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Enchanted Forest

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Jul 13 2017, 04:41 AM
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<h1>Flower gleam and glow.</h1>
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Rapunzel had been stuck in this tower for as long as she remember. Her mother had made sure to keep her safe, so she made sure that no-one could get in to hurt her, and, in return she couldn't get out, and, have to face the dangers of the outside world.<br>
Honestly she didn't mind, Rapunzel enjoyed her life in here anyway. Rapunzel was happy to just live her life in privacy where it was safe, and, as long as she had her mother then it wouldn't matter.<br>
Rapunzel didn't know where the blonde hair had come from, but, her mother had told her that it was because her hair was magic, and, conjured from a magic flower. And, it turned brown when it was cut. Aside from that, her hair was beautiful and blonde. But, also possessed a power that was beyond her control.<br>
While she hadn't known this at the time, her mother had taught her a song to make her power work, and, she only used it when she felt she had to. Or when her mother insisted for her to do just that. At least she knew she never needed a nightlight.<br>
Rapunzel looked around the tower as she heard Pascal running through parts of it. Rapunzel left her room, and, made her way downstairs to try and find him. "There you are. Come on." Rapunzel said, grabbing Pascal in her hands. She was honestly relieved that she had found him before her mother came home. Because if her mother ever found him, then she would make him leave. And, he was the only friend she had in this place, and, she couldn't lose him.<br>
As she made her way back upstairs, she put Pascal down on the desk that was in her room, before she sat down and let out a soft sigh for a moment. Rapunzel picked up her brush and just ran it through her hair as she thought about how she longed for a different life then this. Or at least someone else to feel close to.<br>
Rapunzel soon noticed a strange glow coming from her window, and, she put down the brush as she turned around. Noticing that it was a creature that probably wasn't much bigger then Pascal. But, she also wondered what it was, and, what it was doing here.
<h2>Lola Sunspell</h2>
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Jul 1 2017, 06:20 AM
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<h1>When will my life begin?</h1>
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Rapunzel didn't know what to expect with her being unsupervised in the village for the first time in a while. Ever since she was almost taken as a baby, her parents and their guards had been constantly watching her like a hawk. It was fine when she was a little kid, but, she was like 14 now. A bit more space was needed, and, more trust as well.<br>
She found herself playing in the village of the Forest with some of the other kids in the palace, with her guards keeping their distance, but, obviously keeping an eye on her like they always did.<br>
Rapunzel pulled her blonde hair behind her ears as she smiled at the other children in the courtyard. This was her kingdom, that she would someday take over. And, she was scared out of her mind about that. Rapunzel wasn't a leader type, but, she wasn't going to admit that to her parents. Or to anyone.<br>
She continued to just walk on her own through the village for a while, rolling her eyes as she noticed the guards were following her. Rapunzel gestured at them to please give her a bit of distance, and, she was relieved when they actually listened to her. Maybe she did have some power as a princess after all.<Br>
As Rapunzel rounded a corner, she noticed a young boy by one of the stalls in this village. Rapunzel let out a soft sigh as she just watched them for a minute. Noticing the kid was probably about to be yelled at pretty angrily about the situation, Rapunzel made her way forward. "Stop, the kid's with me. I sent him to pick up some supplies, I'll pay for whatever he took from here." Rapunzel said, as she focused on the store-owners.
<h2>Flynn Rider</h2>
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Jun 4 2017, 01:06 AM
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This town was still all so confusing for the woman who had been locked away for her whole life. Rapunzel knew that if she really needed it, Eugene was here to help her learn it all, but, she wasn't sure she was ready to trust him completely just yet. There had been a long time of pain there, and, it wasn't going to disappear anytime soon.<br>
Rapunzel had decided to close up her salon early for the day, since she wasn't sure there would be many more customers coming in, and, she wanted to try and get something to eat from Granny's before it got too late in the day.<br>
Keeping her hands in her pockets, Rapunzel locked up the shop and stroked Pascal who was sitting on her shoulder, before she placed the keys in her pocket and began to slowly walk the path of this town.<Br>
One thing Rapunzel always liked to admire were the things sitting by the edge of this path, they had fancy motors, and, she had heard that they were called cars. Rapunzel was not getting behind one of those things anytime soon. Rapunzel was only just learning all the technology in her salon, and, that was enough for her right now.<br>
Rapunzel knew that Granny's wasn't that far away, and, then she would be able to just sit for a while, forget technology and just eat some of the food she was beginning to love. Rapunzel had begun to cross the street, when she noticed one of those car things speeding towards her. Rapunzel didn't have much time to think before she felt herself being hit by whatever it was, and, whoever it was.</div>
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May 2 2017, 02:24 PM
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<h1>When will my life begin?</h1>

