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Enchanted Forest

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May 9 2017, 02:38 PM
Rumple didn't usually go to the stables, but he had been feeling restless trying to make up for all the horrible things he had done while possessed and he thought, maybe, that something relaxing might help him out a bit. So he had ventured down to where the horses were kept, and had decided to see if they would be friendlier with him than the humans of the town.

Currently, there weren't a lot of people who liked him. His family, yes, and a few people who had accepted his apology, but he still had a long way to go before he could say that things were normal again.

If that ever happened.

The horses, however, seemed friendlier with him. They didn't like Dark Ones- they tended to react poorly to them. He knew Emma hadn't had an easy time with the animals when she had been the Dark One. Be that as it may, no one seemed to have mentioned it to the horses that day, as they were calm and quiet as Rumple entered the stables. He looked at the various stalls, almost surprised. He had thought he would have to win them over before they even allowed him in the barn. But these horses looked at him as any other person.

Maybe his deep, profound guilt match the darkness in him, rendering him something of a normal being for the time being. Whatever the case, he was able to approach one of the horses without it getting really upset. It seemed to tense for a moment, letting out a snort, but soon relaxed again as Rumple rubbed its snout affectionately.

Rumple was kind of an animal person, though he didn't like to admit it to people. Dogs, horses, even cats- he liked them.

"Easy girl," he offered faintly, summoning an apple out of the creature's sight -so he didn't spook it- and offering it as a gift. The horse eagerly nommed on the treat, huffing and taking a step closer. Rumple smiled, feeling infinitely more relaxed, and looked around to see if anyone was working there.

"Hello?" He called, "is anyone here?"

Hank Morgan
May 9 2017, 02:19 PM
This situation was a little different from the others. He didn't actually KNOW if he had done something to this woman or not. He had met her one say when she had entered his shop. She had claimed to be from his time period and had been interested in a locket he owned. But, beyond that, he didn't know a great deal about her.

He was certain he remembered the demon meeting up with her again, using his body like a puppet to do with as he pleased. But at that time, Rumple had lost a lot of his ability to see what was happening around him. He had started to become disconnected to his own body and lost in a sea of darkness. Still, he remembered the voice. Somehow, there was something remarkably unforgettable about her voice.

Regardless, he could only remember bits and pieces of their conversation now, and he didn't know if the demon had done anything to her while in control of his body. He thought he could remember everyone who had been harmed by him, but what if he was forgetting something?

He needed to be sure- he needed to speak with her and at least see if she was frightened of him or if she thought he was a nutter for coming to have a random chat with her at her place of work.

The man ventured into the hospital slowly. He had certainly placed a lot of people in this place over the past couple of weeks- he must have really helped their business. Then again, he ripped the arm of their main doctor, so maybe he shouldn't be thinking that they needed to thank him just yet.

Feeling nervous again, Rumple wandered up to the front counter, where he saw the woman, Evanna, working at the desk. He lingered awkwardly for a moment, before clearing his throat a bit to hopefully get her attention.

"I... Uh.... Excuse me?" He offered in full Dork One, "I... I just... wanted to talk to you for a moment, if you think you can get away..."

May 9 2017, 02:01 PM
Rumple let out another sigh as he left Amanda's room, the door closing behind him. He hadn't realized he had been holding his breath until he was outside the door again. Frowning, he looked down the hall. Everything felt so... large all of a sudden. Or was it because he was feeling so very small? He was such a jerk. He had so much to make up for. Not just with Amanda, but with everyone. The more people he spoke to, the more he realized just how much he needed to account for.

He felt like a complete idiot for thinking that apologizing would be all he needed to do. No, he needed to FIX things, somehow, too.

Unfortunately, he had no idea how to go about that part just yet, so apologizing was what he was going to have to stick with, at least for the time being. He ventured slowly away from the door, feeling fatigued even though he really had no reason to. Maybe it was just the stress weighing on him. Sluggishly, he made his way back to the front of the inn, into the lobby where people were moving in and out and, for the most part, oblivious of him.

A few of the staff members looked nervously over in his direction as he ventured up to them. He tried to offer a strained smile as he asked them if Lorelai had returned yet. When they told him she would be out, he felt glad and horrified all at the same time.

Oh God, he was going to have to do the apologizing thing all over again.

