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Mar 27 2017, 07:54 PM
Eli Wallace

Out of all of the places Leia imagined herself ending up, none of them had been a quaint little town like Storybrooke. Not that it was unpleasant there or anything, in fact she found herself adjusting quite well. At first it'd been difficult, none of her friends were there with her. No real sense of familiarity in a world full of strangers. Of course, the Princess would never admit that she missed anyone. Not how comfortable she felt around Luke, not even Han's snarky attitude that had begun to grow on her. She was supposed to be strong, wasn't she? Not a weak young girl that crumpled and burst into tears over the littlest things. If she was going to be stuck in a new world, she might as well adapt.

Leia had fallen into a sort of..routine, she'd even found herself an occupation. Granny's Diner had become part of that routine, the atmosphere was quite warm and inviting. It was a place where friends or lovers could meet, share conversation over some good food. Not that Leia had anyone to share that with, she occasionally eyed a group or two when she felt especially envious. Perhaps it was because they weren't all alone, and she was. It wasn't like she looked at the couples more than the families-- in fact, it was mostly the latter. A bouncing baby or a bouncing toddler being doted on by their parents, said parents laughing when their faces got covered in food.

Even so, she didn't often go looking for company. But stepping into the diner now, it seemed like all the solitude was finally getting to her. She scanned the room for a friendly looking face, someone that wouldn't mind a stranger looking for a new friend. Hopefully she didn't look too out of place, a young woman with an air of royalty and her dark hair woven into an intricate braid atop her head. Steeling her resolve, the Princess made her way over to a young man that seemed to be by himself. Still, Leia found herself hoping that she wasn't intruding on anything. Clearing her throat politely, she offered the stranger a small smile. "Is that seat taken?" She asked, nodding to the seat across from him. Leia usually wasn't the babbling type, but she stopped herself nonetheless.
Mar 12 2017, 10:32 PM
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<h3>22 . Leia Organa . Star Wars . Carrie Fisher </h3>
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<p>Leia is a Princess, but only in title. She doesn't act ladylike or princess-like, she's more of a fighter. Headstrong and outspoken, Leia has a very fiery personality. If she doesn't like someone or something, chances are she'll say something instead of keeping silent in order to spare someone's feelings. Leia has a sharp tongue, but if she can't talk herself out of a situation she's more than capable of fighting. She has quite the temper too, and sometimes acts on impulse rather than thinking of the consequences. Although not as quite as fierce, Leia's temper can match that of her birth father. Most of the time however, she'll think things through before jumping in. She's not reckless all the time. But she is very stubborn, often thinking she's right and she could never possibly be wrong. Almost like a petulant and spoiled child.</p>

<p>Despite all this, she's kind. She loves her friends very dearly, and will go to great lengths to save people she cares about. Leia has compassion too, as her birth mother did. She saw how horrible the Empire really was, and jumped at the chance to join the Rebellion. She never really liked seeing people suffer, and wanted to help them in any way she could. Even though she cares greatly for the Rebellion's cause, it may very well be true that she cares about her friends more. It's just that she puts her duty above everything else. She is still very much devoted to their cause, and could very well be a leader someday. She has a strong sense of justice too, a strong sense of right and wrong. She likes to believe in others, having not believed that all there had been to Han was a love for money.</p>

<p>Ever since the destruction of her planet, Leia has hardened her heart and her resolve to bring the Empire down. She's grown older too, and stronger. There are walls around her heart that very few people can breach, and she'd like to keep it that way. It's unknown whether or not she'll ever allow herself to fall in love, though she does have complicated feelings for Han Solo. She's too dedicated to the Rebellion and her duty for that. However, she does allow herself to make friends. Allies that she can trust. If someone earns her trust, they'll have a loyal friend for the rest of their life. Leia doesn't take anything lightly, especially not the safety of her friends. She is capable of love, just not the romantic kind quite yet. She's still young, after all.</p>

<p>Leia wears a sort of..mask around people. She likes to be strong around them, be a shoulder to cry on should someone need it. She's careful to not let her emotions show, or run wild. When it comes to feelings like sadness or grief, she's not very open about them. She'll put anyone or anything above herself, as shown when she comforts Luke after Obi-Wan's death instead of tending to her own grief. Sometimes she lets herself simply not feel anything, for her sake and for the sake of the Rebellion.</p>
Like her brother, Leia is Force-sensitive. However, she has yet to know her true parentage or the fact that she possesses any abilities thanks to the Force. As a result, she is both untrained and unaware that she has any extraordinary powers. But she does have other skills. The Princess is a very skilled tactician, helping plan many of the Rebellion's important missions. She is also adept at politics, like her birth mother Padme Amidala. Leia also knows how to defend herself in a fight, and is quite handy with a blaster. The words "damsel in distress" definitely do not describe her. Besides this, Leia is only human. She can get sick, injured, old. She's not invincible and therefore can die from sickness or injury.
<p>Leia Organa was born as the daughter of Anakin Skywalker and Padme Amidala, and the twin sister to Luke Skywalker. Leia, however, wouldn't know this for many years. Leia along with her twin brother, was born on the asteroid colony of Polis Massa in the world of Tomorrowland in 19 BBY. Before her passing, Padme gave Leia her name-- the only thing she would receive from her mother. It was decided that Bail Organa would adopt her, as he and his wife Breha could have no child of their own and Alderaan needed an heir. While growing up, Leia suspected that she wasn't really their child, although they never said so out loud. They were kind and doting parents, raising her as a Princess because that was every little girl's dream. She was given an education, and of course had a few close friends along the way.</p>

