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Charles Vane

Enchanted Forest

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Aug 30 2017, 05:21 PM
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<p>Ever since Charles had dared to betray Blackbeard and strike out on his own, garnering his own ship, gathering together his own crew, he didn't always limit his proclivities to pirating on the seas or making general mischief around port towns. He was opportunistic and sought fortunes not only in the typical pirate methods but also as mercenaries for hire. Someone needed a job done, any job no matter the legalities, and Vane was more than happy to oblige, if the coin was high enough. He didn't ask questions, didn't care what the job was, or how right, only that it paid.

<p>Since the betrayal was still fresh, he did his best to avoid Blackbeard and in the process of wanting to make a name for himself, he had come across a Queen in need of his services. The woman's reputation around was that she was evil, but that didn't bother Charles much at all. She was paying, she needed some tasks carried out, and Charles was happy to take on the jobs. It was also nice that he'd have the heads up as far as what the Queen's plans were going to be for parts of the realm, some curse relocating people to some other place or realm. Honestly Charles was fuzzy on the details because he didn't care, besides pay in exchange for his services he'd also eventually have time to get beyond the borders of the curse's path before the Queen cast it. Charles had no desire to be in some other realm, he just wanted to be with his ship and crew and make a name for himself on his own, in this realm.

<p>His ship was in dock not far from the Queen's castle, he was told to be on hand in case she needed his help. At the moment he was outside in her courtyard, she didn't expect the heroes to attack her, though there was nothing in his job description to protect her, not that she seemed to need it. She was powerful, he didn't imagine she needed any man to protect her. She was definitely a woman he didn't ever want on his bad side. He lit up a cigar and stood at the edge of the small courtyard, looking out from the castle watching, always alert. He needed something to do before he went stir crazy, the Queen was still weeks away from casting her curse, and he was tired of just sitting around waiting for her to ask for something and it showed with the way he paced around outside, smoking his cigar, pacing and pacing.

<div class="character-bach2-h">tag Jefferson // notes: Past, during the time Regina was preparing the curse and Charles was a temporary ally</div></div><a href="">✽</a>

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Jul 1 2017, 05:31 PM
Once upon a time Charles had a home, he had a family that loved him, he had friends, he'd been for all intents and purposes a perfectly happy and content child. Then the ogre wars were suddenly at his doorstep, his village was under attack, the memories of those dark days still haunted him years later. The screams, the smell of the burning buildings, and all the dead and crushed bodies as he fled for his life, alone and one of the few survivors. He had run and run and run, until one day he found himself with a ticket, and after a short boat trip he was on Pleasure Island. He thought for awhile things would be fine, he even made a friend, but it seemed happiness was not to be for Charles, and he was taken for some slavers. That was where he had spent the rest of his childhood, where he grew under the whip being taught the hardest lessons life had to offer.

Charles had rather lost track of his birthdays, and the years he'd been working as a slave. The marks on his back, the scars, those were his reminders of the years that passed, heavy reminders. By his account he figured he was nearly twenty-one, or maybe he was only nineteen and it only seemed like more time had passed than it really had. He knew one thing, he desired freedom above all else, and for months upon months Charles planned, and planned. He kept watch of when and where they docked, what the best port cities were like, where the best hiding places were. He knew the routine of his masters down to a science, he knew them probably better than they did.

It was finally his time, after so much waiting. It was the port city closest to forest. He was hoping he'd get away without having to kill anyone, though ultimately he had to kill one of the guards. After that he just ran, ran and ran and ran and never looked back. As night started to fall Charles wasn't even sure how long he'd been running any more, or how far he'd gone. The town had slipped away ages ago, into a forest, trees and roads blurred by him as he kept running, only stopping at a stream or brook to drink some water. He was finally in a field, he could see sheep in a pen not far off, and a barn. He made his way towards it, not sure if anyone from inside the house would notice, it was dark after all and Charles did not have a light on him. He was exhausted, thirsty, hungry and wearing the slave rags he'd left the ship with, stained with the blood of the guard he'd been forced to kill, his face dirty with sweat and grime.

David Nolan
Jul 1 2017, 04:59 PM
Charles wasn't sure how he felt about being a sword instructor to make money, but it was pretty clear pretty early upon his arrival that Storybrooke wasn't going to be the place where they'd allow pirating, and in such a small town it would be harder to get away with it for long. He didn't even have his ship, he might have been happier about things if he'd at least fallen through the damn portal with his ship and crew, but nope, no ship, no crew. At least Hook had been a decent enough sort to let Charles stay in one of the Jolly Roger's cabins below deck. Charles didn't like being away from the sea for long, so it felt more comfortable sleeping on the ship instead of one of the Inns in town.

