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Charles Vane

Enchanted Forest

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Jun 7 2018, 12:32 PM
Technically speaking, Charles was still a member of Blackbeard's crew, however since Blackbeard was hardly capable of being in two places at once and they had just taken possession of a merchant ship that had only taken a bare minimum of damage from their canons while taking the ship. After putting whatever remaining crew of the ship that survived into a dingy, Charles took a few of the men he personally trusted the most to sail the ship back to Hopewell where they could go through the loot properly.

However, once out of sight from Blackbeard's ship as the main crew went on to another task, Charles decided to take a slight detour into a nearby port town before heading back to Hopewell. He needed to speak to a man there about something, and he preferred to do it when Blackbeard wasn't around. After making port, it didn't take long to find the man he needed to speak with, and then he was headed back to the docks and the ship.

A couple of the men were still taking on some new supplies so while Charles waited for the others to be ready to board the ship, he lit up a cigar and leaned up against some crates and looked out to the horizon. If all went well they'd be back to Hopewell just about nightfall, and Blackbeard would never suspect Charles had taken a side trip to take care of some personal errands.

Thomas O'Malley

OOC Hope this is OK, let me know if you need tweaks. I set it up so that you can either have Tom slip onto the ship and not announce his arrival until after they set sail, or have him approach Charles on the ship, either way works
Jun 7 2018, 12:29 PM
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<p>Charles's life had never been overly easy, not after his life changed forever when the ogres attacked his village causing Charles to lose everything he held dear. He was only a seven year old child back then, with no family and no where to turn, from that point on his life seemed to be always hanging precariously over the edge of a cliff, ready to blow apart or crash at any moment.

<p>His life became all about survival, and doing whatever it took to survive, even if it meant betraying people he cared for and maybe even loved. He'd taught himself not to look back, not to dwell on regrets, always moving forward, always surviving. Surviving wasn't living though, and he never realised just how true that was until he found himself stuck in Storybrooke with no ship and no crew. Suddenly surviving didn't feel like living at all, as he looked around at all the happy family's. People who depended on each other with their lives, who always found their way back to each other and always stayed loyal to family.

<p>Soon he started to accept this life, and he even started to open up more around Victoria, allowing her in little by little. Despite all the advancements he'd made in letting her in and making personal connections and accepting life as a normal resident of Storybrooke and no longer a wandering pirate on the open seas, he still had a long way to go. When Victoria hit him with the baby news on Valentine's day, he'd been in such shock he hadn't really known what to say or do at first. He'd felt like his body was going through the motions and he was trying so hard to say all the right things, but deep down he was terrified, possibly more terrified than he'd ever been of anything in his entire life. He was barely used to the idea of being someone's boyfriend again, and he still hadn't let Victoria completely in, but they'd only been seeing each other barely five months at that point.

<p>He felt like he was drowning on dry land, and he had no idea what to do. It wasn't as if he could run away, like a small part of him wondered if he would have if leaving Storybrooke hadn't meant death when stepping or sailing over the town line. Truth be told he didn't really want to run away, and that terrified him even more. He didn't have a lot of good loyal friends in Storybrooke to turn to. He imagined Sherlock was far too practical about romantic things to give good advice, Charlie was busy with having been finally reunited with Willow, Geralt was busy with Yennefer, James was busy with wedding preparations with Tink. So he decided he'd turn to the first friend he'd made in Storybrooke, going on a year now, Captain Hook. A pirate that Charles had always revered, but never had a chance to meet back in the Enchanted Forest. Though in some ways that was probably good, at least they weren't enemies, and both had shared the common enemy of Blackbeard.

<p>After getting done teaching a couple of sword classes at the school, Charles headed over to the Jolly Roger where if he remembered correctly Hook should have been either just coming onto a shift as a guard on the docks or getting off one, Charles couldn't remember which. He wasn't sure if Hook would be able to give him any advice or if the other pirate would want to, but Charles was desperate to talk to anyone before he burst and said the wrong thing to Victoria.

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<div class="character-bach1-note">tag Killian Jones // notes: takes place just days before the HH curse was cast right before him and Victoria break up</div><br>
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Jun 7 2018, 12:26 PM
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<p>A baby, that still hadn't entirely sunk in yet, but Charles supposed perhaps none of it would sink in until the baby was actually born. A son, he'd never really put much thought into children, even back when he'd been with Eleanor, but living a pirate life out on the open seas never felt like it would be the right place to have a family. His life had never been safe or easy, and the idea of bringing a child into that, well even if it had crossed his mind he would have squashed it pretty quickly.

<p>Things were different after finding himself stuck in Storybrooke, suddenly he had no where else to go, no where beyond the town's borders. Suddenly he was looking at a very stationary life, with a legitimate job and actual friends that he learned to trust with his life, and suddenly he found himself slowly putting down roots. The Horned King's Curse had put a damper on things for a bit, taking away friends and family to some other part of the same realm, a place called Hyperion Heights. For months Charles along with other family's in Storybrooke desperately searched for a way to find their loved ones that had disappeared.

<p>When they did finally get everyone back, life seemed to settle back into routine. Victoria was due in just another month or two, and since having her back poured himself into their relationship and preparation for the new baby. Those months without her, worrying about her and their unborn child, it had a rather lasting effect on Charles and he didn't want to take any moment for granted, even the mundane moments.

<p>After having been told that 'baby showers' were typical for girls only, Charles felt a bit left out. So he concocted a plan to attempt to surprise Victoria with a more intimate baby shower just for the two of them. While Victoria was out running a few errands, Charles got to work putting out a rather odd mix of romantic decorations as well as new baby decorations. He even managed to follow a boxed cape recipe, which was now in the oven baking, while the counter in the kitchen was still a bit of a mess from all the mixing. While that was baking he went off to do a few finishing touches, flowers, alcohol free bubbling cider, and he set to work decorating what would be the baby's room.

