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Jillian Holtzmann

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Apr 23 2017, 05:22 PM
Erin Gilbert

Jillian Holtzmann was absolutely terrible at taking care of herself. She was only noticing now because, for the first time in many, many years, she had become absolutely alone. Usually there was someone there, during the day or for fleeting hours, that she could rely on to care for her when she stopped paying attention to herself. Friends, like Abby, or the other Ghostbusters once they became a team. Before that, she had teachers, and before that, other foster children. For a short period, there was no one.

She worked hard, every day, to never have no one.

In this place, she felt isolated. Yes, there were very kind souls, like Sarah Jane and Pearl, who treated her like an inept kind of pet that needed looking after, but she felt like a burden to them. She had not earned their respect or love, and was not sure how she could do that in a world that did not yet seem to need her few skills in life. She was struggling to find a place for herself, which wore on her more than she wanted it to.

She was not good at being sad. She was not good at being lonely. And, as she was learning the hard way, not really good at being injured, either.

Stopping by the pharmacy, Holtzmann bought a bottle of over the counter pain killers with what little cash she had. She would have to pick up more tinkering work, fixing electronics for a few bucks here and there as needed.

With her purchase of only the most important things, the pain killers and a tube of pringles (because who could say no to those salty parabolas?), Holtzmann stepped outside and sighed, not looking forward to the long, painful walk back to the Cannery. She opened the pills to take a few, but her action was stopped as a portal opened up in front of her.
Mar 16 2017, 01:44 PM
Leia Organa

Jillian Holtzmann was beginning to enjoy this place. Sure, she had gotten hurt recently in an explosion, and there was a lot of rumors about zombies and rampant magic and other crazy things around here, but hey. She dealt with ghosts on a daily basis back home, so there were very few things that scared her or put her off her good mood.

Sitting on a bench, Holtzmann was hard at work with a new toy, trying to fashion some of the gear she used back home to work here. This place might have ghosts of its own, after all, and if it did catching one would be incredible.

The little gun she was building looked more like a laser from a comic book or a movie than a dangerous weapon. She tried to fashion some whimsy into her tools, just so they did not threaten any innocent people with their appearance. After all, they were only designed to harm certain things, and human lives were never part of those plans. Holtzmann only liked to build things, and the power she put in them was meant to help people. Not hurt.

She was a mad scientist, maybe, but not an evil one.

Working outside, in the fresh air, was nice. Of course, she had no real home to do her work in, and the Cannery had been abused enough for one week with the last failed experiment she conducted there. That explosion had blasted a hole in the roof, and damaged a lot of the equipment there. All problems she was going to have to deal with at some point, but was not in a hurry to face just yet.

Looking up from her work, she glanced around the park to see if there was anyone else around. Tinkering was always a great way to occupy her always turning mind, but sometimes she craved company. Everyone here was a stranger, but they did not have to stay that way for long.
Mar 14 2017, 05:14 PM
Peter Pan

Holtzmann, recently injured and in need of some self care, opted to check out some of the store fronts in an effort to get some food and give her some strength back. She was still in a good mood, but the pain from her recent failed experiment, an injury involving a metal bolt being fired into her hip from an exploding machine filled with a highly unstable fuel she had concocted in the abandoned Cannery, kept her feeling weak and strained. She was afraid of hospitals, and being holed up, so she had not allowed her friend to take her.

So far, she was able to keep the injury infection free, but that was the limit of her knowledge of medicine. She was a doctor, yes, but not one of the medical variety. She was a scientist: a nuclear engineer, in fact. The exploding machine was more her speed than taking care of herself afterward. Usually, the other girls in the gang did that for her, but they were not here now.

And she'd never really been hurt badly before. This was nothing too terrible, but it was a startling eye opener to how vulnerable and alone she was in this strange new world. As fun and exciting as it was, she needed to be more careful.

So of course, the first thing she opted to do was go and steal stuff. Because that never ended badly.