<p>But Leia didn't dream of handsome princes and beautiful gowns, instead she dreamed of changing the world she lived in. The Empire's grip on the galaxy was tight, and everyone feared the Emperor. As the Princess got older, she showed in an interest in politics just like her birth mother had. The young girl was intelligent beyond her years, and proved to be a formidable candidate to replace her father as Senator one day. Not as a puppet for the Empire, but as a Senator for the people. Thankfully, Bail had a little more in mind for Leia: becoming a member of the Rebel Alliance. She was more than a Princess in a beautiful dress-- she was capable with a blaster and even more so with words, and her adoptive father gave her his full trust.</p>

<p>In 0 BBY is where Leia's story actually begins, with the Rebel Alliance planning to steal the plans to the Empire's most powerful weapon-- the Death Star. She was given the task of retrieving those plans(against her father's wishes), and traveling to Tatooine to find Jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi. After doing this, she would bring him to Alderaan. Unfortunately, shortly after receiving the plans from the planet Scarif her ship the Tantive IV was captured by Lord Vader and Imperial forces just as they were heading to Tatooines. Running out of time, Leia transferred the plans to an R2 unit(who thankfully escaped), and was brought to Vader himself. She denied his claims, sticking with the story that she was simply on a Diplomatic mission. The plans were safe for now, and she had even included a message to the Jedi master, asking him for his help. Hellbent on interrogating the Princess, Vader brought her on board the Death Star for interrogation and torture. Both were unsuccessful, and after the destruction of her planet(something that had caused her to be grief stricken) Leia was sentenced to death.</p>

<p>Unbeknownst to her, the message had actually been received and help was now on the way(never mind that it was unplanned). Luke Skywalker and a smuggler named Han Solo came to her aid, and after a daring rescue-- and the unfortunate death of Obi-Wan, they delivered her back safe and sound to the Rebellion base on Yavin 4. Now that they had the chance to destroy the Empire's weapon, they seized it and claimed victory. However, after a series of events the base on Yavin 4 was eventually discovered and around 2 ABY the Rebels moved their base to the icy planet of Hoth. In the following year, Leia helped establish Echo Base on the planet. This base remained for another year, with the Princess constantly clashing and bickering with Han-- even kissing Luke when said smuggler annoyed her enough.</p>

In 3 ABY, Imperial Forces discovered their base on Hoth and Vader ordered a full scale attack. Once they learned of this, Leia helped coordinate an evacuation of the base. Even as the base was crumbling, she issued orders and tried to resist Han's attempts to get her to safety. As they were running to the Millennium Falcon, something ripped her away both from her friends and the world she knew. Before she knew it, the Princess was in a strange new world.</p>
<h2>RP Sample</h2>
<p>Leia Organa had never been a frightened young girl. She'd been inquisitive and curious, loud and rambunctious. Hardly princess-like, let alone ladylike. She'd seen the world that she lived in, and she'd wanted to change it. But the Empire's grip on the galaxy was tight, so of course she'd gotten herself involved in the Rebel Alliance. All according to her father's plan, she'd supposed. Bail Organa had put his trust in her, and she wasn't going to let him down. The plan was very clear-- they were to receive the Death Star plans and she was to go retrieve jedi master Obi-Wan Kenobi-- and bring him to Alderaan. Why, then, were her hands shaking now? Calm. She had to keep calm.</p>

<p>"Come on, girl. You're better than this," She muttered under her breath, as if reassuring herself would actually work. Chaos. There was so much chaos around them. As fate would have it, the Tantive IV had been boarded by Vader and Imperial Forces. The plans had been indeed delivered to her hands, but she needed to think fast. Everyone was depending on her, weren't they? She looked at the little R2 unit, gleaming white and blue in the darkness. It would get away, but for how long? Steadying her hands, she set to work. "General Kenobi, years ago you served my father in the Clone Wars. Now he begs you to help him in his struggle against the Empire..." By the time she'd finished, she hoped that it was enough. "Help me", she'd said. Maker, was this the day she would die? Nineteen years old, with her hair wrapped in two twin buns? Would her blood stain her white dress, she wondered. Leia stood, watching the R2 unit roll away. Despite herself, she wished the little droid luck.</p>

<p>The sounds of blasters cut her thoughts off, and her only thought was to run. Just a little bit more-- Leia landed on the ground in a few mere seconds, stunned. A million curses rose to her lips, but they never left them. They hauled her to her feet, bringing her before Lord Vader himself. For a few brief moments, Leia Organa did feel like a scared little girl. But she would never let it show, not if she had anything to say about it. God, it was like he was more of a creature than a man. "Darth Vader...only you could be so bold. The Imperial Senate will not sit still for this. When they hear you've attacked a diplomatic--" He even dared to cut her off, didn't he? But he didn't think her a little girl. Oh, no. He thought her a traitor and a spy. A traitor to the Empire, no doubt. No matter, she would keep to the story that she was on a mere diplomatic mission.</p>

<p>She couldn't have known what would come after.</p>


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<h3>Eastern . N/A</h3>




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