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This town was all still so new to Rapunzel. She didn't know anyone really, and, she still didn't know the world around her, outside of her tower. The truth may have come out, but, it didn't change 18 years of being locked away from the world.
If it wasn't for Eugene and that Prince Charming, she'd still be locked in there.
While she was slowly going to make herself learn about this world, there was still one thing that she wanted to keep with her. A fry-pan. Since that was the only weapon she knew how to use, and, she had no idea whether some of these people were dangerous or not.
One thing she needed to know though, was if they still worked. Or rather if she still had the strength to do it. But, she didn't want to accidentally hurt anyone, so she took her frypan, and, headed to what looked like woods.
Those would be empty right. Rapunzel sighed softly as she walked towards them with Pascal sitting on her shoulder. Just in case people turned up while she was doing this.
Once she reached these woods, she put Pascal down on the ground, and, then put the fry-pan handle in her hand. "Ok. Rapunzel you can do this. You could do it before, and, you can definitely do it now."
Rapunzel let out a deep sigh, as she went to swing the frypan forwards. Ok that was easy. Then Rapunzel went to go backwards, and, accidentally hit someone with it, hearing them fall to the ground.

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Apr 1 2017, 06:20 PM
<br />
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Rapunzel sighed softly as she woke up like she normally did. It was a nice day at least, so that was good. Rapunzel looked around, looking to see if Pascal was up yet. As she continued to look around, she didn't see Pascal anywhere. That was strange, since Pascal was always next to her.<br>
Rapunzel sat up properly and starting just moving through the covers, trying to see if he was hiding underneath the covers. When he still didn't seem to be there, Rapunzel started to panic a bit more, and, then stood up completely.<br>
He must've just gone for a walk somewhere or was playing hide and seek again. When she stood up in the room, Rapunzel looked around the room properly and noticed that this wasn't her room that was above the salon. It was different.<br>
Rapunzel tilted her head in confusion before realising that she was shorter then normal as well. She ran her hands through her hair, and, then noticed that it was alot shorter as well, and, darker then her normal blonde.<br>
She made her way over to the mirror that was in this room, where-ever she was. Rapunzel looked in it, and, saw the image of someone who wasn't her looking back at her. "What the..." Rapunzel said, raising her eyebrows.<br>
Rapunzel knew that whatever this was, her body was obviously somewhere else. This was probably something to do with magic, that was different to the small amount of it that she had for all of her life.<br>
All she knew was that she should probably find her body, where-ever it was. Before they discovered about the power that her hair had, or before Pascal sensed it wasn't her. Since she knew how that could go.<br>
Quickly changing her clothes, and, getting herself ready, which took nowhere near as long as usual, due to the less amount of hair. Rapunzel then headed out of this place, and, reached the footpath. Now the trick became finding where-ever her body, and, who-ever this person was.<br>
Not too long after she'd started walking the town, she soon spotted her salon, and, just stood for a moment watching, until she saw her body coming out of it. Rapunzel then placed her hands in her pockets, and, followed them before they came to a stop in the Forest.<br>
Rapunzel stayed a bit of a distance back, so as not to scare whoever this was, as she stood by trees not too far, and, decided to wait for the other person to notice her there.
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