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Oct 12 2017, 12:20 PM
Garnet didn’t like this castle. She didn’t like that it had appeared out of no where, and she definitely didn’t like that it had brought with it more of the undead that had been threatening the town. There was little doubt in her mind that it was the leader’s keep, and soon things would turn to war. She had seen it countless times before, and she was sure it was about to happen again. But, like so many times before, she was ready to fight off the invading evil to protect the world she was now calling home, even though it wasn’t exactly the world she was used to.

And her body wasn’t quite what she was used to, either.

She stood beyond the castle, in the forest, where she knew the other gems would assemble to meet with her. They had all agreed to do what they could to fight against the castle, but Garnet wasn’t sure how the situations may have changed in their time apart. Humans were being captured, it seemed, and brought into the castle for likely unpleasant reasons.

All she could do, at least for the moment, was hope that her friends hadn’t been among those taken. If something had happened to Pearl or to Lapis, she was not sure how she would react. Emotions seemed more potent in a human body- they seemed to control everything in one way or another. She was sure she would be very sad, but also... Likely very angry.

And if the Ruby side of her was anything to go off of, she would not be easily contained once she was truly angry. It was why she had always done her best to keep herself centered. It was just so much harder in this world, where both minds were more as one than ever before. Those emotions, even more profound in a human body, were harder to control than she had even known.

Just thinking that they MIGHT need help was making her upset. Uneasy, she paced back and forth within the trees, doing her best to keep her restless energy contained to just walking to and fro in a short line. Her hands remained crossed over her chest, her expression a worried one.

She hoped they would appear soon, so they might discuss what they were going to do against the mighty force before them. She had no idea, of course, that someone important to one of them had already been kidnapped and taken into the castle’s horrible dungeons.

But she would soon learn.

Lithiasaur @[KAT!]
Jun 3 2017, 08:27 PM
Garnet had been around humans for over 5000 years, watching them evolve and grow- watching their technology advance alone with their minds and the perception of the world around them. While she had kept mostly out of the way, watching from a distance with the other gems, she had still seen a lot of interesting things in her time. And then, when Steven was born, she had learned so much more.

Still, seeing the humans and being a human were vastly different. She sometimes missed her inorganic body, comprised of hard light and virtually just a shell to use as protection for her precious gem. Having to do things like sleeping and eating were strange to her.

Though in her weeks in Storybrooke, she felt as though she had finally started to get the hang of things. It wasn’t difficult to find a rhythm when there wasn’t much else to do with her time.

She didn’t need to protect this place like she had her own version of earth- she wasn’t a Crystal Gem here.

So she had decided to try and help better her understanding of the world around her by visiting the local library. She had heard that, should any place offer her information on the day-to-day lives of humans, it would be the library. Apparently they had books on just about anything, as well as computers to look up information. She was interested in checking the place out for herself.

She’d only heard about libraries back home. There had never been any need to actually go in one before.

The door opened gently as she pushed her way inside, the tall, toned woman taking a look around to find the place surprisingly empty. It seemed not everyone thought a house of information was as impressive as she did.

Perhaps this was just something else humans had become jaded seeing.

They got bored so easily.

She quickly went about gathering some books, looking for any and everything that might prove interesting to read. From books on human behavior, to cooking books, to a book about car engines, her collection was as scattered as it was bizarre.

She was so busy gathering her reading materials that she hadn’t noticed another human there in the library with her. Not until she had accidentally bumped into them, that is. “My apologies,” she offered in an even, warm tone, “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

May 24 2017, 12:22 PM
Garnet wasn’t used to being a human, but you never would have known that by looking at her. She was calm, collected, and had seemingly very easily assimilated into life in Storybrooke. She had a nice apartment, a job, and was making friends with a lot of the locals. Still, she wasn’t completely human just yet- she still had all her memories of life as a gem, and she still wanted to get back home to Steven and the others. Her visions were clouded by the dark magic that made the portals, so she couldn’t see if or when the others might join them, or if they would be able to get back home before everyone ended up stuck in Storybrooke.

To help ease her worried mind, Garnet had decided to go to the mines. She had started her experience there, having arrived near them when the portal spat her out. She had stayed there a couple of days, until better acclimating to human life. It had been nice- the strange minerals in the mines, brimming with magic, comforted her despite not being gems that could produce forms of their own.