As it turned out, though, the owner of this bakery was a very kind soul, who had a soft spot for people in need. He saw her and she vaguely hinted at her predicament, not sharing news of her injury but simply being new in town, and allowed her to take some of the bread and cookies he'd baked for the day. She got the impression he did not mean for her to take quite as much as she did, his face telling her exactly that, but she simply smiled and waved at him. She'd found a basket, maybe used for decoration in the store, and managed to fill it up.

She was standing just outside the store now, leaning back on the wall and taking a deep, tired breath. She was hurting, and was not sure how she was going to walk herself all the way back to the docks. At least she had some food to hold her over, but she probably should have thought out her plan a bit better than the first step.

That was usually Abby and Erin's part of the job.
Mar 14 2017, 04:59 PM
Kasumi Goto

The park was a nice place to think, though maybe not the most practical place to work. Holtzmann was never all that practical, though, so she had no qualms about sitting down on a swing in the middle of the park, which was mostly empty today and thus no one really cared about the adult woman sitting on the swings, with a bag of stuff. She had a few different, small electronic devices on her lap, and she was tinkering with them as she swung leisurely back and forth on the swing.

Sometimes things fell off, and she either ignored them and continued with her work, or stopped the swing to collect them without any fuss. She was at her leisure, really, and found herself blissfully happy and at peace despite how rocky her start in this town had been. Sure, she was living in an abandoned Cannery and had no job or money, but there were definitely worse things out there for someone than that! She had a roof, though she'd recently blown a hole in it, over her head, and was having a blast exploring and learning.

Plus, she was trying to start up this little side business of fixing things for people. It was a step down from working with the Ghostbusters, but the nuclear engineer had to put her brains to work somehow. Plus, she loved adding little 'surprises' to things. Like this clock was going to give a hell of a light show at midnight, when she was done with it.

Good thing she was very upfront about her no refund policy, unless the object did not work. Not if it did things that it hadn't done before: it was still working, just in the way she designed it to. That meant no refund. Problems had not yet arisen, as she had only one customer who had not seen their coming firework clock, but she was sure she could deal with any customer complaints as they arrived.

She was good with PR.

Kind of.

Humming to herself, she turned the little clock over in her hands, doing her best to conceal her alterations and, of course, fix the actual mechanical problem that had made it not work in the first place. It was already ticking away happily, and all that was left was to test the lights she had installed to make sure they would go off on cue.
Mar 9 2017, 03:44 PM
Regina Mills

Things had been going well since arriving in this strange world. She had been there for a few days now, making a living out of nothing, and having a ton of fun doing it. She opted to stay in the Cannery, living with the machines she had slowly been rebuilding and re-purposing, creating mad scientist levels of chaos while left to her own devices. She enjoyed scavenging for parts and running into interesting people along the way, though she was learning the balance between acquiring things she wanted and needed and just stealing them.

She'd never been cut out to be a real thief, anyway.

Plus, she doubted the sheriff wanted to see her again.

Today she was window shopping. As far as clothes went, she took what she could find and made an outfit out of it, no matter what it was. Her sense of style was broad on the best of days, anyway, and she was not too put out wearing coveralls and jeans she found at the Cannery, or other articles of clothing she acquired from bins, or other second hand locations. She had very little money to work with, though she kept telling herself she would try that normal person 'work' thing.

Maybe the local schools were in need of a science teacher? Or a paranormal expert. A nuclear engineer?

Someone here must want a bomb built, or something. She could become a freelance inventor and mechanic, and help people that way, while secretly adding lasers to their toasters. The thought made her grin, which was strange because she was standing in front of a bus stop, apparently grinning at the old, faded, water damaged ad long forgotten in the frame of the overhang. She was sitting not in the bench as designed, but on top of it, one foot on the seat while the other hung languidly down the backside of it, arms curled in front of her.

She'd pissed off a bus already by not actually waiting for it, and waving them off when they stopped for her.
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