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Jun 19 2017, 04:28 PM
Reason For Away: Holiday
Leaving Date: 20/6/17
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Characters: Caspian X, Sasha Draconis, Permanent Rose Owens, Vlad Dracula, Fa Mulan
Any notes: have a great week and see you guys soon!
Apr 7 2017, 07:08 PM
Because everyone else seems to have one of these and I thought I'd join in the fun XD So, these are characters I'm currently thinking about. Might make them, might not, might start and get distracted, might come back and add pretty pictures some day as a lot of them either have pb's already or I know who I'd want for them.

So, starting with characters with no fixed ties to the board in no particular order.

‘Cause Dracula. Probably from the land without colour, either good is not nice or affably evil depending on your point on view, honourable but the sort of old fashioned honourable which lets him slaughter his enemies (possibly the army Frankenstein was attached to) while never being impolite to ladies and always keeping his word, probably has a lot of the powers and weaknesses listed in Dracula though might change a few things around and is either in a flat out polygamy situation with his three brides (plus maybe Lucy, Mina and Jonathan) or of the opinion that true love and being faithful does not equal monogamy.

Of Ballerina/Leap, because I like dance films anyway and there’s an energy and enthusiasm to Félicie that I just fell in love with. So, I was going to keep the main story of her escaping an orphanage and entering training in an opera under a false name (same opera as Christine Daae, maybe?), but I was going to expand it a bit. In her past is her mother Giselle of ballet fame, who had her as a single mother before her heart gave out and no one’s really sure which of her mother’s two suitors is her father but they’re not in the picture either, hence her being in an orphanage. In her future (I’m planning on playing her in her early 20s, not as an eleven year old) she’s the ballerina from the steadfast tin soldier and is deeply in love with her one legged soldier while dealing with an obsessive goblin.

Little Match Girl (?Hogfather)
I’m sure I want to play this girl, but I’m in two minds about her backstory. I’m sure that I want to play her as the match girl with the home life so bad she ends up freezing to death on the streets only for something to intervene and give her her life back. Option one is the Hogfather route (Death took over as the Discworld’s variation of Santa as the real one was unavailable and gave her a future as a Hogswatch present) and is the main inspiration for this character, but the Discworld’s got a lot of weight and lore behind it and frankly I’m nervous about bringing that to the board. Option two is that the story takes place in the same Victorian London world Wendy inhabits and something like the black cloud which revived Jafar in OUATiW gets involved. Either way, she got dropped off by portal, can make herself appear dead because her body remembers being dead and grew up to be a contact killer because my brain thinks that sounds like fun.

Thomas Hamilton/James Flint
Admittedly I don’t care which of these two I play provided that I can convince someone to play the other one because these two need a happy ending more than any other couple I know of on TV right now and OUAT’s all about finding the happy endings whereas Black Sails has very few happy moments and generally things end badly.

I spent most of Some Kind of Hate wanting to give her a hug and tell her it was all going to be ok, and she was the voodoo ghost murdering everyone. She’s just… an awesomely interesting woobie maniac of a character and Storybrooke could do with some horror stories around. Not sure how well she’d take to being alive again given her life sucked, but realm wise I’m thinking she’d be more mysterious islands than underworld as apart from the movie being set in present times I doubt Hades would like her coming and going at will.

Carl Grimes
Because he’s awesomely adapted to his zombie apocalypse world but he’d be such a complete headache and an utter terror in Storybrook. I think he’d find Storybrook a complete headache and terrifying too because a lot of the lifestyle would be something he vaguely remembers from years ago when he was a little kid but that way of life pretty much got eaten by the walking dead and it just flat out freaks him out and he cannot bring himself to believe people when they tell him the apocalypse is over and everything’s going to be fine. He’d probably be happy to see the horned king’s minions around because that’s at least something he can understand.

