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Apr 24 2017, 02:30 PM
Garnet wasn’t used to being… human. It was strange. She still felt like herself- like Ruby and Sapphire combined- but she also felt entirely different, too. Like she was more than she had been before. Now, the combination was irreversible. In this world, she could be nothing other than Garnet, though the other two were still inside her. It felt… amazing. Like everything she had always wanted. To be totally connected to one another, living together forever. She had never wanted to be anything else, and now she didn’t have to be.

It was an amazing feeling, in al honesty. Scary and new, but amazing. She knew she could get used to it, if she wanted to. But she also knew that she needed to get home- Steven still needed her. Needed them.

She also knew that she wasn’t the only one there.

That was what had brought her to the docks. She knew Lapis was in town, and though she also knew the woman had an on-again, off-again relationship with water, it seemed the best place to find her. Her future sight only showed her various paths- and it seemed a bit muddled in this new place. She still had to get used to her abilities.

The woman strolled down the dock, looking around at the various ships sat there. Seemed there were a lot of pirate ships, considering this place seemed more advanced than the timeframe they were supposed to be around for. The whole town was interesting. Being a human was interesting, too.

Food was strange. Even though she had indulged Steven by eating once in a while, it had never been important. Now, suddenly, she had pains when she didn’t eat, and different pains when she ate things that shouldn’t go together. How did humans keep it all sorted? Not to mention using the bathroom!

She sighed, coming to the end of the dock. “Lapis?” She asked gently, her voice as even and composed as ever, even as she called for a friend.

Lapis Lazuli - sorry for typos. xD I'm getting used to a smaller keyboard.
Apr 12 2017, 01:37 PM
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<h3>Over 5000 . N/A . Steven Universe . Danai Gurira . Other Realms</h3>
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Garnet is a fusion, meaning she had the personality traits of both gems that make up her existence. These gems are Ruby and Sapphire. Primarily, Garnet takes after Sapphire's personality, which a cool, collected one. She always seems to know what's going to happen and she keeps herself composed even in dangerous or wild situations. She's always got an even voice, rarely showing any extreme emotions on either side of the spectrum, good or bad. She is a very kind gem who constantly thinks of others and remains very loyal to the crystal gems, even after so long. She does not tend to let things get to her, and tries her best to help others find their center, too. She is somewhat motherly, often looking to take care of others, though not nearly to the extent of Pearl, and she is not really one to clean house or pick up after people. She can sometimes seem aloof, and generally disinterested in things that don't directly relate to her or her friends. However, she is always listening and learning, even when it doesn't seem like she is.
She also has moments where the other half of her persona, Ruby, come into play. She can be over come with rage and attack without thinking- she loves battle and uses her immense physical strength to over power opponents. Her fighting ability is a stark contrast to her cool, gentle personality, and it is clear she knows her way around a battle field. She also has moments of, well, stupidity, for a lack of a better term.
She doesn't always think things through, particularly when it comes to the love she feels inside between her two gems. Ruby and Sapphire can be blinded by their feelings for one another, which drives Garnet into action, too.<p>
When it comes to love, there isn't a Gem out there who understands it the way Garnet does. She exists because of two gems who always want to be with one another. When it comes to fusion, she has very strong opinions, and can become angry if people abuse or mock the show of love. Fusion is everything to her -it IS her- and even her friends are not immune to her attitude if she perceives them as making light of it. <p>
She doesn't understand everything there is to know about humans, but she is always willing to learn and grow. While not always as eager to participate in human customs like Amethyst, she still appreciates the diversity of human life and wants to know more about them in her own way. She also loves teaching humans about gems.
With her Gems, which she wears as two bracelets on either wrist, she has the ability to summon large, strong fists-like weapons over his hands which grant her immense strength and the ability to break through many materials, including metal and a wide variety of rocks. She also has the ability to transform her shape when she would like to, though she doesn't often use this ability like some of the other gems. Unlike other gems, she has the unique ability to see into the future, and this Future Sight ability can be temporarily passed on through a kiss to another being. With her gems, she cannot use her magic. The Ruby gem summons the weapon, while the Sapphire gem grants her the Future Sight ability.
In Storybrooke, Garnet is a human being, and cannot un-fuse back into Ruby and Sapphire. In her realm, however, she can revert back to the two beings if she chooses to. Most of the time, however, she does not want to.
Garnet comes from a planet of gems whose only goals were to branch out across the universe and find planets to grow more of their kind, consuming the resources of various worlds and bringing about their destruction in the process. At first, Ruby and Sapphire worked with the Homeworld gems and served under one of the diamonds. But one day, the rebellion- a group of gems who sought to protect a planet called earth from being destroyed- attacked and Ruby defended Sapphire from their might. The two accidentally fused for the first time, creating a very confused Garnet. She was met with disgust from the homeworld gems, who only saw fusion as a tool and not something that should happen between two different cuts of gems. Ruby and Sapphire were meant to be punished for their crimes, but they managed to escape together.
The pair ended up stranded on earth, where they learned more about one another and more about the planet they were on, too. They started to fuse more and more, becoming aware that they truly loved being one being and did not want to be anything else. Eventually, they reunited with the crystal gems, who welcomed them warmly into their ranks. From that moment one, Garnet decided she would protect the earth -a place that allowed her to live as she wanted without hatred like homeworld- and follow Rose Quartz, the leader of the rebellion. She spent a very long time fighting with the Crystal Gems, watching and learning about them and earth, too.
In time, Rose met a human she fell in love with, and decided to give up her existence in order to have a child. The child, Steven, could not exist with Rose still alive, so she sacrificed herself to make up half of the human boy. Greg, his father, was left alone to care for the child, but the gems were there to help fill the void left by their leader's departure. They became a strong family for Steven, though a strange one, and all grew to love him in their own ways. Garnet deeply cares for Steven, and would do anything to ensure his safety.
One day, after Pearl had mysteriously vanished and they were out searching for her, Garnet found herself falling through a portal even her future sight had not warned her would be there. She ended up in a strange town, but weirder still, she seemed to have become a human as well! No longer able to unfuse, Garnet realized that Ruby and Sapphire had bonded into one being in this weird town called Storybrooke, and while she still felt like the same being, she knew her connection was even stronger now than ever before. It was a marvelous feeling, despite the fear that came from not knowing if she could return to her own home or not.
Since there seemed no other choice, she decided to do her best to blend in with the humans of Storybrooke as she sought a way home and perhaps her friends who had also gone missing, whom she suspected might have ended up in the same place.
<h2>RP Sample</h2>


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<h3>PST . Many</h3>




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