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Apr 27 2017, 08:21 AM
Thank you for taking a looksee at my Wanted Ad!

Colonel Sebastian Moran pb: up to the player

Lots of freedom with this character because he has never made an actual appearance in the show. Certain factors however must stay, like the fact that he is a sniper and works for Jim. The play by is up to the player and also his history, however I'm here to help with those if necessary. Sebastian's father, Augustus Moran, made a little appearance in the show so keep that in mind. Jim would feel a lot more secure with his bodyguard/sniper around.

Sherlock Holmes pb: Benedict Cumberbatch

After dying, Jim ended up in the Undeworld, once there he started searching for the detective because he should have been dead. He couldn't find Sherlock of course. A client of Jim's had died and ended up in the Undeworld where he found Moriarty, the client told him that Sherlock hadn't really died. So, Jim knows that Sherlock has cheated the game. Now, Jim wants to finish what he has started. The game is on.
*Also, Jim is presenting himself as Richard Brook in Storybrooke, so Sherlock could be the one telling everyone Jim's real identity and tries to lock Jim up.

Eurus Holmes pb: Siân Brooke

Jim and Eurus actually got along when they met. Jim acknowledges Eurus' intelligence and he would want to know her better.

Various Jim's clients
pb: up to the player

Some of these clients are really dangerous. Not every client had a successful working relationship with Jim because he might have betrayed them if Jim's plans required so. However, Jim's clients don't know how he looks like and Jim can use it at his advantage. Sure, some of the clients can be NPCed, but having an actual interesting client as someone to look out for would be interesting.
Apr 9 2017, 01:32 PM

Hi! I'm Buffy and I slay vampires for a living. Actually, it's not a living, no one pays me now that I think about it, if you ask me it's unfair because Watchers get paid...whatever. But, they should really start paying me because I also slay all sorts of evil supernatural creatures other than vampires! Plus, I stop apocalypses! I mean...I deserve a pay and a raise! okbuffystoptalkingaboutmoney. Anyway, if you are an evil supernatural creature then you better stay away from me, otherwise beep me if you need any help.

Jim Moriarty as Richard Brook

Jim likes fairytales very much, especially the idea of the old-fashioned villain, so he actually likes getting to know all these fairytales characters living in Storybrooke. Jim is the BBC version of Moriarty, the one who shot himself in the mouth. However, he is not dead anymore after finding a portal to Storybrooke in the Underworld. He has been presenting himself as Richard Brook instead of Jim Moriarty because Jim is dangerous and instead Richard is harmless, it's easier to know people if you are harmless. It's easier to manipulate them. If you'd like to plot with Jim then you can reply to this plotter or send me a PM, thank you!
Sherlock, IOU.


Albus was in the Underworld after dying, but a portal appeared under his feet and the wizard couldn't do much to avoid it. The portal brought him to Storybrooke and he has been living there hoping that his family may one day find a portal to the city. The Elder Wand is with him. Albus is ready to protect others from it and keep it away from Tom if he ever comes back.

Bruce Wayne as Batman

Batman was patrolling when a portal suddenly appeared in front of him meaning that he ended up in Storybrooke while he was still Batman. Bruce is trying to find a way to return to Gotham and keep the citizens safe from Gotham's crazy villains in case they show up in Storybrooke.
There is also to say that Bruce isn't going around dressed up like a bat, his costume is hidden somewhere. He introduced himself as Bruce Wayne because he wasn't aware that people might know that Bruce Wayne is Batman due to the fact that in the Land Without Magic Batman is a famous fictional character.

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