John Barleycorn
Because I’m a nice person who only likes nice things I’ve been interested for a while in winter sacrifices and the dying and rising gods. I’m sure this surprises many of you. Basically this is a guy who’s main purpose in life is to be killed in the autumn/winter, go into the underworld to fetch back the spring and then hang around for six months until it’s time for him to die again. A while back he stopped doing it every year because dying hurts and frankly spring came back on her own 99.9% of the time so his dying was pointless, but he’s got a lot of magical clout and the way his magic’s set up it’s very easy for other people to use it by hurting him, so he’s been living in hiding for centuries and occasionally breaking cover for that 0.1% of the time his services are actually needed. Can move easily between the living world and the underworld because he knows all the ways in and out really well and he’s been around for a good few thousand years so although he’s not much of a portal jumper in the way that Jefferson and the White Rabbit are he’s seen quite a few worlds in his time.

Will Holloway
Possibly from the land without colour on the same sort of deal as the Gilmore Girls crew? Basically post spooks: the greater good Will somehow gets assigned the task of investigating Storybrook (maybe he was in the area anyway for some reason? Some sort of joint task force with the CIA?) and that’s currently what he’s doing. Poking around trying to find answers and absolutely certain that this talk of magic has to be code for something because everyone knows that magic isn’t real.

Then from OUAT cannon

Has grown on me over the seasons and is an awesome lady in her own right, although her timeline has me really confused as she seems to be a bit all over the place. Right now I’m mostly trying to work out why she left the Emperor’s army and ended up running around the Enchanted Forest, I read one version of the tale where she was blood sisters with the Emperor’s warrior daughter and thought it might be interesting to try and work that into it somehow. Also my personal headcannon is that Mulan is/was in love with both Aurora and Philip, so she’s going to be moping a bit, happy for them being happy and trying to move on with her life.

And the wanted characters.

Was and remains a favourite Disney hero of mine what with the sarcasm, swordplay and a horse that sits on people, so there’s that. Probably spent most of the curse being a PTSD-suffering former soldier and now might be part of the police department Anyway, one of the ideas I had for his backstory is that he was born with a girl’s body and was the Rose Red in the tale of Rose Red and Snow White – long story short they rescue a bear who turns out to be a prince and marries Snow White while Rose Red was engaged to his brother, only he steals a magical artefact (well, his sister gave it to him and his brother in law looked the other way) which he trades with a powerful sorcerer (?Rumple) for a male body. Then because he’s sort of wanted for theft so major it’s probably treason he skips the country, takes the name Phoebus and joins an army. He probably has talked about his life with the army with his family (Esmarelda, Quasimodo, Zephyr) but I doubt he’d have raised being transgender as he suffered a lot of rejection and abuse for it early in his life and he’d be terrified of it happening again.

Rapunzel’s Dad
Because he had no lines but still managed to be the saddest of the Disney dads and I’d be interested in exploring him both losing his only daughter as a baby and reuniting with her and trying to build a family. Also he’s Bluebeard’s posthumous kid and had blue hair himself when he was born, his mother got a fairy to turn it dirty blond when he was a little kid because it gave her flashbacks and actually it’s his wife who’s the royal one raised to rule, he was just the royal champion no one minded her spending time with while auditioning husbands because they thought she’d never choose the son of a known wife-murderer. Then he accidentally got her involved in his schemes to use his father’s wealth to do good by giving anonymous gifts to people, they fell in love, she proposed, he said yes but she was never going to get the council to agree, she announced they were getting married to the entire country without warning him she was going to do it, she shouted the council down and they got married. Apart from trying to build a relationship with his daughter and looking for his wife he’s started trying to work out why his dad killed all but his last wife and what a magical bleeding key had to do with it.

Henry Turner
Because the Pirates 5 trailers look awesome and I think he has the potential to be a really interesting character, what with being Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan’s kid (seriously, he’s going to get into trouble just walking into a room) and being described as a headstrong member of the royal navy when both his parents were pirates and he’s getting tangled up with Jack Sparrow? Admittedly I’d probably want to see the film before committing either way (she says ) as I’d like more details on his character and background, but still. He’s someone I’m looking at with interest.

So. Ermm... comments? Thoughts?
Feb 22 2017, 02:37 PM
Just thought you guys might like to see what I get up to when I poof for a few days at a time. Sorry about the photos, I'll try and get them rotated and resized before posting next time.

