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Victor Whale

Land Without Color

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Mar 16 2017, 03:32 PM
"AAAHHHHH!" Was the appropriate reaction of one Victor Whale when he wandered into his morgue and noticed that some of his previous dead bodies were now back among the standing. Perhaps it was a little ironic that the man who had once been driven on the desire to reanimate the dead was now absolutely panicked to see corpses wandering around in front of him, but it wasn't like he had been the one to bring them back. As far as he was aware, he was the only one who did the whole 'raising the dead' thing, so of course other zombies were shocking to him.

He hadn't brought them back, and he was pretty damn sure that the other people for worked at the hospital weren't in the same line of business, so he had no idea how to explain the corpses that were currently sitting up on their examination tables, looking around with blank, albeit somewhat hungry stares.

They had looked at one another, and then at him. That was when he had decided to scream like a girl and make a break for it.

He certainly hoped someone had heard him- he was beneath the hospital at that point, and there weren't a lot of people who wandered down there, but if they heard screaming... well, maybe just about anyone would be willing to come and check in on things. He, meanwhile, would be more than happy to find a room to hide in. He slipped into a supply closet, closing the door and bracing it with one of the shelves. He could hear the banging on the door, and he knew the creatures had found him. They were eager to get to him.

Were they going to eat him?!

he backed away from the door, panic rising inside of him. "S-someone help me!" He screamed as loudly as he could, "Help! Help!"

It wasn't his proudest moment, but he had never claimed to be a brave or particularly noble man. He wanted to live! What happened if he died by these guys? Would he become a zombie, too? That was not what he wanted for himself. That was why he had stopped his research. He hadn't wanted to make monsters.

Now he was going to be one!
Mar 15 2017, 10:33 PM
Sometimes, it sucked living in Storybrooke. Sure, the magic was cool and the people were great and the whole place was totally awesome on the whole, but what about the SMALL THINGS? The things he shouldn't be complaining about in the first place? Like, for example, the fact that the place had no store dedicated to video purchases or rentals. How was he supposed to watch the newest released if there were no places to actually buy them?

These were the problems of one Victor Whale as he left the hospital and started on his way home from work. It was the middle of the day, probably just past noon, but he had been coming off a long over night shift. Of course he was looking forward to getting home and having some nice, relaxing time to himself.

A video would totally help with that, but apparently he was going to have to go wanting.

The young doctor sighed to himself, stuffing his hands into the pockets of his long coat. It was a cold day in Storybrooke, and he could watch his breath as he made his way slowly down the street towards the pharmacy. It wasn't that he didn't have a car, he just preferred to walk sometimes. When he had walked to work, though, it had seemed like a much better idea than when he was now walking home again. Suddenly, he hated himself from twelve hours ago and wished harm upon him.

What an annoying day it was turning out to be! In an agitated state, Victor entered the pharmacy. While it wasn't the biggest place in the world, it was probably one of the largest stores in Storybrooke, and housed a selection of different things beyond just medicine that had been ordered in from the hospital.

Victor wasn't there for pills- he was there for movies. Maybe they couldn't get all the best new movies in, but that didn't mean they had nothing to their names. The store had a small stand where it sold an absolutely odd collection of videos. Sometimes he assumed they were from Doc's personal collection. A wide range from westerns to romantic comedies, with a few horror movies and a dash of documentary.

All the best B movies the world of cheap cinema had to offer.

Sighing begrudgingly, the tired man walked over to the display, though not before picking up a hand basket and dropping in a bag of twizzlers and some marshmallows. Tonight was the night he was going to get fat and Ruby would have to learn to love a chunky man.

This, he had decided.

Finley Thompson - Sorry these took so long!
Dec 26 2016, 11:46 PM
Victor sighed. It was very different being the patient than being the one who helped the patients, and he was pretty sure he wasn't a fan. Unfortunately, there wasn't much to be done about it- he couldn't exactly get back to work after what Rumple had done to him. He still didn't understand why it had happened, but he had been told that Rumple was terrorizing just about everyone suddenly and there was no real reason behind his actions. It didn't make sense- normally he was the kind of guy to do things because he had some plan.

What plan included a doctor having his arm ripped off?

