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Jun 3 2018, 07:42 AM
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Tucking the cloak more forcibly over her head & face, Victoria hides herself carefully; slipping past the guards in her brother's campgrounds with the Merry Men. Even though she knew that Robin was trying to keep an eye on her, Victoria had to get back to the parish to see if it was salvageable. Not that it would help, but it had been her home and Victoria could do nothing as it burned to the ground. Damn those wretched thieves! As soon as Victoria was free of the guards, she quickens her feet's steady pace; unaware that she was about to have company in the form of a collision in full force.<p><p>Victoria's eyes blaze with fury upon lifting her head to see whom she'd collided with. “You! You are the cause of all this. I should turn you over to Friar Tuck and my brother for what you did. How dare you show your face around here?” A firm grip on her elbow guides her farther away from the camp, to a secluded section of the forest. “W-Where are you taking me? Hello, I am speaking to you! Answer me, you scoundrel arsonist thief!”<p><p>Victoria was prepared to put up a fight by throwing out insults if that would help her release.<br><br>tag: Zachariah Scarlet<br><br>words: 211<br><br>notes: Trying to get him angry!<br><br>outfit: A 1700's era gown & scarlet red cloak

</div><div style="background: #e04040; height: 5px; width: 270px;"></div><a style="display: block; font: 9px/100% Arial; letter-spacing: 1px; text-align: right; text-transform: uppercase; width: 270px;" href="">( &copy; what makes you beautiful )</a></center>[/dohtml]
Apr 20 2018, 05:49 PM
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Her high heel boots make a click, click, click sound as Victoria moves across the tile floor, smile flickering toward her best friend as Lillian remains in step beside her. And then Victoria's gaze drifts to meet her brother's and his friend's – aka Lillian's boyfriend – gazes. “Robbie, Johnny Boy, what's new?” she calls out to them both, nearly ignoring John's comment to her as the two friends of hers and her brother's begin to kiss slash make-out.<p><p>While Victoria had nothing against their relationship, she had business to take care of; gently pulling at the sleeve of Lillian's shirt. “We're not here for that. We're here to have me grab something and then be on our way,” Victoria reminds her blonde-haired friend, shaking her head at the blonde's pouting bottom lip. “Five minutes, and then I'm leaving without you!” Victoria heads to the dorm area of the clubhouse – alone – unaware that she was about to gain company in the form of slamming into someone very tall, hair pulled back into a ponytail, and laughing with one of the “forms of entertainment” the club allowed in. “Blackbeard.”<p><p>Victoria slips past him, ignoring his lingering look after she disappeared out of his view; finding what she needed from her personal dorm room and returning to the front to practically drag Lillian with her. “I told you that you only got five minutes with him. And why was Blackbeard here? I thought he'd transferred to another charter.” Victoria didn't wait for a reply from her friend, starting the engine of her car instead; cranking up the volume of her car's radio up just a little as she rolls the windows down.


<div class=justpeachybottombar>Charles Vane Lillian Rosayln Will Scarlet | notes: Victoria is ready for business!<br>outfit: this, with a leather jacket; the dress in a scarlet red shade, her hair up & back in a ponytail. | <a href="" style="font-family: arial; font-size: 8px;color:white; text-decoration: none; "> LAW. </a> </div>
Apr 12 2018, 10:49 AM
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<h1>Lila Peterson</h1>

<div class="n-p-main">
<h3>Victoria Scarlet.</h3>
<h2>Cursed Personality:</h2>
Unlike her previous identity Lila is timid, shy, and keeps to herself. She has very few friends in Hyperion Heights – one of them being Iris, who is so kind to her during this tough time in her life – but Lila mainly is a bit of a loner.
<h2>Cursed Life:</h2>
Lila Peterson led a simple life, with a wonderful fiance & a baby on the way. Until it all came crumbling down around her – or so she was led to think. But Lila was determined to get by, even working at a diner until she could earn enough money to open her own business. Her earnings were very slim at times but Lila scrapped together what she could in order to save up for the business but also find a home for her & the unborn child she carried.

Apr 9 2018, 06:31 AM

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<div class="TWENTYagainn"><div class="TWENTYabsolutely"><div class="TWENTYmini">Everything you think of Will become all of me. Look at me and be my lady, You’re my twenties.</div></div></div>
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Victoria didn't understand why the smell of the food here in the diner still suddenly made her stomach churn in a horrible manner, sending her rushing off to the bathrooms near the back of the diner's main room. Returning after a few minutes to find not only her son Will awaiting her but also Robin, Victoria's brother, waiting with his nephew. “We should all probably sit down.” She knew they would want to ask about her love life – which Victoria didn't mind – but it was her son and brother that were about to interrogate her. Going to sit down at the empty table, Victoria takes their intense & worried stares on her into stride. “Go ahead and ask me whatever you want to.” Charles' name was about to be brought up in their conversation – Victoria knew it would – and she had to be ready for when it was.<p><p>Two separate rambling series of questions flew out of her brother's and son's mouths at a rapid pace – and Victoria's ears pick up on Charles' name among those questions – but she holds up a slender hand. Stopping their questions long enough for her to form a response. “His name is Charles Vane, and he's a local pirate in Storybrooke. He lives on Captain Hook's ship, Jolly Roger, and he was a member of Captain Blackbeard's crew before he was betrayed. We started seeing one another shortly after the zombie attack at the Horned King's castle, but it didn't really become serious until somewhere between the Winter Masquerade Ball and the Valentine's Day Carnival.”<p><p>Victoria hoped that answer pleased them both because she nods once and sits back against the red leather of the booth they all occupied.<p><p>TAG: Robin Hood Will Scarlet || w/c: 289 || outfit: blouse and jeans

<div style="width: 350px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; font-size: 9px; text-transform: uppercase; letter-spacing: 4px;"><a href="">♦ CARAT</a></div>

Mar 19 2018, 09:40 AM
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Pregnancy had its perks but it also didn't at the same time. Victoria had never thought about having another baby, especially not with Charles Vane. One particular morning found her laying in a slightly awkward position where Charles had his arms wrapped around her, his hair standing straight up on his head and scattered every which way imaginable. It took everything in Victoria to not laugh at the way he looked in that moment but she really had to pee and throw up so, with careful movements, Victoria's hands pry his arms from around her; placing them onto the pillow until watching him curl the pillow closer to himself. Retreating quickly to the bathroom, Victoria eases the door shut in a quiet manner and goes to do her business. Returning after to find her husband now in an awakened state, she threw him a smile. “I do hope that I didn't wake you, dear husband. The baby simply would not wait,” Victoria tells him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a loose manner.<p><p>One hand moves to cover his at the swell of her stomach, evidence of her three-month pregnancy, before Victoria is leaning to an angle and pressing her lips softly to his; lowering her voice to a whispered tone and saying, “Have I ever told you how much I love you, Charles Vane?”<p><p>Cursed life had its perks, but it was still weird at times. It was a semi sweet life for them both, however, and Victoria couldn't be happier.<p><p>TAG: Charles Vane | w/c: 251 || outfit: Silk pajamas in scarlet red || notes: she is so in love!

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