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Apr 11 2017, 09:43 PM
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border: 5px solid black ;
width: 500px;
color: black;
<div class="boxed"><p><font face="Playfair Display">Characters I Might Play</font>

<font face="Arapey">Ellen Ripley</font>
<font face="Raleway">Ripley is my absolute favorite character in any movie. She is a strong woman character who survives the impossible. She is badass, and would definitely be fun to gain muse as. I have fun ways to incorporate her onto the site, that obviously doesn't include the xenomorphs.

<font face="Arapey">Jodie Holmes</font><p>
<font face="Raleway">Beyond: Two Souls was an absolute masterpiece. I loved Jodie Holmes, and Aiden. There was so much story to the game, and depth that I found absolutely beautiful. I would love playing a character like Jodie. She is super great.</font>

<font face="Arapey">Ursula</font><p>
<font face="Raleway">I loved Ursula as a kid. Even more in Once Upon a Time. I really wanted to see her more than anyone on Once Upon a Time. I wish she was actually the mean one to Ariel, instead of Regina. It made me feel happy when they did include her, though. She's great.</font>

<font face="Arapey">Dorothy Gale</font><p>
<font face="Raleway">She's sort of necessary to add. She's one of my favorite fictional characters. I love the Wizard of Oz, but I didn't necessarily like how they made Ruby Slippers a thing. I can see her being really cool to play though.</font>

<font face="Arapey">Tippetarius/Ozma</font><p>
<font face="Raleway">I really loved Ozma as well, but I'm more interested in Dorothy. Ozma is also really nice, because she's stern and diplomatic. I liked versions of her that weren't just Emerald City, though she was my favorite character on there. I wouldn't mind creating my own Ozma, with a different face claim. I really love her story.</font>

<font face="Arapey">Steven Universe</font><p>
<font face="Raleway">We already have so many Steven Universe characters. I love Steven, and would love to play him.</font>
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Apr 9 2017, 11:31 AM
35. Hero. Ginnifer Goodwin

Mary Margaret can get along with just about anyone. She is helpful, and quite interested in getting to know everyone.
She is a rightful Queen, and really wants to be able to help out. Please post if you think your character would be Snow's ally!

Snow's greatest enemy used to be Regina, but that changed over time.
She is enemies with most villainous people. And people who threaten the town's safety, or her family's safety. Please post if you think your character would be Snow's enemy!

Notable enemies:

Regina Mills

She is happily married to David Nolan, however,
there's always AU fun, or a crush from when she was younger. Other than that,
she's completely dedicated to David, and would not choose anyone else.


36. Neutral. Sigourney Weaver

It's hard for Ripley to make friends. She's been betrayed so many times,
so she chooses to make few friends. Though this may change in Storybrooke! She loves anything science, so that's something to get her talking.

Notable allies:

None yet.

She hates anything that's a threat to her or humanity in general. She despises aliens, and has a strong prejudice towards them. I don't think she'd like to see monsters either. And she's not a fan of magic, yet.
Notable enemies:
She's bisexual, and is currently not in a relationship. Though her last relationship didn't end well, and was with a guy who left her soon after her daughter Amanda was born.
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