There were rumors that he wasn't himself. That he was being controlled, perhaps by someone who had gotten hold of the dagger. He almost wanted that to be the case. Not because he wanted the guy to suffer, though he wasn't his favorite imp at the moment, but because it meant there was a chance the Dark One could fix his arm again once he was back to normal. He had done it once, right? But it seemed too much to hope for right at that moment. There wasn't even proof he hadn't just gone off the deep end. Maybe he was tired of getting pushed around. He'd certainly spent a good amount of time in the hospital.

He sighed again and shifted a bit in the bed, wincing slightly as pain throbbed through what was left of his arm. A small patch of bandages over his shoulder. The other doctors and nurses had done a great job of patching him up after the incident, but that didn't really do much to help him feel better in the long run. He had still be injured. He was still missing an arm. And he still had no idea how that was going to affect him going forward.

But he wasn't going to spend his time worrying about all that right now. He was just going to try and be thankful that he was alive and that Ruby was there to support him. He didn't know what he would have done without her. She had saved him.

He was thankful for that.

Ruby Lucas
Sep 1 2016, 12:17 AM
A wild laugh escaped the young teenager as he fled from a parking lot, the boy propelling himself forward on a bike he had just stolen from some of the other kids in the area. Since there seemed to be so many around, everyone could watch his theft and see what a bad ass he was! He grinned to himself as he peddled, leaving the angry kids in the dust. They didn't have any bikes of their own, at least not anymore. But what kind of nerds only had one bike to share between them, anyway?

They were lucky he had come along to take it from them- they were total dorks playing with it together.

When it seemed he was no longer being chased, the boy stopped peddling, letting the bike glide along the street as he looked around the town. The place seemed to be in a state of panic. Everyone had woken up as kids or some shit like that. He knew it was true- he was a kid as well. But, well, what should he care? Being a teenager again felt awesome, and this time he didn't have a strict dad telling him what he could and couldn't do.

He wasn't going to sit in his room and study like a good boy when there was a whole town out there for him to explore.

Plus, it seemed like he was a lot older than a lot of the new kids in town, which totally meant he was better than them. He had to show them that he was awesome, right? Otherwise they would think that Victor Frankenstein was just a freak who had revived dead people when he was an adult.

Man, just thinking about it pissed him off.

He was so busy thinking that he hadn't noticed a sudden rise in the pavement, his tire smacking into a ridge and sending him flying over the handlebars. He slammed into the ground in front of the diner and rolled a bit before coming to a stop on his back.

For a moment, he was stunned, just looking up at the sky and gathering his breath after the hit had knocked the air from his lungs.

Holy shit- that was AWESOME .

Ruby Lucas
Jun 16 2016, 07:28 PM
Victor was feeling really nervous. Not just because he was on a date with a girl he really liked, and not just because that date happened to be during a full moon so she could be in her werewolf form. He was nervous because he had decided to do something to try and... make things even better. Of course he had been excited just for the chance to see her wolf form again, but he had been worried that she would find the date boring just spending the evening with a silly, however handsome human. So he had decided to pay one Rumplestiltskin a visit.

Considering he had recently saved the man's life, he figured he might be able to get a sweet deal on something that could help the evening be even more special. He didn't know if it was because of his injuries, the drugs, or his recently re-awakened wife, but Rumple had actually been willing to help him out. Even though he didn't have magic, he had plenty of enchanted items from over the years.

Including a special necklace that would allow Victor to transform into a wolf while also keeping his sense about him. He just hoped Ruby would like the idea. If she didn't, well, then the amulet would stay in his coat pocket and that would be the end of it.

He moved through the trees, getting a little deeper into the forest near the toll bridge. It was where he had told Ruby that he would meet up with her for their evening together. He wore casual clothing- things he could move around easily in. If he was going to be running around in a forest, then a sharp suit hardly seemed the way to go.

Sighing to himself, he mentally told himself to calm down. This was Ruby he was dealing with- they already made it clear that they liked one another, right? Why was his heart racing so much? Why was he so worried about how things were going to go?

Probably because he wanted her to KEEP liking him. He really didn't want to mess this up, or make her feel offended by his attempt to experience things properly with her. It was just the best he could do short of becoming a werewolf himself.

He already had people thinking he was a monster. He wasn't sure his reputation would be able to stand if he was also a werewolf. He didn't mind the thought of it, but he knew most people in town didn't feel the same way. A sad but common truth.

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