This is my most recent addition, it's going to be a room in Dracula's castle (largely inspired by Dracula Untold, because Luke Evans) and it's wood covered in paperclay. The actual coating of the wood in clay was done last October at a craft weekend so what I've been doing the past few days is finding and filling in the cracks from where the clay's shrunk as it dried and painting it. First was a pale grey wash for the grouting, which wasn't so bad, but then came painting all the flagstones individually with water-thinned acrylics while keeping clear of the grouting. This usually involved me grabbing kitchen roll and trying to scrub the grouting clean before the paint sank into it while trying not to screw up the flagstones. Then the second coat was supposed to be brown according to the instructions to give it depth, but that ended up coming out a weird colour so I put another layer of grey on. Then the door needed staining and the hinges and handle gluing on before it got glued in place. Anyway, now it's all ready to go

So, in between coats of paint I had a go at a couple of smaller projects, like assembling and varnishing this small table. I think the kit called it a Tudor joint stool, but it's functioning as a small table for a hot water urn here and caused me a bit of confusion in that I didn't expect the legs to be angled, but I like how it turned out.

Another project I actually completed was this pair of muddy clogs which came as bare wood, so they've been stained, had a pattern painted on them (not well, but my painting skills suck so this was as good as it was going to get), had scenic scatter glued to them and finally had scenic scatter mixed with paint added. They look really large for 1/12th scale but my story is that these are overshoes, so you'd wear them over your normal, indoor shoes. Cinderella did it in the 1950's film and Disney wouldn't lie to us, so this is a thing.

Then, there's this chair, which is pretty cool because the seat lifts up for storage but gave me a headache because I lost the kit's inventory list so fitting it together was a dry build trial and error process, during which I discovered numerous pieces needed staining in places I hadn't thought they did originally. I also discovered during this that my two metal rulers are slightly out of sync with each other and ended up using bits of wood in the kit to measure where to put the seat support inside, which to be honest I'm surprised I didn't do in the first place because this is what I usually do and explains a lot about why all my furniture comes out rickety.

From the realm of unfinished projects we've got this clock, on which the blue paint is a lovely colour but took forever to dry and the face still needs some work. A lot of work.

There's also these little guys who I got out of a playmobile advent calendar (I don't care if they're for kids, I've got them for three years and they just make me happy), who still need their eyes painting black but I did get their tails, paws and ears sorted out. They also need furring and I know I've got instructions for that somewhere...

So, this was probably the most disappointing of the current batch. These were supposed to be framed prints and I got them cut out and stuck on black card ok, but the frames just did not work for me at all. They kept falling apart and the one that eventually made it to completion was just slightly the wrong size for any of them. On the bright side I found a glue that worked on the plastic I'm using for the glass after a few goes and I got to use the craft clamps my parents gave me for Christmas at last, so not a total loss! Just need to have another go at the frames in a bit.

This is going to be the fireplace for Dracula's room and has also been a bit of a headache. So, to start with the baseboard (that's the original paperclay colouring, hence the need to turn the grouting pale grey) got warped in the drying process, so I drenched it in water and put it under a heavy box where I forgot about it for several days while using the fireplace itself as a sort of dry run for the paints before I tackled the main roombox, which is why it's come out a more uniform grey than I'd intended. Then after painting it I decided that I wanted a carved dragon on the back and when initial plans to cover a dragon charm in stone-effect spray paint then paint that grey met with limited effect

I ended up using another charm to make a mould and made the carving from peperclay and stuck it to the fireplace. It'll need painting and I'm hoping the joins will be less noticeable once it's painted and attacked with soot. Or something to make it look like a sooty fireplace. Possibly black pastel.

Then this is my Hufflepuff common room roombocx, which I didn't make this weekend (that took, like, a month last summer) but I did haul everything out of it for the purposes of dusting and rearranging it all.

So, that's what I've been up to for the past few days, crafting and watching season 3 of Penny Dreadful which was awesome and sad and terribly distracting as every few minutes I'd be looking up in astonishment at the amount of bloodshed, gazing a scenery/costume porn and marvelling at the poor decision making going on. Then scrabbling to get paint and glue back where they were supposed to be before they could dry and cause problems.
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