He frowned and shifted uncomfortably, watching as one of the employees ran off to fetch Lorelai for him. He moved to the front desk, waiting there patiently since it seemed the best place for him to be to meet up with her. He wouldn't dare try to invade her personal space or go looking for her after everything he had done.

The other employee, who looked ready to pee himself, whimpering weakly and ran off in the other direction, to get as far away from the Dark One as possible. Not because of having been targeted by the man, but just having heard of everything he had done.

He was going to have to get used to people being so afraid of him all over again, and this time he wasn't so sure that was what he wanted.

Lorelai Gilmore - I figure this one can take place after the one with Amanda since he's in the same place.
May 9 2017, 01:13 PM
Rumple was feeling nervous. Lately, it seemed like anxiety had become a close friend of his. And it wasn't because he was worried about someone attacking him or some dark forces coming to make his life a living hell for the umpteenth time. He was nervous because he had to do things he really wasn't very good at it, and he knew it.

He had to apologize to the people the demon had hurt while having been in charge of his body.

Naturally, he wasn't very good at apologizing in general. He was the Dark One- he rarely did something he felt the need to apologize to. He was meant to cause problems. He was a villain! But this was different. HE hadn't caused these problems. Left to his own devices, he wouldn't have done a great many of things the demon had done in his body.

Except maybe stab Hook.

But hurting Amanda had never been on his to-do list. Nor had tormenting Lorelai. He had wanted to apologize for both, but when he arrived at the Dragonfly, it seemed as though Lorelai was not there just yet. Or perhaps she had just stepped out for a moment. No one seemed particularly keen on talking to him at that point, and he didn't blame them. With a heavy sigh, he dragged himself away from the front desk and ventured to Amanda's room.

Enough time had passed for her to be out of the hospital, but he wasn't sure how long she had been in physical therapy, or how recovered she was from what he had done to her. God, he felt like such a jerk.

Who paralyzed someone because he didn't like the way their boyfriend's face looked?

He knocked on the door carefully, swallowing a knot in his throat. He shifted awkwardly from one foot to the other, not really sure what to do with all the nervous energy bubbling up inside of him.

He felt so.. bad. About everything.

A part of him almost hoped that she wouldn't answer the door. He certainly hoped Rush didn't. He hadn't spoken to that man, either, but he was someone else Rumple needed to apologize to. This was all such a mess. He wanted the nightmare to be over. But he knew it was one step at a time. Word was out that he was back to himself, and that he had been possessed, but did she know that? Was she going to scream when she saw him? What should he say to her? What should he offer?

This anxiety wasn't going to be leaving him for a long, long time.

Amanda Perry
May 9 2017, 07:36 AM
Kids were exhausting. The Dark One hadn't expected to be so run down by a couple of babies. But he had been foolish to underestimate them. They knew how long to cry to ruin a good night's sleep and how often to do it to keep their parents on their toes. They knew exactly the wrong moment to poop their diapers and delighted in making things hard from time to time. They were clever little children, and seemed, at times, to want their parents to suffer.

Or maybe he was just tired and they were normal babies. Maybe it was just the fact that they had twins to look after that was making everything harder. Whatever the case, Rumple knew he couldn't really blame the kids for it. In any case, the times he was happy to be with them far outweighed those moments where he felt stressed or annoyed.

He loved them just too much to be angry with the situation.

Still, happy or not, the Dark One was tired. He wouldn't believe anyone who tried to tell him that the Dark One didn't need sleep. Whoever said that had obviously never been both the Dark One and a new father. 'New' referring to having newborns, not that he had never been a dad before.

His son was still very much a part of his life, and super helpful with his step-brother and step-sister, too.

Sighing, Mr. Gold wandered out of his shop, slowly making his way down the street and towards the diner. He had stopped by the store to check on things, but he was due to head back home soon. He just wanted to grab a cup of coffee before he went. While normally he would drink tea, his fatigue seemed to call for something stronger.

He walked into the diner, ignoring the usual uneasy looks as he wandered his way over to the counter and say himself down. He ordered a cup of coffee, before setting his arms on top of the counters, crossed nearly over one another. At first, he seemed just to be thinking and waiting for his order, but soon his head started to droop, his body leaning forward bit by bit.

Soon enough, he was asleep at the counter, his head resting on his arms.

Yuna Belrose
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