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<h1>Adalyn Rousseau</h1>

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<h3>16 . N/A. Harry Potter. Janel Parrish. Other Realms</h3>
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<p>Adalyn is a abrasive, rude, holds no bounds to her bluntness, she uses a form of blackmail, a trait she picked up from her older sister to use it against people as she would know their deepest darkest secrets and threaten to exploit them unless they do things her way she demanded. There is a small chance of her showing her happier side, if she really really really cares about someone as she does with her sisters, well congratulations, you done broke that girl's facade!</p><p>Sarcasm you picked up on, right? Yeah she won't be sweet! In school she is the most popular of the Slytherin house, she only has a few selectable friends as she is a picky person with who she can trust with her secrets. At first she hated to be separated from her sisters in Ravenclaw, but she slowly got over the separation anxiety and decided to make the most fun out of her time at Hogwarts.</p><p>Adayln hates fighting as much as she loves to have people quake at the site of her presence, knowing they couldn't do a thing to tell any teachers of her blackmail against them. She loves Bad Boys in a sense of their dangerous, mischievous ways to destroy someone's life by exploiting their true persona, it was fun for her as she used magic on them, to keep them in line, sometimes threatening them in person of their personal secrets they unwittingly spilled to her, what's the harm of having fun with a truth spell? That is her poison to deal with.</p><p>She does have her dislikes of having bad grades as she wanted to keep her parents proud of her, and not to smear her name for disgracing the family as she is deeply afraid of having a bad reputation against the family's name. Spiders is a different story, she loathes them for the creepy way they scatter all over the floor, leaving webs to bury their little food, it makes her gag with distaste of how creepy their beady eyes follow her every move, the thought of the arachnid makes her shudder with fright. People are extremely afraid of her, which is good for her as she uses it to her advantage to get exactly what she wanted, even if it was impossible, yet they has to complete it, or the truth will come out of the young girl's eager lips, what she absolutely despises is seeing someone who is not afraid of her, she makes it her mission to make one stubborn person to be afraid of her by using her truth spells on them and turning onto them as soon as they revealed who exactly makes them the way they are, much to her delight.</p><p>Adalyn dreams of having the best time of her life with no rules, little drama, but most of all, she's just a girl who needs to spread her wings and have the most fun out of everyone at school, yet her goals are to show everyone exactly who's she's made of, and that she's not afraid to get her hands dirty in the dark arts just to get her way, even if it diminished the hopes everyone had for her to change, it's impossible to change as she craves for the power of destroying everyone's life, even if it left her a loner, all she ever wanted was someone to show her the way, to break that shell she so carefully pulled up, to create a facade of lies, secrets, and betrayals. She's hoping that there will be someone who is a stubborn mule and play her little games, to make her really work on getting what she wanted, just to make her demands and to be happy.</p>
<p>Adalyn has the same ability as well as other witches and wizards do, she can cast spells with her wand and create potions just in case she needs it for her twisted way of getting someone to spill their secrets to her.</p><p>Some spells require some finesse so she would work harder to tone it to a perfect ten in her own case of an emergency getaway in case of a confrontation. After some time in Storybrooke, Adalyn had decided to try her hand at hand magic as well as verbal as she didn't want to be seen as the weird one with a stick or wand in her case sticking out of her hand whenever she is in a public setting.</p>
<h2>History</h2><p>Adalyn Fay Rousseau is the eldest of the twins by minutes, born into the politics and dark arts, at first she had her dad wrapped around her fingers as she always get what she wanted, even if she didn't need it in the end. during her childhood days, she remembered how small animals would follow her command of coming home with her, even if they were someone's pets at one point, she sees something she likes, she's got to have it, at first her parents disregarded her needs for having a pet until she demanded she has something soft and furry to love, so they agreed on getting a kitten for her, giving in her demands which made the young girl smirk wickedly as she was happy with getting her way. Growing up in France was fun, and exciting as she had used her family's name to get exactly what she wanted and when she needed it done.</p><p>The people at Beaxbatons Acadamy of Magic feared her and her sisters, yet she was delightfully happy that they feared them as they used it for power over them, which they were forced into respecting them, unless they want any troubles. Adalyn is the type of person that will have most girls shudder at how she loves to wear leather, she would rebel against wearing blue in the Academy, it is so not her color, she wasn't happy to leave England as she made a lot of people fear her over the secrets she'd threaten to expose unless they do the work or give her a grade to keep her passing. She attended this school for three years until the major move to England, which shattered her world of betrayals and secrets.</p><p>England is the major move that her family made, she tried to stall the move so she could finally expose someone's secrets at the last minute of her freedom, but they left before she could and that made her angry, angry to close herself off and only resort herself to talking to her sisters, they were the kind to not leave her side, although when she got sorted in Hogwarts, the hat she now loathes for that creepy voice he speaks in claiming she would suit better in Slytherin, for her darkest desires, the way she flows freely with everything and yet still manage to get things done, this was the start of her fourth year, making her having to work hard on getting everyone's trust in her with their secrets, only for them to get betrayed in the end when she started to blackmail them, making her a secret loner. For the past three years, she is struggling with her darkest secrets of who she really is, a lonely girl who desperately wants someone to love her, even if her enemies hate her for what she had done to them, her older sister will understand as she is more open than she's ever seen, what she is scared of is losing her twin, Braelynn, because they tell each other everything, and this secret might destroy the closeness these two have.</p><p>Adalyn had been in her Slytherin house when she heard a swirling noise sounding closely of a tornado and saw some sort of opening in it and her being curious, she decided to walk towards to the portal, unaware of the desitination it would bring her to a small town called Storybrooke. Storybrooke seemed something of a fairytale, which she disliked the most as she isn't for true love's kiss and all that, but she decided to make the most fun out of it when she realized she was able to do magic just like she did back in Hogwarts. She decided to make the most of her place in the town and rented out a room, hoping to find a way to contact her sisters about this strange land and the strange people.</p>
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
<p>It was a dark and gloomy weather day, Adalyn's favorite as she woke up from her bed in the Slytherin's chambers, making her smile wickedly as she felt at ease with the dark day and she knew it was a good kind of day for her to use her magic on anyone she ever dare come across, her hand on her hair as she fluffed it up to make it bouncy with each step that she takes down the stairs, oh the stairs she hated for it makes her move and dizzy as she had to hang onto for her life while waiting for it to quit moving. Her eyes quickly scanned her bed as she muttered a spell that made her bed for her as she didn't like to do her chores, smirking as she passed her roommates and hissed softly as she grabbed her clothes along with her robes deciding to shower before starting her day, 'say something and I will gladly expose your secrets.'</p>