So she liked to go there to think, even if she no longer lived there. She knew another alien still hid there, though. He was injured and angry and, unlike her, seemed to want nothing to do with humans. She brought him food from time to time, and her company. But it seemed he wasn’t there today, though.

Perhaps because the mines had other visitors, and he hadn’t wanted to be around them. There were somewhat short men in the mines, working on digging out the resources. They were dwarves in their home realm, she had already learned, but here they were just like she was- human. Not that it seemed much of a difference for them.

The tall woman watched them from one of the entrances to the deeper portion of the mines, her head tilting curiously as they diligently worked at mining the minerals that stocked the cavern walls.

One dwarf seemed to be the leader- he looked angry and seemed to bark orders to the others. His pickax had the name ‘Grumpy’ on it. She wondered if it were a nickname, or if it were actually his name.

Her visions showed two distinct paths their conversation could take. One was friendly, and the other was a disaster. She would do her best to avoid the latter. Slowly, she moved forward.

“You work very hard,” she offered, “is there anything I could do to assist you? I may not look it, but I am quite… familiar with gems,” she offered with a warm, knowing smile.

May 9 2017, 06:17 AM
Garnet wasn't sure what had happened. Well, that wasn't true. She knew exactly what had happened. She had fallen through some kind of portal again and had woken up in a strange, bustling city with tall buildings and busy streets. It was entirely unlike Storybrooke. It certainly wasn't home, either. But she had known she might fall into a portal and end up somewhere new- her Future Vision had informed her about that path, along with many others should she opt not to fall in.

However, she had also seen that there was a portal back to Storybrooke, and as long as she found it, then she would get back to Pearl and the friends she had started to make while in the small town. She had decided to fall into the portal, because it also meant helping the city in the small time she was there.

Because this city happened to be under the attack of some very angry humans- humans with various super powers that came from their blood. Mutants, she had learned they were called.

But the best thing about this realm? She was herself again- a Gem and not a human. She could summon her large fist-like weapons on either hand and punch the crap out of anyone who might come at her. There were at least a dozen of these mutants running around the city square, creating panic. Even for her, it seemed a tough fight.

She was thankful, then, that her Future Vision had shown her that she wouldn't be the only one there at the battle- that someone else had fallen into the portal too. Another reason why she had decided to come. This way, she could ensure she made it back to Storybrooke, too, as this was not her world either.

So, while Garnet was ready to fight she didn't rush in to attack the angry, wild mutants just yet. She waited for the appearance of the blonde she had seen in her vision. Then, hopefully, she could explain what was going on and how they were going to get back to Storybrooke again.

Assuming the woman would want to go back, of course.

Buffy Summers
May 6 2017, 03:00 PM
There were many strange things about being a real human. Perhaps the strangest was the need to eat food in order to produce energy. The waste that formed from this bodily process was equally strange, though not something she generally enjoyed thinking about. She already knew from her time caring for Steven as a baby what kind of horrors looked in the waste products of humans.

She would much rather think of things prior to that outcome- the actual action of eating and how the body alerted itself to the need of food. It was really quite remarkable. She had been enjoying a walk around the park when, all of a sudden, she found her stomach was producing a strange sound. More than that, it felt like it was actually moving around inside of her. Was that even possible?

She had been informed by one of the park-goers that she was probably hungry and should go and get something to eat. Normally, she kept to a regular meal plan so as to best imitate a normal human existence, so she had never felt her stomach rumble before. She had accidentally lost track of time in the park, however, and seemed now that she was looking at the clock that it was already well past noon.

A late lunch seemed in order.

So she ventured into the most well-known of the local eateries- Granny's Diner. She had been in town long enough to know that it was one of the beloved locations in town, and everyone went there to eat, but until that moment she hadn't really been to see it herself, as she had made all of her meals at home from recipes she had learned from Steven and even Greg.

It seemed like a good day to break the norm.

Once inside, the tall woman moved over to the counter, carefully and politely sitting herself down with an aura of refined calm. She smiled peacefully at the people around her, who seemed to warm up just from the friendly atmosphere. She could swear one of the men at a distant terrible had blushed suddenly and disappeared into his menu when their eyes met.

"I'd like a burger, please," she said to the waitress behind the counter, her voice elegant and soothing, with a faint accent of some kind. She smiled a looked around, waiting for her meal calmly while enjoying the people watching.

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