Evil games, and he wasn't sure he liked it much. Still, it was... kind of fun. At that moment, he had led a zombie all the way down to the ice cream shop and had managed to pry the back door open to slip inside. He was not being super quick, actually trying to lure the creature into the shop after him. And, thankfully, it had worked, the zombie moaning his way inside. Eli continued on, heading over to a large walk-in freezer and pulling the heavy door open. This was the scary part now.

He waited for the creature to come inside after him, before letting out what could be called a sort of battle cry before charging forward and diving under the zombie's arms. He rolled through, getting to the other side of the creature and back outside the freezer.

Quickly, he shoved the door closed, trapping the monster inside. H

After taking a moment to celebrate, the young man quickly moved to the front of the shop, to check to see if anyone was working or enjoying some ice cream. He smiled as he entered from the back, looking nervous and a little guilty.

"Um, is anyone here?" He called lightly, taking a peek around, "I, uh, I think I trapped a zombie in the freezer but I... I didn't really think about what happens next."
Mar 15 2017, 09:26 PM
Sometimes Eli couldn't get over the fact that he was back in a normal town, where you didn't have to go to various worlds and hunt strange food that could end up killing you. No potentially poisonous berries, no water with parasites that made everyone on board deathly ill. Just burgers and fries. Sure, they would kill you eventually, too, but it wasn't quite the same thing. He would happily die eating something that just happened to be totally delicious.

He knew he wasn't going to be going back to his ship anytime soon, and though he missed a lot of parts of the Destiny, the food was definitely not one of them. So he might as well enjoy himself since he wasn't going back there anyway, right?

At least until Rush found a way to get a portal back home. If that happened, then he would likely say goodbye to freshly cooked meals and return to hellish nightmare alien food. Meals were not enough to keep him away from what had become his home.

Today, though, he wasn't thinking about the Destiny- he was thinking about the burger sitting in front of him, loaded with bacon, cheese and far too many pickles for any one human to consume in a single sitting. For him, it was the perfect burger- and one he had been looking forward to all week.

Part of his plan not to become a fat lard all over again was to make sure he didn't eat too many fatty things in a feet. But he was still a big boy. He couldn't cut it all off COMPLETELY.

That would just be torture, right?

He smiled happily to himself, though he didn't immediately tuck into his food, mostly because he also had a game system in his hands and was desperately trying to find a save point before eating his food. He just hoped he could find one before the burger went cold.

Not that he couldn't ask for it to get warmed up, but it seemed kind of sad to explain to the waitress that he had let it go cold because he had been playing a video game. He sighed, taking a look around the diner. It seemed like it wasn't too busy today. That was probably because he had come at an odd time. Somewhere between dinner and lunch, where a full burger was likely a weird choice to make. But he didn't like the large crowds, so he didn't mind eating at odd hours.

As long as he ate.

Maria Posada
Mar 15 2017, 09:14 PM
Eli wasn't really what one would call a 'physically fit' guy. Generally, he had spent his days hanging out indoors, playing video games and looking after his mother. He had never really needed to go out into the world or be social, though he had heard great things about it. However, all that had changed once he had ended up on a spaceship millions of light years from earth, with no real way to get back home. They had visited planets and gone on all kinds of insane adventures together, working hard and doing everything they could just to stay alive.

It had been a fight, and it had been great exercise, too.

So now that he was once again back in a normal sort of world, where he could go back to his old ways, he had to do everything in his power to keep himself from letting that happened. He liked that he had lost some weight and gotten fit- he liked that he had changed while he was on the Destiny. But, damn, video games were fun and it was sure hard to concentrate on anything else sometimes.

He was doing his best- he had dragged himself away from his room at the Dragonfly Inn and had decided to go for a walk. It seemed like a good way to pass some time and at least make an attempt at keeping in what he would consider good shape. Not that too many others would agree, of course, but if they knew what he had been like before....

The young man had brought himself to the park, where he took a deep breath. The air might have been cold, but there was little snow and it looked like a positively sunny day. The kind of day where nothing could go wrong... even with those reports of zombies popping up all over the place.

He didn't much like the idea of that, but this place was crawling with heroes, right? They would take care of the kooky problems that popped up. Hell, maybe this was just a normal thing for the people of Storybrooke. He moved through the park, stopping at a fountain to get himself a drink of water and check his phone.

Just look in on a few of his phone apps.

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