Upon realising he'd have to find some way to make money, since the gold he'd had on him when he fell through wouldn't last indefinitely, he'd managed to find a job as a sword instructor for some man by the name of Sherlock Holmes that had opened up a Defence and Detective school. While Charles had no interest in learning or teaching detective work, what he did know was swords. He was a pirate after all, so his fight skills were top notch. During the morning he had been sparring with a couple of students, but now they were gone so Charles was just in large open area of the school were much of the defence activities took place sparring with some wood and straw practise dummies had been set up. He wasn't really trying hard, they were just practise dummies after all. The school was situated in a large abandoned warehouse on the docks. The front windows looked into the large open room where Charles was sparring with the practise dummies. He imagined Sherlock was probably off in one of his office off to the side, or in one of the classrooms on the second floor doing the detective stuff. Charles wasn't concerned, he just went about his business with the practise dummies.

Diana Prince
Jun 1 2017, 09:20 AM
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<h1>No Regrets</h1>
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<p>Betraying Blackbeard so that Charles could get his own crew and ship, hadn't phased him one bit. Sure the other notorious captain had taught Vane everything he knew, mentored him, treated him with as much kindness as any pirate could or would treat another pirate, but just the same, in the end they were just that, pirates, each man for themselves. Of course sadly it hadn't ended there, and although his good friend Jack was able to help him with the next leg of the journey, in order to really get everything that Charles had always desired, he had to betray the only woman he had ever loved, Eleanor. That had been a bit harder, at least at first, in the end due to some decisions she had made for herself, it hadn't been as hard as he'd imagined. Sure she'd originally helped him betray Blackbeard, but where pirates were concerned, loyalties could be fickle, and he had to show a strong front in order to win the respect of his crew and to keep Jack by his side as first mate.

<p>With his former lover angry at him, and Blackbeard now an enemy, Charles decided to find a way to lay low for awhile. Problem was, he couldn't completely lay low, otherwise his men would end up staging a mutiny. Instead of sticking around the seas in the Enchanted Forest realm that he was from, he managed to get his hands on a couple of magic beans, at a very high price. He took the opportunity to take his ship somewhere new, somewhere he could make money enough for his crew to respect him and really start carving out a name for himself.

<p>As his ship made dock after the journey through the portal, he found himself in a very colourful realm. He selected a group of men to go out and explore, and decided to have Jack stay with the ship. Then he decided he would go off on his own for a bit, explore the world, see if there was any mercenary work available, or any good villages to ransack.

<p><i>OOC: If I need to change anything let me know, I wasn't sure where she'd be, so she doesn't have to meet him in the next post, but if your post could give me a better idea of where she is, maybe a sign for mercs wanted or anything pm me if you have questions</i>

<p>Tag The Red Queen | Notes: Past not long after the first curse hit

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May 7 2017, 01:20 PM
Charles liked to think that he was far more mature and capable of looking after himself than he probably was. He was only seven years old after all, even if he was quite tall for his age and could easily pass for ten. For the most part he had everything a boy could want from life. He had parents who loved him, an older brother who despite all the teasing looked out for him, and a younger baby sister that Charles liked to pretend he didn't want anything to do with, but deep down Charles loved his baby sister. The village they lived in was small, but it wasn't that far from castle so there was often people going to and from the village. He always looked forward to the first Tuesday of every month because that was when his father, the village blacksmith, would venture to the castle with anything that had been ordered or needed by the King.

Charles hated having to wait all month to go to the castle, it was a day's journey, and when they did they got to stay for a few days there while his father sold his wares and fixed anything that needed fixing, and took on more orders and things to take back with him to fix the next month. It wasn't unusual for Charles to get into trouble, he was prone to getting up to no good since he was so curious about the world. He wanted to see everything and explore everywhere. It was often hard on him since there weren't many kids in the village his age, and his older brother was fifteen, and his younger sister was barely a year old, so as far as play companions Charles was a bit left out.

Charles woke up that morning determined to do something fun, but his brother and father were already at work at the forges, his mother was busy tending to the baby, always busy busy busy. Charles felt left out and bored, so he decided he would go on an adventure all his own without anyone else. He filled a bag with a few things he thought he might need, a water skin, some twine, a small dagger his father gave him, a compass, a sling shot with some pebbles and his favourite book, His Handsome Hero. Then while his mother wasn't paying attention, Charles snuck out and took off into the forest outside the village. He walked for what felt like hours, and eventually came upon a small stream where he decided to take a break and refill his waterskin. He'd never been this far from the village before, usually he never walked more than a half hour from the village by himself, but you couldn't have an adventure that close to your home, no you had to go much further.

He was hungry though, and it was just hitting him now that he hadn't packed any foot, only water. He looked around and spotted a berry bush, he started picking some and smelled a few, but he didn't eat them yet, and he wasn't paying attention to anything around him, only how happy he was to be having an adventure and picking the pretty berries.

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