<p>Unfortunately he got so wrapped up in working on putting together the room for the baby, that he didn't hear the timer going off out in the kitchen, and about the time Victoria was due home a bit of smoke started to emanate from the oven.

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<div class="character-bach1-note">tag Victoria Scarlet // notes: Future baby preparations AU</div><br>
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May 29 2018, 08:49 AM
Charles wasn't exactly happy finding himself in Storybrooke, of course he knew all about the first curse since he had been paid to run a few errands for Queen Regina. Though he had never asked her much in the way of details about where she was taking everyone, just that it was something to do with a place that had no magic. After that curse broke and time started going on normally again, he started hearing a bit more about life in that other realm, but even that was jut sketchy rumours at best from people who had been there. He supposed the town had its charms, but he felt like he'd have been more comfortable there if he had his own ship and at the very least Jack there as well, if not his whole crew. It seemed many other pirates who had found themselves in Storybrooke had been luckier, getting sucked through portals with their entire ship. Fortunately one of those pirates was someone that though Charles had only known through reputation, he did find himself on friendly terms with and so Hook had offered him a cabin on one of the lower decks of the Jolly Roger to stay in. If he couldn't be on his own ship and couldn't be out sailing around, at least he could sleep on the water in a ship.

He even lucked out finding a job that he wouldn't loathe entirely, for a boss that though was a bit odd he was someone that Charles felt he could respect. He never imagined he'd be teaching people how to use a sword, outside of the occasional new crewmember on his ship needing pointers, but he knew he wouldn't get away with a pirate's life of survival in a town full of heroes, so at least this job kept some money in his pocket beyond what gold he had fallen through the portal with that he knew wouldn't last indefinitely. The town also had decent rum and cigars, also things that made him only sort of hate his time in Storybrooke.

After a few days of mostly sticking to the docks, he finally ventured around town more and found himself at the Rabbit Hole one night. Odd name for a bar he thought, but they had alcohol so that was all he cared about. He went immediately to the bar and ordered a shot of rum and then told the bartender he'd just buy the whole bottle and slid the money across. Taking the bottle of rum he'd now paid for, and the shot glass, he poured himself another shot and drank it down in one gulp.

Ruby Lucas
May 27 2018, 11:09 AM
It had been a few weeks since a big chunk of residents had disappeared in a poof of oh so familiar purple smoke. Yet again Charles had come through it unscathed but this time around he had a lot of people he actually cared about who weren't so lucky. It wasn't as if he'd never cared about anyone before, but for the most part they'd never been taken with one of the curses, or at least he hadn't known about it at the time. He wasn't really sure how he even felt about Victoria, he thought he knew, but then he found out she was pregnant and then she broke up with him shortly after that before he'd fully processed the news and before he processed the break up she disappeared along with what felt like half the town.

He'd spent so much of his life moving around, being a pirate, he'd never done much settling down in one place. He hadn't had much of a choice after he arrived in Storybrooke and the life had certainly crept up on him. He had friends like he'd never truly had before, people that he cared about and that cared about him. The more time he spent there, the closer he grew to Victoria, the more he looked back on his past, especially where Eleanor was concerned. He had few regrets in life, in fact there were really only two. Two moments, two events, two memories that he looked back on and couldn't help but wonder what if. What if he hadn't left the village back when he first escaped slavery, Red was one of his first real friends. At the time it felt like the right decision, but looking back now it felt like he was seeing things in a very different light. Even after the things he learned since meeting up with her again in Storybrooke, didn't change the fact he considered her a friend and was glad she forgave him for what happened with Callum all those years ago.

Then of course the biggest regret of all, putting his desire for a ship over his love for Eleanor. He knew making the deal with that merchant was risky, knew that the man saw Eleanor as a rival, but he had no idea just how far that merchant was willing to go to get Eleanor out of the way. He liked to believe that if he had known how much trouble he actually brought to her doorstep he'd have done things differently, that he'd have put her first but he just wasn't sure. Everything after that moment just seemed like a string of complications, but he never felt like he would be in a place she could ever forgive him, and he wasn't sure he blamed her.

Not only was he in a crazy head-space because of things with Victoria and her being missing, but his boss was missing as well so him and Geralt had been doing their best to make sure the Homes Defence and Detective School stayed open and running smoothly in everyone's absence. His friend Red was missing so he was also doing his best to be there for Callum during this time. He hated feeling helpless and he felt like that's all he was, helpless. Everything around him turning to chaos, maybe this was a sign, a sign that everything around him would always turn to chaos, that happiness just wasn't in the cards for him. Then again maybe it was just karma, either way he felt like there was a storm inside of him, and as he left the school and headed away from the docks towards the park, he wasn't really paying much attention to anything around him. His hair was still growing out from when he'd last cut it a couple of months earlier after losing that bet with Sherlock, and he was wearing clothes that helped him blend in easier with most of the residents. After all, one could only keep wearing the same clothes they fell through the portal wearing o many times before it became a bit old. The trousers still felt a bit snug around certain bits, but he really liked the shirts and the hat.

He paused, getting ready to cross the street and letting a car pass by down to the docks, as he looked up ready to walk across, he suddenly stopped in the middle of the road. His eyes went wide, his mouth slightly ajar. It was like a figure had been plucked out of his dreams and was across the street coming out of the park towards him. It couldn't be, well that was a silly thing to presume, of course with everyone falling through portals from all sorts of realms it was naive to think it couldn't be her. Still, of all the portals and all the realms, there she was walking into his. He blinked a few times, he opened his mouth to utter a single word but it came out in more of a horse whisper than he meant it to.


Somehow he felt like nothing was ever going to be the same again.

Eleanor Guthrie
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