<p>The eyes of her room-mates widen in terror as she scampered away, laughing darkly as she made her way to the bathrooms and turns on the tub water to a setting that she liked, which was hot-warm as she didn't feel the need to freeze her butt off during her classes, her pajamas stripped down, her bare toes touching the water made her hiss in a sick twisted pleasure that the warmth gave her before slowly sliding in and dips her head in the water, her hair silky smooth as she muttered a spell to make her smell fresh and beautiful before exposing her skin to the cool air that wrapped around her shoulders.</p>

<p>The tub drained of water, the young girl stepped out of the tub and dries herself before slipping her clothes along with her robes and shoes on before walking out and smirks to a girl who shook in fear seeing her walking towards her, 'I need my clothes freshly cleaned and dried, you do know how to do that, right?' The young girl shook her head indicating that yes she knew how to do that, making Adalyn claps in delight before shooing her off as she made her way down the stairs leading to the Great Hall and decided to wait for her two sisters as she wants them by her side to make an entrance, which is unnecessary, but necessary as the trio rule the school and the people.</p>

<p>Adalyn crossed her arms over her robes that had been shrunk down to fit her size, knowing it was against the rules, but it wasn't her fault that everyone can't guess the sizes of each person, especially the Rousseau Sisters, it was quite impossible for her to wear such ghastly oversized robes, so she had them ordered and made to fit her. She hopes for a wonderful day of threatening people and getting the secrets from them as she thought of a plan of how to do exactly what to each specific person as she would find out their secrets and the fear of a certain creature that they loathed and used it against them just to make sure she gets her point across, it may seem evil, but she isn't sorry for the damage she may or may not have done to the people she fake-friended for their secrets.</p>


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<h3>Eastern . N/A:</h3>




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